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Connor's Termite & Pest Control has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 654 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Connor's mission is to provide excellent pest management services, to respond to our customers' needs, to use only environmentally safe solutions, and to care for the clients who choose us. We are a local company with a commitment to the communities we serve."

Eddie Connor | Area District Manager
Company Information
Services Offered
Connor's Termite & Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest control services, including pest protection plans, termite prevention and elimination, rodent and wildlife removal, and bedbug detection and elimination. The company offers termite colony elimination technology with the Sentricon system. Connor's also specializes in bedbug elimination using heat treatment.
Connor's offers termite and pest warranties.
Company History
Bob Connor, Sr., founded the family-owned-and-operated business in 1944. Connor's recently joined with Ehrlich Pest Control, which has been providing residential and commercial pest control services for over 80 years.
Connor's belongs to the National Pest Management Association and the Virginia Pest Management Association.
Areas Served
Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Montgomery Village, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, Columbia, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Laurel, Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Pasadena, Severn, Severna Park, Bowie, Hyattsville, Lanham, Laurel

“Connor's Termite & Pest Control was professional, timely, and precise. The treatment was very thorough and cleanup was excellent.”

“I have had Connor's for the last three plus years. I have always been very happy with the service. Charlie has been our man. So efficient, outgoing, and takes care of all our needs.”

“All the technicians have been eager to please with working around schedules and taking care of unexpected pests.”

“Connor's has been a good provider over the years, and Andy is a jewel to have perform our services.”

“The service is effective. What I appreciate the most is that the same service technician has treated our house for several years. He knows our issues and handles them well. He has practically become a friend.”

“I love my pest control specialist from Connor's. His diligence, attention to detail, responsiveness, and familiarity with the complexities of 100-year-old houses is outstanding. The specialist works with me to prevent and address any and all pest control issues I have; he is superb—A+.”

“Excellent service from a family-run company—always fast, friendly, and efficient. They know the housing stock and the most common issues in terms of pest control. Our technician is probably one of the best-known exterminators on the Hill—super nice and very good at his job. A+.”

“Very professional and diligent. Highly recommend them—A+.”

“Connor's Termite & Pest is the best. I look forward to the quarterly visits by the friendly company rep who handles most of the homes on the Hill. He's fantastic—A+.”

“The young man that checked our termite traps was extremely professional and well educated in the field. We hope he stays as our regular service man.”

“Connor's Representative is awesome. He's polite and respectful and listens to our needs and makes suggestions and knows just what we need for the job.”

“Their work is excellent, and their technicians are nice and experienced. It is sometimes a problem that while they let you know the day of your regularly scheduled service in advance, they don't let you know the time until the night before. That can make scheduling an issue.”

“Tyrone from Connor's Pest, and his expertise, is by far the best investment we have made in our home. I say this because he has not only helped with every random pest issue we have had in our new row house lifestyle, but he's been so positive and encouraging every step of the way. I highly recommend Tyrone from Connor's to anyone who may have pests (which is most of us.).”

“We have been with Connor's for over 15 years. That in itself tells you how we feel about their service.”

“Tyrone is a great exterminator. