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Donnelly's Plumbing Heating and Cooling has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 133 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Whether you've got a dripping faucet or sewage backing up into your home, our plumbing experts can help. Your family's comfort and safety are our top priorities, so we commit to providing service within hours, not days. Get professional service from people who care with Donnelly's, where we believe your home is your refuge."

Marty Donnelly | Founder
Company Information
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Donnelly's offers plumbing maintenance, repair, and installation services for residential plumbing systems, gas and electric water heaters, well pumps and storage tanks, water softeners, sump pumps, toilets, and faucets.
Donnelly's offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
The company is a second-generation, veteran-owned business with over 45 years of experience.
Donnelly's is a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and was voted Best of Montco's Best Plumbing Service in 2016 and 2017.
Employee Information
Donnelly's employees must pass background checks and drug testing. Field staff wear uniforms with name badges and drive vehicles clearly marked with the Donnelly's logo.
Areas Served
Ambler, Collegeville, Glenside, Harleysville, Lansdale, Norristown, North Wales, Pottstown, Royersford, Bryn Mawr, Malvern, Philadelphia, Wayne, Chalfont, Doylestown, Feasterville Trevose, Langhorne, Morrisville, Newtown, Perkasie, Southampton, Warminster

“They're prompt, clean, and courteous. Donnelly's Plumbing know what they're doing. They put a new hot water heater in. We've used them several times in the past and we highly recommend them to our fans. They do heating/air conditioning work for us. They've basically done it all. They're A+.”

“It was great. They were on time and the guy did a nice job. He was in and out pretty quick. He fixed the toilet. They've done heating and air in the past. They put a hot water heater in. I'd give them an A+.”

“The entire professionalism of the people who came here and made the appointment, everything was like grease to a goose. It was great. They did plumbing work. I have to give them an A+.”

“He installed a hose bit before. He was on time, and he was quick to do his work. It was all good. He installed a hose bit. I'd give them an A. He was good with all of the dimensions of service. He did great.”

“I thought that they were friendly, knew what they were doing, and gave us a lot of options for various things we could do as far as solutions. They were very quick. I think we've had to call them twice. So, we've used them twice before and it was a very positive experience overall. They installed a sump pump and they did a hot water heater fixture. I would give them an A+. The same guy did both of them and it went very smoothly, fast. Everything was good. There were no issues. They were right on time and everything was good. I would recommend them.”

“I always have a positive experience with Donnelly's. I've used them since 2003. This is the second hot water heater they've done for me. One was when we bought the house. They put in gas lines, faucets, a garbage disposal. They've maintained the furnace for our radiator. I have no reason not to give them an A+.”

“They were very efficient. He solved an issue with two of my problems. I thought they were very friendly. Donnelly's Plumbing looked at an outdoor valve for my house. They were troubleshooting my tub and faucet. They looked at my sink faucet. They did the plumbing. They're A+.”

“I've been dealing with them for years. Whenever I've needed anything, especially if I've been in an emergency situation, they've always been very prompt. They're very knowledgeable also. They've done a complete overhaul of my HVAC system and water system. It was a pretty big job. They're A+.”

“They seemed like they knew what they were doing, like they were experts. They came in to fix the problem without pushing for more. They fixed a leak in our bathroom. They get an A.”

“I wasn't around for the repairs, but they fixed the job. They fixed some plumbing. I'd give them an A.”

“When you call them, they can get here pretty quickly. Whatever they did, it was fine. Otherwise we would have called and complained. They did plumbing for us. They're A.”

“Everything was fine. I liked that they came the same day. They did plumbing work underneath the sink. I'd give them an A. I'd be very likely to recommend them.”

“The gentlemen came on time and they did the work. They've been here a couple of times. It was the toilet. I'd give them an A.”

“They did what they were here to do. They did a walkthrough of my house for my annual service contract, I think. It was plumbing. It was not the first time I used them. Also, plumbing in the past. I'd give them an A.”

“They were fine. They came out, and they actually worked on a shower for us. We've used them in the past as well. I'd give them an A. We even have the magnet up on the fridge I'm looking at it. It's on the heater unit.”

“The plumbers are friendly and very knowledgeable. They replaced a thermostat on a water heater. I would give them an A for the experience.”

“The guy was good and he put in some shut off valves for me. I keep good records, and I just want the same guy because I want more valves to be put in. He was really good. He explained everything, and I'm going to have a few more things done. Overall, it was good. He was personable. I asked if I could have him back and I'm sure I have the records. I would like when he's available to have him come back and do what I want done. It did serve my purpose. I'd give them an A-. He was really good. He was very clean and whenever I asked a question, he gave me an answer so that was good.”

