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"Precision offers world-class service; anything less is unacceptable. We hire only the best technicians who are willing and able to provide this level of service. Very few are able to meet our standards, so you can be assured the best experience when you have service needs. Our goal is simple: to make every customer a raving fan of ours."

Matt Morse | President
Company Information
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Precision Plumbing Heating Cooling offers residential plumbing, sewer work, and drain cleaning as well as heating and cooling services. The company specializes in trenchless sewer repair and rehabilitation, water treatment, heating and cooling service and installation, and guaranteed same-day service.
Precision offers warranties on all workmanship and extended equipment protection through service agreement memberships.
Company History
Precision Plumbing Heating Cooling was founded in 1992 by owner Matt Morse, who continues to oversee company management.
Additional Information
Precision offers water-saving toilets and faucets, energy-efficient water heaters and HVAC equipment, and flood protection systems. The company provides 24/7 emergency service.
Areas Served
Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs, Northwest Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 700+ homeowner reviews:
“The service was very prompt, and they did a nice job—very professional. They fully explained my options and cleaned up when finished. I would recommend Precision Plumbing for your plumbing needs without hesitation—A.”
“The technician was great—explained exactly what was needed to repair the leak. Then after the repair, he did another walk-through. The technician was extremely loyal and honest.”
“The plumber was very personable and knowledgeable. He explained the problem, repair, and cost prior to work—A+.”
“The experience was overall very positive. The technician was punctual, polite, and professional.”
“Precision did a great job. They replaced two sump pumps. They worked in a very timely manner and were neat—A+.”
“Best service experience with any plumbing service ever!!”
“I called Precision Plumbing because I had water coming through my ceiling from a bathroom above. After a quick and thorough review of the situation he informed me that it was a lack of caulking along the shower base. He explained to me exactly how to fix it myself easily. I was pleased with his honesty and integrity.”
“They were very efficient, and they showed up when they said they would. I had a leaky shutoff valve, and they replaced it. It was Memorial Day weekend, too. We called them based on information from Best Pick Reports. It's an A grade from us.”
“Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling fixed a leak under my kitchen sink. He was very nice and knowledgeable, and he did a good job. I would grade them with an A for their excellent work.”
“They were friendly. They took care of everything that had to do with a water heater. I think I heard about them from somebody I called. Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling gets an A from me.”
“They were on time and efficient, and they fixed everything efficiently. They fixed a laundry sink. The problem was resolved. It's an A-grade company.”
“The people from Precision were very nice, very courteous, and very respectful, and they did very good work. They put in new toilets, and they replaced the pipes. I would rate them as an A.”
“The guy from Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling was great. He cleaned everything thoroughly, gave us options, and did a great job. I called them for a plumbing issue; I had an ejector pump that failed. They definitely earned an A+ grade.”
“Precision replaced my water heater, and their customer service was excellent. They were really, really good. I'd give them an A+.”
“I liked the professionalism of the gentleman who came out. They took out the old water softener and replaced it with a new one, and they did an A+ job.”
“Precision is an A-rate, excellent service.”
“Precision replaced one of my kitchen faucets. We used them before, and it was always good, so we called them back the second time. The time frame that the work was done in was very good, and the cleanup was perfect. They're an A+.”
“They were outstanding, and they got the problem fixed. They adjusted the heat sensor in the hot water heater for me. It wasn't where it should've been, but we didn't know that until a year later or so. I would give them an A.”
“Precision Plumbing replaced our furnace, and they also checked out what we thought was a broken pipe—they pointed out there was a faucet that was going outside. I thought the customer service was very, very nice. Everyone was nice. The quality of the work is holding up very fine—it's very, very good. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A+.”
“Precision is very good. I believe they repaired the kitchen sink. The people seemed very thorough and knowledgeable. I believe they're an A+.”
“I thought the work was efficient. It's certainly working well, and I'm very satisfied. They installed all the inner pipes of the toilet for me—they were rather aged and weren't working right. I'd say they're an A+.”
“The guy was on time and came back when he said he would. They fixed a water heater for me. This was my first time using them, and I would use them again for additional work. I'd recommend them, and I'd give them an A+ grade.”
“They had good customer service, did a good job, and didn't have any issues. They helped out with the main line for me. The workers were good. I would give them an A.”
“Precision Plumbing did good work. The most recent thing that they did was fix a leak in the air conditioner where water was coming out. I would give them an A.”
“What I liked about Precision was their follow-up. We called them out to repair our sump pump after another plumbing company failed to meet our expectations. Everything is working OK right now. The customer service with the technicians was great. They're a grade-A company.”
“I liked the friendly technicians. The last time they were here, they inspected a sump pump. I'd give them an A.”
“Precision Plumbing did a good job. They were very professional. In fact, I was thinking I needed to call them to come back and do something else. The man explained things to us when we had questions, and it was good. They fixed the sump pump—something had happened to it, and they had to fix something on it. It seems to be fine. We are going to be calling them to have a backup one put in, so that will be good. They're an A.”
“Precision Plumbing rerouted some of the pipes in the kitchen for me. From what I can tell, everything works; it's not backing up. Their cleanup was very good, they came right out when I called, and I'd use them again. I would give them an A.”
“They fixed our garbage disposal, and they were easy to work with. They get an A from us.”
“Precision Plumbing fixed the problem, and I no longer have water in the basement. The quality of work is fine as far as I can tell—it's eight feet underground, out near the street. This is the second time I used them. I would give them an A rating.”
“Precision Plumbing's work and service were very good. They put in a sump pump about 12 or 13 feet down in the ground.”
