Maryland Pest Control & Nuisance Wildlife

Traditional pest control services usually consist of treating a house with pesticides. Depending on the types and quantities of the pesticides applied, the timing of treatments varies greatly. Pest control service contracts typically cover pests in the house but not in the yard. However, many companies will take care of specific yard problems for an additional charge.

Nuisance wildlife. Some of the most common nuisance wildlife problems involve squirrels, mice, rats, and stinging insects.

Squirrels. Seeking warm, safe, nesting locations, squirrels sometimes invade unprotected attics. They may enter through a small existing hole or chew through wood to gain access.  Solving the problem usually involves trapping the offending squirrel, relocating the squirrel far enough away that it will not return to the attic nest, sanitizing the nest area, and repairing or closing the animal’s entryway to the attic.

Mice and rats. Mice and rats commonly live in groups. If you see one, you probably have many, many more. Ridding your house of mice and rats usually involves trapping and disposing of them and then preventing reentry. Mice and rats are aggressive gnawers, so the exclusion method, or finding and sealing up all gaps larger than a dime, is the best way to prevent rodent access.

Stinging insects. Due to their painful bites or stings, yellow jackets, hornets, bees, wasps, and the like are a considerable problem for many homeowners. To eliminate the problem, the technician usually treats the nest or infested area to kill the workers and queen. After the workers and queen are gone, the nest or honeycomb is removed.

Intrusions from wildlife and insects can quickly turn your home and yard into an uncomfortable and unsafe place. A good pest control company will help ensure that your home is protected from both the occasional pest and recurring nuisances.