“It was fine. They came, did the work, did it well, and they were done. They fixed a couple of things in my basement for me, so they were good. They just did the plumbing. I'd give them an A. They were good.”

“I like that it doesn't leak. They came to fix a bathroom faucet. I'd give them an A. I'd be likely to recommend them.”

“Donnelly's did some plumbing work for us. They were excellent. I have no complaints, and I'd recommend them.”

“We used them for plumbing. They came in, the gentleman was neat and clean, and he did what he needed to do. They did a fine job. I already have recommended them to someone.”

“I've been using Donnelly's for 30 years. The last time, he changed the silver on my water softener, and he adjusted the spigot for my washer. It had tightened up so much that I couldn't turn it on and off. It went well. I would give them an A.”

“I used them for plumbing. They were great, and they were efficient and fast. They get an A from me.”

“Donnelly's did plumbing work. They were very professional, and I'd say they earned an A.”

“I used them for my water heater. It's fine, it's replaced. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They did two things for us. One of the things was a little more difficult and we had to have them come back out to try to fix it, but they came back out. They did plumbing work. They were timely and just easy to deal with. They catered to the customer, which was good. I'd give them an A- overall. They did have to come out. It was hard for them to do the second job. The second job is the only thing that kind of brought it down. Their customer service was fine. They didn't give specific times, you're open to them for the whole day. They don't give windows. They were very clean and they seemed to know their work and did a good job.”

“It was a very good experience. They did work on the toilet. They gave me an appointment and I didn't have to wait too long and they showed up when they said they would and they promptly fixed it. Overall, I'd give them an A.”

“The people from Donnelly's were very personable. They made sure I understood everything, and they tried to get me the best deal—they weren't there to take my money. A while back, they put in a new garbage disposal, so I called them back this time to put a hot water tank in for me. They did some work for a friend of mine around the corner, which is how I found them. I would give them an A.”

“Several years ago, I didn't have much luck and needed a plumber. I've stayed with Donnelly's ever since. They were on time, and they responded to my call. They had a nice, clean appearance. Everything was taken care of, and they left. They did plumbing for me, and everything went well—they earned an A.”

“We had to call for an appointment on the weekend, and I like that when I called, I was able to talk to a real person right away. I was able to get the appointment relatively quickly that day. I had to have a water heater replaced. I chose Donnelly's because I was looking for somebody with weekend hours. They get an A.”

“They were very professional in their service, and when they cleaned up, they did a very good job. I had two toilets installed, and even the bathroom was really clean. They earned an A grade.”

“They were very professional. They arrived when they were supposed to arrive. I told them what the problem was. I needed a new toilet, and he got it ordered, picked it up, and put it in. He cleaned up behind himself and left everything neat. I've used them in the past, and their service is always worth an A.”

“I have no problem with Donnelly's. I've had them about three or four times. They do their work right, and they are on time. They do everything you could ask for a serviceman to do. They're great. They put a new faucet in my kitchen sink, and I'd give them an A.”

“When I call, Donnelly's comes. I've used them on a number of occasions. They've done my air conditioning and fixed the toilets. I chose them because I wanted somebody right away. They get an A.”

“Donnelly's was awesome. They're honest, they're nice, and they provide very good customer service. They're the best. They're really flexible, which I think is the best thing about them. They're definitely an A+ service.”

“Donnelly's is absolutely wonderful. I've used them for years, and I trust them. They know the business. They're very, very thorough. They go above and beyond the call of duty, honestly. A+ is the only grade that I could give them.”

“The technicians from Donnelly's were on time and knowledgeable. They did a good job. They cleared a drainpipe for me and reconnected a sink. I'll give them an A.”

“The job with Donnelly's went very well. They installed a new gas water heater, and the quality of the service was A+. I liked the technician's competence and his ability to explain everything.”

“They do magnificent work. One, they always show up on time. Two, they come in, put their little booties on, and they don't mess up the house. They've done several things here. They put in a sump pump for me. The one I had previously installed did not work too well. Donnelly's got it tied down on three sides with steel straps to hold it in place so it doesn't move around in the sump hole. They've got all new piping running off it. They put a new water gauge in there because they saw that the old one was rusted and about to break, and they also put in a new faucet for me in my kitchen. They're neat, they're professional, and they're friendly.”