“They did a good job. I had problems with my boiler, and they had to drain the water tank. I never knew it, but they said, 'You'd better have it done every year,' and nobody ever told me that. They said, 'It's a possibility you could run into a few more problems.' It's been here for quite a while, and nobody's ever told me that, so I guess they're looking out for my welfare. I really wasn't here when they did the work, but everything is working fine. My son was down there when they were doing it and said they did good work—they advised him on what to do. I'd call them again.”
“They guy from Precision did a very good job. I saw water on the floor in my bathroom, and I got hysterical. It was after five o'clock, and I needed a plumber, so I called them. They had to take the toilet off for me and get something out of the bottom. He did a very good job, and I liked him very much.”
“They came out to work on the kitchen sink. The plumber took his time, from a positive point of view—he wasn't rushing through, and he explained what he did. I would give them an A rating.”
“Precision did a fantastic job. I got two new toilets from them. The plumber was very professional and very courteous—I can't say enough good things about them. They were superb—they absolutely deserve an A++.”
“Precision did excellent work. They put in a hot water heater and fixed some code violations for me. I liked that they were on time, efficient, and clean. I'd give them an A+.”
“They're good. I like Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. I think they were there for a sump pump installation, and the quality of their work was really, really good. We love the workers. They're very nice—an A+. They're a great, awesome company.”
“We thought we were having some kind of a leak because my water bill was really high for about three months in a row, so they checked all the toilets. They got there on time. They came downstairs and assured us that we didn't have any leaks, and it was a water problem. I was satisfied with the work that they did. This was the second time I've used the company to do any work. I think I must've had a pretty good impression of the company, or we wouldn't have called them the second time. I'd give them the A+ grade.”
“I just had a lot of plumbing done in my kitchen. I had a lot done at the sink and in the cabinet underneath—the pipes—and I needed a new faucet on it. I didn't have running water for a long time because something was stuck down in the drain, but I got it all fixed. The worker who came out was very handy; every little thing got fixed, and the quality of the work was perfect. I had a new stove put in, and the old one was about 50 years old. In fact, we had the old brass pipes, so he cut those off and put new piping in there. Everything I mentioned, he did. I would rate them excellently—an A+.”
“Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling did a fantastic job. They cleared out my pipe and did a great job. I love the guy who was here. I would give them the A grade.”
“Precision is the best. They have put in new sump pumps for us, and they have done some other piping. We've been using them for about 20 years. I would rate them as an A+.”
“They installed a new sump pump and a new water heater. The quality of their work was excellent, and the technicians who came out were great. I've been using the company for a couple of years now. I liked their service from the get-go, so I just kept calling them. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. I would give them the A+.”
“I used this company for the first time because someone referred us to them. The technicians were great; they did a very professional job. Their ranking would be an A+ because we had to do very little landscaping. The guy who excavated was unbelievable; he brought it right back to grade, and it looked beautiful when it was done.”
“Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling did some work for me, and nothing went wrong. They did a wonderful job putting a brand new toilet in. The quality of the work was great, so I would give them an A+ grade. I would use the company again; they do wonderful work.”
“There were no issues. They replaced a faucet, did some plumbing work in the kitchen, and cleaned the garbage disposal. The company was good, and I would rate them as an A+. The quality of the work was perfect. Everything was good.”
“They were really good at the plumbing work I needed. I had a leak in a toilet, so they put a new seal on it, and it was perfectly fine afterward. That was the first time that I used them, but the technician was very helpful. Their customer service was great. It was very easy. I would give them an A+.”
“I've had this company out for a couple of things. The last was some sump pump repair. They are prompt when you call and honest when they're quoting. Their customer service is knowledgeable and good. I would give them an A+—excellent with no complaints.”
“They fixed a sewer line for me, and the quality of the work was excellent as far as I'm concerned. I would use the company again, and I would give them an A+ rating. The workers were excellent. They did a good job.”
“Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling did plumbing work for me, which I would rate as excellent. It was quality work—professionally done—so they earned an A+.”
“They did a wonderful job. They were on time; when they said they were going to be there, they were there, and they did it in a reasonable amount of time. I was very happy with it. This was not my first time getting work done by this company, and the few workers I've run across are polite and courteous. They're really clean. I'm very happy with the service, so I will probably use them again. They put in a water softener for me, but they've also done some plumbing work with frozen pipes that I've had. I definitely could tell the difference with the water softener. I was told that I was not getting enough water pressure with the water softener that I had, so I had to have something new put in. They hooked me up, and I've got good water pressure now. I'm very happy. The company deserves an A+.”
“They did quite a bit of work over here in the kitchen. They put in a water purifier tank. It was some extensive work, and everything's fine so far. The guy was very good—the plumber. Their grade would be the highest one—an A+.”
“We had a major sewer wig-out problem. I think the quality of the work Precision did was great. The workers who came out were awesome, and I would absolutely use them again. I actually did refer them to somebody. They did a great job. They showed up when they said they would, they were polite, and they did great. I'd give them an A+.”
“It was excellent work when Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling put in our battery backup sump pump. They've earned my repeat business because they're prompt and friendly, and they do good work. They're an A.”
“They did plumbing work to the exterior of my home, and they were great. I would grade them as an A. This is a company I would use again in the future.”
“They did an excellent job for us. They've done the rodding out of the sewer line from our house to the city line, which was totally clogged; they had done that in terms of fixing a problem. They were very professional. They were great, and I'd give them five stars in terms of service and work ability. We'll give them straight A's across the board because they were really great. I'd give them good credit.”
