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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 300 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"We provide a solution to our clients' plumbing problems on the first visit, using the highest-quality materials and equipment available. We do this while keeping the safety of your family and home a top priority."

Marvin Ohl | President
Company Information
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Benjamin Franklin is a full-service plumbing repair and installation company specializing in water heater repair and replacement, tankless water heater installation, drain cleaning, gas and water leak repair, water treatment systems, and slab leak repair.
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers at least a two-year warranty on most repairs and replacements.
Company History
Owner Marvin Ohl, an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience, founded the southwest Houston Benjamin Franklin location in 1983 and continues to run daily operations, including hiring, training, and supervising employees. Marvin is both a Master Plumber and a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester.
Employee Information
Plumbers wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and must pass background checks and ongoing random drug testing.
Areas Served
Missouri City, Richmond, Stafford, Sugar Land

“The gentleman who came, Brian, I was very familiar with him. He's very cordial and very informative. They replaced my sink. I'd give them an A+. I would recommend them.”

“They were very timely and professional. They put the hot water heater in. I'd give them an A+.”

“I liked Craig, the guy who does the work. He's actually done a couple of things for me now and I'll call his card again the next time. They did plumbing work. They've done multiple things. They've done a drain clog issue, replaced a hot water heater, and cleared the drain. They've done a couple of things, actually. I'd give them an A+ across the board.”

“I liked the staff—the plumbers. They installed a new toilet. They installed several parts in toilets and sinks and did various plumbing jobs. I'd give them an A+ overall.”

“I'd give them an A+. They did plumbing work.”

“My toilet was stopped up. They fixed the toilet and asked me if I wanted a new toilet. They tried to sell something, but I wasn't interested. I'd give them an A.”

“They got the job done right. I think it was a built-in tube for my water heater. Overall, I would give them an A.”

“They were punctual and they have quality service. They installed our water heater. I'd give them an A.”

“They were on time and did the job quick. They put in a water heater. I would give them an A.”

“They were prompt and efficient. They replaced the water heater. I'd give them an A.”

“I liked their professionalism. They've done several things for me: crawlspace and hot water heater. I'd give them an A.”

“They assessed the situation and they have a model of cost to apply to whatever the situation is so you don't have to negotiate prices or worry about being priced. Everything's prescheduled as far as the pricing goes and they were responsive and did a complete job. We've used them a couple of times, not that frequently, but we never had any complication. They've replaced faucets and toilets. I give them an A.”

“Benjamin Franklin did a water heater installation for my parents. They were awesome and very polite, and they explained everything to my parents' satisfaction. They were very punctual and courteous. I'm going to use them, too. They earned an A+.”

“I had a good experience. I like that I can trust them. I know that whenever I call them, the work is going to be done correctly and efficiently—A+.”

“They installed a water softening system and replaced our water heater. The serviceman was very prompt and very thorough. He explained everything to us, and he kept us informed every step of the way. I'd give Benjamin Franklin an A.”

“I had a very good experience working with them. They replaced two water heaters. They knew what they were doing, they came out on time, and they did the work very well—A.”

“They did work on our kitchen sink. I liked that they were able to identify the issue and fix it rather quickly.”

“We've called them several times. They've replaced my garbage disposal and faucets, fixed some leaks, and installed our water heater. Everything was done right, and I still don't have any problems. I liked their quality, punctuality and their pleasantness when I called. They were always professional. I have recommended them to others.”

“They've replaced faucets, fixed leaks, and put in a new water heater. They've done a little bit of everything that deals with plumbing. I liked the fast service, friendliness, and expertise of the gentlemen who come out, as well as their office staff when I call.”

“They put in my hot water heater. They seem to be very competent, and they were also very respectful to both my person and property. I had a good experience working with them.”

“They did plumbing work and fixed a sink for me. I've been working with them for a while; they always come on time and within the timeframe that they tell you.”

“They looked at a faucet repair for us. They were very clean and professional. It was definitely a positive experience.”

“They deliver salt for our water filtration system. I'd give them an A grade.”

“Everything was great.”

“They did plumbing for me and tightened some stuff. They're very prompt. I use them all the time and always recommend them to others.”

“They're always good. They do an inspection once or twice a year, but this time they changed my water filters because they get rough in the bottom. They're always reliable and very professional. Benjamin Franklin has always taken good care of my plumbing.”