“Donnelly's Plumbing did a great job. We had a plumbing issue in our bathroom, and the gentleman that came out to work on it, he stayed until he could actually fix it—thought it had to be replaced, but he stayed until it was working. That was one major thing that we had done by them. What impressed me the most about their services was that he was very courteous, and he let me know step-by-step what he was doing—what was working, what wasn't going to work—so there were really no surprises. I knew what it was going to cost. They were very nice people to deal with.”

“They replaced my hot water heater, and they replaced my toilet upstairs. I've had them come out a number of times for emergencies due to another company's neglect, and they were out the same day on emergencies. They flushed my lines when another company came out and replaced my meter. The other company failed twice; they should have flushed it straight in the basement, and they never did. Like I said, I've always had Donnelly's out within a few hours. They're polite and courteous when they come in. As a woman, I feel comfortable with the workers that come to the house. I absolutely will continue to use them.”

“They've been out lots of times. I love them. They're 100 percent A+ fabulous. The last few times they came out to work in my bathroom. I have a 165-year-old house, and it's always an adventure when electrical or plumbing work has to be done. The guy I get is a guy named Jim. They always seem to send the same guy. He came out the first two times, and I've asked for him ever since; he's actually learned the property now. He's been great. They come out, they get their stuff done. They're very personable on the phone. They get it done and they get the heck out of there. They come when they say. There's no, 'We'll be there between eight and four' or some nonsense like that. If they say they'll be there at three, they're there at three. Sometimes it's like, 'I might be there between one and two,' but it's never some all-day affair. They're always on time. I've never had an issue with them—I love them.”

“They replaced our hot water heater. The gentleman did an excellent job. He was just a very good mechanic and very polite. Then we had someone else come in from Donnelly's to do some work on our kitchen sink with faucets and all, and the results were the same. I've used them about three times, and I'm very pleased with them. They've never done any heating and air for me, just strictly plumbing. Their cleanup was beautiful; there was nothing for me to do when they left.”

“They repaired a bathroom. They were very professional. When they show up, they're on time, and they're in uniform; they have IDs to identify themselves so you're not worried about somebody coming in your home that you don't know. They're clean; they put plastic covers on their shoes so they're not tracking dirt and debris into your home or on the carpets. They diagnosed the problem and gave me great feedback. They gave me a quote, they told me what it was going to take, how long, and they come equipped. They have a full truck on site with all kinds of plumbing supplies. They don't have to leave to go to the store to get anything; they have everything right there. They did a great job and fixed the problem in the time they said it was going to take. They cleaned up everything after the fact. They give you great feedback about what's going on with the system, recommendations about what you can do to avoid the problem in the future, things like that. Of all the plumbers I've used over the years, I struck gold with those guys. I was very pleased with everything they've done.”

“It was wonderful—very good, very prompt and very professional. The guy was a big help. We had a little problem with our water heater and our heater. He got the pressure back in our heater and also gave me some tips on how to do it myself. I would give them an A, definitely an A+. They were very good. They were very prompt when I called them and came right away.”

“We had to replace five feet of pipe. What was most memorable about working with Donnelly's was they did an excellent cleanup job. It's too soon to tell how the work has held up; it was about three weeks ago. The workers who came to my house were experienced and professional, and the customer service was excellent. Donnelly's Plumbing would be our first call.”

“They're very good. We think they're very truthful, they don't try to sell you something that you don't need, and we've been very happy with their service. We've had everything—toilets, a heater. We just had a water heater put in, and they did some small plumbing jobs. All that was done for us in the last three or four years.”

“Donnelly's did some work for us over the last year or two. I believe they put a water softener in. I think the technicians and the overall customer service was good. It was fine. They were prompt and they appeared very knowledgeable. The technician that came out was a very good salesman, and he seemed to know what he was doing. I would give them an A.”

“They put in a new heater—a new gas boiler—and a new hot water heater and some copper piping; it was a big job. I've used Donnelly's since 1983, and I've always been satisfied with the work. I'm confident that when they leave the job, it's right. And I know that they will make it right if there's a problem. It's an A.”

“Donnelly's has done work for us on several occasions. The last time they were out, they serviced our water softener. They put a new filtering system in; the one we had wasn't working right and that was basically it. We have well water here, and that's why we'd done that. They would be A work.”

“They haven't done any work in a while, but they have done just general plumbing and the replacement of a water heater. The plumbers were very good. The repairs and service have held up over time. Their customer service was very good, and they clean up after themselves. They would be an A.”