“The plumbing work the company did was done very well because we've had no problems since. They finished the work within a reasonable amount of time, the workers were very professional, and I thought the quality of their work was excellent. I think that was the first time we had used them, but we would use them again. They deserve an A.”
“Precision did work at my rental property; I think they routed out my floor drain to open it up to the street because there was water coming up out of the floor drain from some heavy rain. The two gentlemen who came were very good. Actually, it was a second call because I had another company come out, but they couldn't do the job properly. That's why I had to call someone else to attempt it again, and Precision did an excellent job; the work has held up well. I'd give them an A, and I'd recommend them.”
“My experience with the company was OK. They did work on the interior of my home; they changed the water heater. The quality of their work was OK. I have not had any problems with the work since then, so I will highly recommend them to others. They earned an A.”
“They did some toilet repair for me, and the work quality was excellent. The workers were very good as well. I would use the company again because they completed the work in a reasonable time frame for me. If I were to mention the company to a friend or a relative, I would say that they were on time and reliable, and they performed good work.”
“They have done a variety of things for me over the years, and they've done an excellent job on everything every time they have come out. They've done a variety of things, but they've only done plumbing work for me. If I were to have to another plumbing issue, I would probably call Precision. They deserve an A grade.”
“Precision was excellent because they got out here very promptly, and they did all the work they were hired to do—and then some. I was very pleased with them. They did plumbing, and I give them one very, very sharp—A.”
“This company put in a toilet for me, but it wasn't my first time using them. The quality of their service and employees is why I went back to them. The cleanup was wonderful, and I would rate the company as an A.”
“Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling installed an ejector pump for my storm pump, and the quality of work was very good. The workers who came out were great, and the customer service when I called in was positive. They do very good work. I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“The quality of work was good, and the workers were great. I would grade Precision an A+. Their response time is great. It was a sump-pump issue; it was after-hours, but they came with the parts on the truck. The dude was really cool; he didn't try to sell me something crazy—just kind of consulted with me. They followed up, and it was good to go.”
“They replaced my water heater and then my sump pump. I also have the one-year maintenance contract. I think their work is of good quality. The workers were pretty punctual, and I'm happy with their work. I would give them the A+, and I will tell others positive things about the company; I will refer them.”
“We haven't had plumbing problems since they fixed the plumbing. They divided the main line. I don't think they left a mess, so I would grade them an A+.”
“Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling did a good job. They did some work in the kitchen—replaced a faucet and replaced the shut-off valve under the sink, which was older. They also replaced the shut-off valve in the bathroom, and they put in a different part in one of the commodes. The quality was great, and the workers were very professional. They worked quickly and did a very competent job. I would use the company again. I would say they're dependable, get there in a reasonable amount of time, work quickly, and do a good job. They're A+.”
“The company installed a kitchen faucet for me, and it was great. They were on time and clean, and they did the job right—no problems. They installed a brand new kitchen faucet, but the last thing I had them do was rod out the sewer pipe, and everything was fine—no problems. I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling fixed some piping, and they piped a second line out of our sump pump out of the house. It's the second time I've used the company, and I'll give them an A+.”
“They were able to fix my problem in a very timely manner. They installed a new toilet and a sink, and I think the quality was very good. I would give this company an A+.”
“They seemed to know what they were doing when they cleaned out some clogged water lines and repaired a toilet. It was my first time using them, but so far, so good. I would grade them as an A+.”
“We were very happy with their work, and they had appointments that were not too far in the future. They arrived at the time they specified, and they completed the work promptly. The company repaired a broken pipe in our basement; it was a water-supply pipe that I broke when I was trying to install an outdoor tap, and they repaired it and put a new access to the tap so that I wouldn't do it again. So it had to do with the water supply to the house, and then connecting it to an outdoor tap. They cleaned up thoroughly. They deserve an A+.”
“The gentleman from Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling was very nice and very helpful—just a nice person. Recently, they replaced the hot water heater, but I think we've used them before. I believe they were the ones who originally installed the stuff in the first place; that's how we heard about them. I would give them an A+.”
“They did work in my bathroom; I had a vanity sink problem. That was my first time using the company, and I heard about them through a friend. I would rate their work and service as an A+ because we were very satisfied.”
“My brother had some plumbing problems in his bathroom, so I had Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling come over and repair both of the toilets. They were very helpful. They had the parts and everything they needed, and they installed some and replaced some. Everything turned out well. They were an A+.”
“I believe they repaired the main stack for me, and they also repaired the bathroom shower fixture when it had a leak—a couple of those things. The quality of their work was great, and the technicians were very knowledgeable and just very pleasant. I'd give them an A+. They know what they're doing, and it's quality work—I can't ask for more. I've used them twice. I used them again just because I found that they were totally dependable.”
“We had a drain stoppage. They came out to rod the drain, and while they were here, I also had them do some repiping under our kitchen sink. They did all the work in one day. In fact, we were going out that night—downtown to celebrate—and the technician was cognizant of that. He worked very hard in order to allow us to keep our date downtown. He deserves an A+.”
“Precision did a really good job replacing a water heater. Everything is definitely working well. I would possibly use this company for other services. There was just one guy who came out, and he was very courteous. I would give the company an A+. I have a warranty on my home, and I think the warranty company found Precision for me.”