“They installed a hot water tank. They came in, got it done, and didn't tinker with it. It was a positive experience.”

“They were great to work with. They replaced something on my hot water heater.”

“They replaced a toilet valve. They were on time. Overall, it was a positive experience.”

“I had a good experience working with them. They put in a disposal and they did a sink repair prior to that. They're dependable and do good work.”

“They were efficient and they came when I asked them to come. When they got here, they did the work. We had a busted pipe up in the attic, and it was dripping down into my daughter's closet. They fixed the pipe, came back to put putty where it needed to be, and did the work in one day. I was very pleased. I called them last, so I didn't think they were going to be able to get there as fast as they did, but I appreciate the effort and I appreciate the work. I'd give them an A. They did excellent work. If I had to get more work done, I'd call them again.”

“Each time they have come has been good. They were prompt, went straight to work, knew what they had to do, and were quick. Benjamin Franklin has done the maintenance for the water heater that we bought through them. I'd give them an A+.”

“I like their promptness. I had a leak under my kitchen sink with water everywhere. I've been using them for about four or five years. Every time I have a plumbing issue, I call them. They used to have another name, but a friend told me about them, and that's how it started. They did a major job for us when we first got them. I'd absolutely give them an A+.”

“They did what they said they were going to do for the price they said they were going to do it for. They converted the piping for a tub fixture to a shower. I chose them over a different company because I was hoping I could get somebody faster since they were local. The gentleman that did the work was very nice. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did a good job. They came out on time and things like that. They've installed a new commode and did plumbing for a shower. They last did work for me about six months ago. They do pretty good work. I'd give them A+.”

“They come in, they're clean, they do a good job, and then they leave. We put in a new hot water heater, and that's all I've done with them. If a friend or neighbor asked about them, I would tell them to give them a try. In fact, a neighbor filled in for me when they were here, and she was very happy; she'll probably call them. I'd give them an A+.”

“They were on time and did what they said they would. We had a water heater problem and they fixed it. We called them back, they came out, and everything worked out fine. We've used them before. I'd recommend them. They deserve an A+.”

“They were prompt and efficient. They did what they had to do. They worked on a hot water heater. I have two of them; one of them went out, and they were able to fix it. I'd give them an A.”

“They fixed a hot water heater for me. The customer service was good, and I have never had to call them back for any issues. I would recommend them. They're an A.”

“They did a good job. They put a couple of water heaters in for me. They said they'd be here at a certain time, and they were here. I think I've used them before, and I would again. I'd give them an A.”

“They do a good job. It's been a while, but they check all the plumbing and they're good. They didn't come fix anything; they just checked over everything to make sure everything was right. I have a yearly deal with them. The customer service is fine. I've been with this company for years, so I'd give them an A.”

“They respond quickly to calls, and when scheduling, they give the time frame when they'll be at the house. They came out to fix a pipe leak for us. I've used them in the past and I would use them again. I found the company because they took over the business of a company that I was previously using. I'd give them an A.”

“They're very professional, they tell you what they're going to do, and they're prompt. The first time we used them was when we had issues with the hot water heater. The new-style pilot light had gone out and they had to replace that. Then, I had them install a reverse osmosis system. I'd give them an A.”

“They put in a new electric hot water heater; I decided to change from gas. They got right to the point and started working. They took the job seriously, and they were neat and courteous. Gas was escaping from the old one, so we decided to get rid of it. We just tried electric for a change because we already tried gas. I found out about them from my friend across the street—they did some work for her. I'd give them an A.”

“They installed the water heater early last year, and the guy I dealt with was very professional. That really prompted me to call them back again to install a second water heater in the other house that we have—the professionalism and the courtesy. I have no complaints, so it's all A for me.”

“The guy that showed up was very professional and knowledgeable. The shower wouldn't shut off, and he came to fix that. I would use this company again. I'd give them an A.”

“They were quick. They installed new faucets in the bathroom. We have used them multiple times. I'd rate them an A.”

“I sent a very detailed email to Marvin, and I told him I was very satisfied. I had a water heater put in about four years ago, and I was told that I had to flush it out every year, so I had him over to check that out for me. One thing led to another, and he advised a new one. I put a new one in, and then he did a water softener to soften my water. Then, when he put in my commode, there was a problem with the pipe underneath, so that was replaced and a new commode was put in. I'd give them an A, and I told them that I had no complaints.”