“We had a leak from the upstairs bathroom over the kitchen ceiling. They were able to get in and repair that for me pretty quickly—they came really quick. It stood out that they showed up when they said they were going to show up. Number one, it was a pretty major job and it was accomplished, I thought, pretty straightforwardly. He seemed really good, he was very knowledgeable. Like I said, it was a pretty difficult job because of the way the pipes were laid out—they had to cut a huge hole in the ceiling. Everything was done pretty smoothly. The repair itself holding up well; it hasn't leaked since. I would call on Donnelly's Plumbing again.”

“I had a leak in my sink. They were able to rectify that quickly for me. They're very professional and they were available pretty quickly, so it wasn't like I was waiting. I was very pleased. The plumber that was in my house did a good job. There wasn't any concern that I had. Everything is holding up well so far. I would call them back.”

“Donnelly's has been out here a couple of times. They had to install a new water heater for us, and they basically replaced what we had before. We were very pleased with their work. What was so impressive about their services was, one, the speed with which they replied to our phone call—they were able to do it right away—and, two, actually getting the job done.”

“They replaced pipes under my sink, and everything's good. Then they put a spigot going out on my deck, and everything is fine. It was all just plumbing. They were polite and respectful to me and my property. I would use them in the future if I had any plumbing needs.”

“I had a company come in and do work on a water heater. That was Donnelly's. They did a great job. What was most memorable about working with Donnelly's Plumbing was the young man that came in was fast and efficient. I was very pleased with the service, the way he went about doing his job. He offered me a couple different options. This is my brother's townhouse, and I'm the one that called them, so what I had to do is call my brother and see what option he wanted to do. As it was, we just had the thermostat replaced on the water heater at the time; that did the job for us.”

“I called on them to do service on a Kinetico water treatment system. What was most memorable to me about working with them was that they were quick, clean, and we no problems with the service. I also thought they were knowledgeable and hardworking. I felt good about their customer service. They finished that work up in a reasonable amount of time. That water softener itself is working quite well. I would call on Donnelly's Plumbing again.”

“They repaired a hole in a pipe that was in the wall. They were good. The workers were respectful of both me and my home. Their customer service was fine. I would grade them an A.”

“Donnelly's Plumbing was excellent. They did a bunch of different plumbing work; I can't even remember the specifics of it. I have nothing but a high rating for them; they were great.”

“Donnelly's replaced the main water line that ran to the street, and they did a very good job doing that. They fixed the yard—they put the dirt back. Obviously, we had to get the yard redone as far as seeding and everything, but they put the dirt back and everything of that nature. They were respectful of my property when they came out, and they've just done plumbing. I would refer this company to other people, and I would rate their services as an A.”

“I was in the process of selling the home, and Donnelly's did the work for me. As far as I know, everything was taken care of. They came out for plumbing. I would recommend this company to others if I was still in the area.”

“I guess they helped with a water heater. It was done on a Saturday in three hours. That was in February. Everything is holding up so far. I stayed out of his way; I hardly talked to him at all. He seemed to know what he was doing. I have plastic pipes, and it would have been a problem maybe for somebody, but he had the connectors on his truck to connect copper to plastic. He was prepared, and he knew what he was doing. I would recommend them to others.”

“They rewired my kitchen for me, and everything worked well. They did an outstanding job. Actually, I use them for all my electrical work and for my heating—they also did my heating. They also installed a water heater for me. What makes them so outstanding to me is that they explain to you exactly what it's going to cost and what needs to be done; they don't try to come up with things that don't necessarily have to be done. But they do the work so that it's safe, quality work. They don't just add on top because they can, and the customer doesn't understand what it is. I would use the company again if I had more work that needed done.”

“Donnelly's was out in July of last year; it was the water heater. They replaced it because I needed a new one. I thought the job they did was very good, very professional. The guy was very experienced in getting it installed and knowing what to do. He explained about why the unit I had had broken, and he talked about the new heater and warranty and installed some sort of water compression device, which would help maintain and extend the life of the water heater. It was very good; he did a very good job, and I was happy with it.”

“Most recently, Donnelly's replaced the lateral sewer line from the street to the house. That was a big amount of work, but I think that they finished in a reasonable amount of time. We have used them in the past. What makes us keep going back is that they always provide reliable service, and they're good about showing up on time. I would recommend this company.”

“We use Donnelly's, and we enjoy them. I was present during the work that was done. It was good, it was fine. It was something related to our toilet, I think. I was satisfied.”

“In the last two or three years, he installed two toilets for me. I thought they were wonderful. Another thing, too, was that there was a special person who came here the last time—about a year and a half ago—to install a toilet, and I asked for him to come back, and he did come back. They sent me the same technician when I asked for that person. Then he installed a toilet in my first floor. I was very impressed with his customer service.”

“They put in a new water heater, and they did a good job. I wasn't home during the day; I wasn't home to see the actual job done. But they followed up with me. That was just fine also.”

“They came out to check all the plumbing, and I really liked them; they seemed to do a very excellent job. Number one, the guy that came out was very, very pleasant; sometimes you get these guys that are like, 'Yeah, it's a job, and I'm just going to do what I got to do.' This guy was very, very nice; he was explaining things to me. In fact, I have a dog and this dog usually doesn't like men, but they clicked together. So I really respected him; I really liked him a lot. And then I had somebody that came out again to check my heater and the air conditioning, and he was very thorough and he explained things. In fact, it was a different guy, but he was also very, very nice, and he even gave us a couple of hints on what to put around the air conditioning outside unit's white fins that are hooked to make the air conditioner run better in the heat and all. I never even thought of anything like that, but I thought that was a very good idea. I would recommend them to anybody.”

“Donnelly's Plumbing, we had that service. They're fine. They're perfect.”

“They've actually done several things at our home. The most recent was fixing our water heater. They did an excellent job. The technician who came out was very courteous, very cost efficient; I didn't feel like he was trying to upsell me. He was very knowledgeable, and he gave us a lot of guidance on what we needed and what we didn't need. I think they have also done some heating type of service. That was probably a few years ago. I'm sure we were happy since we used them again.”

“I had a blocked-up toilet. They showed up pretty quickly and took care of the job. Everything running clear right now. The plumber was a very nice fellow. He cleaned up after himself. I would call on Donnelly's Plumbing again. I signed a service contract.”

“They repaired our garbage disposal—good, quality work. Everything is holding up just fine so far. I like the plumber a lot; he was very professional, and he did exactly what he needed to do. He wasn't here that long, so he was quick and efficient. The customer service was very, very nice. It was polite and easy. I would call on them again.”

“They worked on my heater and my water softener, and they did a great job. I don't have any trouble with it now, so that's good. We've used them before; they did work for me before, and that's why I called them back a second time.”

“I had a defective gas water heater. Their promptness was what was most memorable. The guy that came out was very knowledgeable, very personable. They replaced it, and everything is holding up so far; everything is fine. The area was cleaned up afterwards. I would probably call on them again.”

“Donnelly's was prompt and professional. They did a nice job. They came in and helped me with a pump issue that I had with the water. I'd give them an A.”

“They did work for me. It was something really, really simple. I couldn't turn a valve off that was continuing to leak, but he fixed it for me. They were great. He was quick, he was very helpful. He told me exactly what it was doing—what the problem was. He was great, very friendly. They're an A.”

“We have used them a lot. We've had them a few times. I think the last time was for a new toilet. It's fine. We have used them for five years now. What it is about the company that makes me call them back is they're always reliable. Often it's been something like the toilet's leaking or something that needs fairly immediate attention, and they've always been able to fit us in quickly. They have always come when they've said they'll come, and they always ring in advance and let you know. They give us a discount for being returning customers. I would give them an A.”

“Donnelly's Plumbing did work for me around the spring of last year, my water heater. My wife told me he came in, did the job promptly, and was very efficient. She said it was, overall, a very good experience.”

“They fixed my plumbing, the toilets and the kitchen stuff that were old. I couldn't turn them off, they were so corroded. They put new ones in so that I could turn the toilet off at the base, and stuff like that. The quality of the work that they performed was good, and I thought their customer service was pretty good. I could get a guaranteed appointment at 8:00, the first appointment. The other ones, they couldn't get a window, a shorter window of time—that was the only thing. Otherwise, they cleaned up after themselves, and they did a fine job. I'd say I would grade Donnelly's Plumbing an A. I would also recommend them to others.”

“I've had Donnelly's for quite a while. I've had a new water heater, and I've had them get roots from a tree that was backing up part of my plumbing. I've had regular plumbing work because something fell through the toilet and they had to take a look. Just all kinds of stuff. They're all very, very pleasant professionals, they get the job done, and I have no complaints. They're very good. All the repairs they have done have held up over time, absolutely. Their customer service was great, absolutely great. You call up and actually a human voice answers, which is a big plus in today's world. Like I said, I have absolutely no complaints. I'd grade Donnelly's Plumbing an A.”

“We use Donnelly's. They replaced a leaky pipe, and they were very professional. I think they respected not only our budget, but our time. I felt good about their customer service—no complaints. The repair itself is holding up quite well, knock on wood, so far. We've used Donnelly's Plumbing many times. I would grade them whatever the highest is, an A.”