Precision did an almost entire replumbing of the house, they snaked every single drain, they gave me a water softener—they completely rid my house of bad plumbing. The people were amazing. They did their job very professionally. They get an A+.

We had a great experience with Precision Plumbing. They put in a sump pump, and the quality of their work was excellent. Of all the different plumbers I've had to the house, they were the best.

I've had Precision here many times. They've done extensive plumbing work for me. I find them to be extremely reliable. I can count on them if something goes wrong, and their repairs are done extremely well. The last things they repaired for me were the drainage pipes underneath the house. They were old and rotted, and they managed to replace them without destroying my foundation. I've always been very happy with Precision.

Excellent, excellent, excellent. They did all of my plumbing—under the house, in between, upside down, inside out—all new stuff. Great job, loved them. No problem at all. Definitely an A rating for them.

Even the other contractors that I work with speak very highly of Precision. They did a large project for me, and it was very good. They assign a project manager to you so you're dealing with one person throughout the whole process. If other companies did that the same way, it'd probably be a lot better. They relined the sewer line from my house to the city sewer. They actually ran a tube inside it, the plastic liner inside the old sewer pipe. It's amazing. They quoted me on the whole job, and we looked at different options and selected the relining. There were some complications with the job, but the project manager didn't make a problem out of it. They took care of what needed to be taken care of. I thought they were very good—A+.

The guy was courteous and very neat. He came when he said he was going to come and called for confirmation. He did a very neat job, and he explained everything—just what you want in a contractor. Very clean, very neat, answered any questions that I had. I highly recommend them. I've had them do work a couple times. I had them put a gate valve in for me to stop the backflow when the sewers are backing up. That was a pretty big project, but they did that for me and then also just did a small job, putting in a toilet. I had a big job and a small job, and they get an A+ for that work.