“They were just very personable and very professional. They came out and fixed a water heater for me. I had never used them before, but I would use this company again. I found them through our water system—their information was just there. I'd give them an A.”

“They were prompt, and they did the work as planned with no problems. They've worked on various different plumbing projects—mostly small stuff. The customer service is good. I first heard about the company because there was a local company that sold out their business to them, and we just stayed with them. I'd give them an A.”

“I've had Benjamin Franklin do a lot of work for me. They got here when they said they were going to get here. The gentleman that came was courteous and professional, and he knew what he was doing. They've put in hot water heaters, done plumbing work, and put in commodes. They've done all kinds of stuff. I've never had to call them back for any problems. I would tell others to hire them if they need a plumber. I'd probably give them an A.”

“They did well. They are professional and they do a good job. They did plumbing work for me. The customer service was pretty good. If a friend or neighbor asked about the company, I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”

“They were good—friendly and very thorough. They just checked some water leaks for us. I did not have to call them back for any issues. They did a great job. I'd give them an A grade.”

“Everything was fine. We've been using them because they're just very dependable. They've done tuning of our central air, heat, and water softener, and they've worked on our tankless water heater. I've had to call them back for issues, and they came to take care of those. I would recommend them to friends and neighbors, and I'd give the company an A.”

“They had to replace faucets that were leaking. They did a good job. They did what they were supposed to do. The technician did a good job. I've used them before, and that's why I used them this time—I think they serviced the air conditioning unit a while back. I'd give them straight A's all the way across.”

“They were on time, did a good job, and cleaned up real well after themselves. They were very informative regarding what they were going to do, and they quoted the price. They fixed my water in my kitchen. It was coming in real slow, so they took the water softener out and redid it for me. They've also fixed faucets in my bathroom. This was the second time I've used them. I got their name from a friend of mine. I'd give them an A.”

“Benjamin Franklin Plumbing did a tremendous job. They're a very good company, they're courteous, and they get the job done. If someone asked about the company, I'd say, 'Use them. They're good.' They're an A+.”

“I really like them because I think they're very honest and know what they're doing. I really appreciate that. I give them five stars across the board, and I'd rate them an A+.”

“I liked pretty much everything about Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, from scheduling to getting the job done. I also liked the recommendations for what I should do going forward. I would highly recommend them, and I'd say they deserve an A+.”

“We're very happy with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. They did what we wanted very efficiently and very helpfully. They get an A+, and we'll call them again when we need plumbing work.”

“My plumbing was jammed with some roots, and he made it work. Everything is still working. The service was very professional. The workers are very experienced and very nice, and they had good attitudes. I would rate them as an A.”

“Twice, they've come out to my house, and the technicians knew what they were doing. They covered their shoes so they wouldn't trace anything in or out, and after they did the work, they cleaned up completely. They were excellent. I chose them because they were the only company that could come out the same day, and it was really an emergency. Something happened to the pipe under my sink; there was water all over the kitchen, and I was expecting about 20 guests. I would recommend the company, and I have. I'd give them an A.”

“That was the first time I've used them in this house, but I had another home, and they were my plumbers there, too. The most recent thing they did was put in a hot water heater for me, and I was pleased. They did excellent work. Everything seems to be working properly. They were on time, prompt, and very clean, which is why I used them. They explained everything. I have no complaints. They deserve an A.”

“Benjamin Franklin Plumbing did a water boiler thing—it was a complete replacement. I liked that they showed up on time, and they were pretty easy. They responded quickly and answered any questions that I had. I had no problems at all. I would rate them as an A+.”

“He replaced valves in the main water supply for my house. The worker was very prompt, and he got done quickly. There were no problems with anything. I chose them over other companies because they were recommended by friends. I'd have to say it's an A+ grade for him.”

“The reason I needed their services was we thought we had a drip in our house, but it turned out to be nothing. They were professional, honest, and knowledgeable about the problem. I would give them an A+.”

“They put in a tankless water heater, and I think they did a really good job. The serviceman who came out was friendly and professional. I have a membership with them that gives me discounts on all future work. They also did a courtesy check of all the plumbing in my house as part of the membership. They checked all of the drains, faucets, and everything. They came here one time and fixed something. They put in some condensation lines, too. Everything they have done has worked out fine, so I would give them a gold star—they deserve the top, A+ rating. They do a very good job, and they work really hard.”