I had a major incident where a pipe burst, and it was an emergency situation—I needed someone there very quickly, and Precision was able to do that. We had one situation after another, and we couldn't turn the water off, and all of these valves ended up being broken. So, the plumber from Precision directed me to call the village, and then he shut off the water on the outside of the house and proceeded to fix everything. He was very professional—neat looking, very courteous, quick. I couldn't be happier from the service. He gets an A+. I called them back a second time as well.

They've been here more than one time. The last job was the water heater, about six weeks ago, seven weeks. The plumber was great. He was very professional, and he explained the job—great communication. He answered all my questions, and he was knowledgeable. He finished his work and cleaned up. A+ for him.

I think they're very good—very prompt, very accurate in what they do. They've done the sewer, faucets, a new sink—a lot of things. They've been excellent.

I've used Precision Plumbing a couple of times, and they've done an excellent job. They had to fix a drain in the upstairs bathroom before, and then this last time they came out, they fixed the hot and cold lines on a washing machine. No issues at all. Very friendly, and they always explain everything and clean up after they're done. Also, they always go over the bill exactly as to what's been serviced and which parts were needed, and they always show me the parts before they do anything—I guess that's why I've contacted them more than once. They're definitely excellent.

Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling—they came out when they said they would, they fixed what needed to be fixed correctly the first time, and they cleaned everything up. The workers that came out were excellent. They dressed nicely, they were very polite, they put covers on their shoes, which I appreciated, and they explained everything to me. They're excellent. We have a sump pump that they have to check every year, an annual sump pump service. They always do a nice job. I've been very pleased.

Awesome, awesome. I would grade them an A+. I'd use that plumber again. They replaced toilets. The plumbers are what made the experience awesome.

My experience with Precision was good all the way through. They did plumbing work—put in two sump pumps and fixed a leaky pipe—and they checked my heating. They were on time, they were very polite, and they walked me through everything they were doing. Everything was just great. I had no problems.

It was fine. The work was good. It was unfortunate that I had to get the work done—I had a broken pipe—but working with the people from Precision was good. The pipe was flooding the house, so the experience was not good overall, but their work was good. They fixed the pipe, and they worked hard. They were pretty professional about it. They knew they were going to have to do some things a couple of times in order to get it right, and they did, and they were professional.

They were good. They've done numerous things for me. They put a sewer line in from my basement to the street. They also do my air conditioning and heating, and they fixed the leaks upstairs that I had in the bathroom. I've had them for several things. Their work gets an A.

We were used their Kanga Rooter division because we had some sanitary backup issues, and we were very happy with their service. It was actually an emergency call, a sanitary backup at one of our family campgrounds, so it occurred on a weekend. They were very responsive and were able to get them out there first thing the following morning. They had to start making calls around 11:00 or 12:00 at night, but they were able to get someone out there, and they were able to take care of it as quick as they possibly could have.

I would rate their service very high. The plumber was very conscientious and very helpful. I asked for something that was a little unorthodox because I knew that he was going to be engaged in a long job that would last nearly a week. I asked him to just cap the job so that we could get back to it later. There was nothing negative about it. He did all I asked.

We've used Precision Plumbing before. They were here a couple months ago because we had stuff backing up in the basement shower. The guy had to come out and rod our shower. We'd have them out again if we needed to. Both times, the guy was excellent—we had a different guy on each occasion. The second guy we had was very thorough and explained what he was doing and told us what we might need to do in the future to rectify the problem. He did a good job.

I've called Precision when I've needed help or something, and they're good people. They were good when they cleaned the water line and the sewer line. I was there with them, and I saw what they were doing. I liked the people; they were nice, and they finished in a good amount of time. I would give them an A+. They were good.

It was a good experience. I'd give them an A.

We're very satisfied with them. When they put in the water softener, you will not believe it—the water, it feels like your hands have cream on them when you wash them, I'm not kidding you. We were so shocked. The guy had said, 'Hey, your water has so much chlorine.' So the water was very hard, but with them putting this water treatment in, believe me, it makes a difference. After you shower, your skin honestly feels like it's not dried out. It is a lot of money, but believe me, if you don't intend to sell your house in the near future, it's very, very worthwhile. Your skin feels soft and smooth, your hands, everything. It's really, really worth it. It's the chlorine that makes it hard—that's what it is. So honestly, it's expensive, but it's well worth it. Their work is definitely an A+ because I'm telling you, the difference is remarkable.

Precision gets an A+ from us. They fixed a sump pump. They arrived on time and just did everything very well. It has been working well since they fixed it.