“Benjamin Franklin Plumbing did something to clean up the toilet one time, and I thought they did a good job. I would give them an A+ grade.”

“They put in new pipe plumbing for my washing machine. What made my experience good was that they were efficient and timely, and they satisfied my needs at the time. I chose the company because of a reference, and I would tell a friend or to a relative about them. They're A+.”

“They checked a drain in the shower that had a hole in it; it was leaking, and they found the leak. They came when they said they were going to come, they worked correctly, and they came back to follow up. Everything has held up fine. I thought the workers were very courteous, very nice, and very prompt. I would absolutely use them again, and I'd give them an A+ grade.”

“I think Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a good company. They did a minor plumbing repair, and I liked that they were on time, professional, and really helpful. The technicians had a good attitude, and they were receptive to any questions I had. I would absolutely use them again. They're an A.”

“About six months ago, they fixed a leak in the plaster behind the drywall. It was fine; I thought they did it neatly and efficiently. Then, they came back last month and did an inspection. They looked at the house, and they didn't find anything major, which was a good thing to know. I found out about their service because they were referred to us by someone who had a reliable plumber and gave us his number. I'd give them an A grade.”

“He put in a plastic pipe for me, and it hasn't leaked since they did it. I probably would recommend the company, and I'd give them an A.”

“They did a water heater for me, and they did not leave any mess behind at all. It was a positive experience because of the fact that the people were friendly and knowledgeable. I'd give them an A.”

“They installed two new outside units for me, and they did not have to come back out for any reason. Everything went smoothly. I have not had any problems with the quality of their work. I thought it was well done, and it was done in a timely manner. They get an A grade in my book.”

“I liked Benjamin Franklin Plumbing's method, their explanation of the estimate, and the timeliness of their appointments. The quality of their work was good, and everything is holding up fine. They left everything in good condition when they were finished. The customer service of the technicians was very good, too. I'd absolutely use them again, and I would give them an A.”

“My garbage disposal was 20 years old and finally bit the dust. Everything was great; I have no complaints. I liked that they were quick, and it was installed right the first time. The guy was nice, well mannered, and well spoken, and he was dressed right in a clean shirt. The only small complaint I have is that he forgot to put on his little booties when he came inside. They get an A.”

“We had some work done by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and it was a positive experience.”

“I've used them for both plumbing and A/C work for the last few years, and they've done fine. I would say it's an A grade for them.”

“I was happy with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. They did a good job, and they cleaning up after themselves. They should get an A.”

“I think they came and checked out the plumbing, and the experience was pretty positive. They were knowledgeable; they knew what they were talking about. I would recommend them to others, and I'd give them an A.”

“I had bad water flow in a kitchen sink. They were prompt and on time, they were able to explain what they were going to do, and they got the job done quickly. They were able to do it with the equipment they had right there; they didn't have to go back to their office or get other things. The problem has not returned since they fixed it. I would use the company again. They're A+.”

“Benjamin Franklin Plumbing had to fix our hot water tank. It just needed parts, and it's been working fine since. It was easy to schedule with them, and they came right out and did all the work that was necessary. The customer service during the process was good. They are the type of company I'd contact in the future. I'd give them an A grade.”

“We had a bathroom leak, and they found the source of the leak and fixed it. They showed up on time and did exactly what they said they were going to do at the price they said they were going to do it, and the cleanup was great. The guy was really friendly and professional. I'd absolutely consider using them again. They get an A in my book.”

“I had a cut-off valve, and water was spewing all over the back side of my house. The technician seemed really nice. I asked him if he'd worked for the company long, and he said that he had been with them for three months. He admitted he was not a long-term employee, but that was OK with me because he did what I wanted him to do, and he knew what it needed. He cut the water off at the meter, cut the pipe, put the replacement on in record time, and went away. Everything is holding up fine. He did an excellent job; I was satisfied with the whole thing. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing isn't too far from where I lived. I called them, they came out and fixed my problem, and there was no problem at all. I would use them again because they were close and fast. They earned an A+ grade.”

“I was very pleased with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. I had to have a new commode put in, and I was impressed with the gentleman who put it in. When he was finished, he cleaned up so well you would never know a plumber had been in the bathroom—the guy was great. If I have any problems with my plumbing, I know who to go to. It was excellent service—A+.”

“Benjamin Franklin Plumbing replaced the hot water heater, and they did excellent work. I would most certainly use this company again. Their customer service was wonderful. All the guys were very professional, helpful, and did what they said they'd do when they said they'd do it. They did it in a very timely manner, and we were very pleased. They were in the Best Pick Reports book that we get. I would give them an A+.”

“I thought Benjamin Franklin was awesome. My kitchen faucet wouldn't turn off—it had something to do with the single post valve—so they came in, were extremely polite, and they just went straight to work. In probably 15 to 20 minutes, they had it fixed. I think it was my second time using them. One time, I think I had them replace a water heater and had the same experience. They get right to business and get the work done. I'd give them an A+.”

“Benjamin Franklin South put in a tankless water heater. The quality of work was wonderful, and the workers that came out were very nice. I would grade them A+. I'd recommend them highly.”

“Benjamin Franklin South has done a reroute for us up in our attic for our hot water heaters. Our air conditioner overflowed, and they got it plumbed upstairs in the attic. The quality of the work was excellent—it always is. I've been working with them for about five or six years. Customer service and knowledge stands out about the company—the customer service has always had a great attitude, and they're always on time. They're very courteous to my schedule. There are never any issues or anything that need to be addressed with follow-up, but they're happy to come back out and take care of everything. They always finish the work in a reasonable amount of time. Everything's held up perfect. They get an A grade.”

“Benjamin Franklin South did a good job. We had a leak in the pipe upstairs in the attic. They came twice. The last time they came over, I had a hole in the attic, and the ceiling of the bathroom had dropped in, so he went in there and fixed that. That was about six weeks ago. The technicians that came out were very courteous, their cleanup was very good, and they put those little shoe covers on their shoes every time they came into the house. They said it would take two to four hours and that's what it took—about three hours. I was pleased. It was A+ work—they were excellent.”

“Benjamin Franklin did what I asked them to, and they fixed the problem. They replaced and worked on some of my faucets in my kitchen. That was my first time using this company. They finished the work within a reasonable amount of time, and the technician was very intelligent. They did excellent work. I would give them an A+.”

“We were real happy with the work Benjamin Franklin did for us. They've done some repair work, and then they put in a water filtration system for us. Everything worked perfect. I liked their timeliness and quality of service. Everything was perfectly fine. Their customer service was really good.”

“Benjamin Franklin South replaced a segment of pipe in our house. We would give the highest rating we could give them, and I would say they're highly recommended. It was very good quality of work.”

“Benjamin Franklin did some work for me a while back. They're great—perfect. They did some repairs on a toilet, found some parts that needed replacing, and updated the bathroom. Then they did several things in the attic and did temperature adjustment on the faucets because the hot water was too hot. I've used them before, and I keep using them because they're timely. It's just good work. They're an A+.”

“The work was done very professionally and very timely. We had a plumbing issue, and then we had the outside feed line blow, so Benjamin Franklin South had to come and put a new line in. It was my first time using this company, and the quality of work was superb. They come out when I call. I would give them an A.”

“I thought Benjamin Franklin South did a great job. I'd use them again, and I'd tell other people to use them. He came in because I had a problem with a leak in one of my kitchen faucets. He worked on that, told me exactly what I needed, and helped me out in finding the right parts. It was just a great experience. I would grade them A+.”

“I would definitely call Benjamin Franklin South the next time I need a plumbing service. My house is 30 years old and I think it has the original toilet, so I called them out to replace it. They replaced two toilets, and then I had them drain the water heater while they were here. I was very pleased with everything they did. It was the second time I had called them for service. I heard about them the first time when I used their sister HVAC company. I would rate them an A+.”

“Benjamin Franklin came out really fast and snaked our sink. That was the first time I used this company. The technicians were fine, and they finished the work within a reasonable amount of time. I would be fine with giving them an A+.”

“Benjamin Franklin South does a pretty good job. I like that they're pretty quick. We didn't have any issues once it was done, so we didn't have to call them back for anything. They helped fix part of our kitchen sink when there was a backup and it was clogged up. They cleaned it all out and replaced a part for us. The time frame was good—they were in and out in about an hour and twenty minutes. Their cleanup was also good. I'd go with an A+ for them.”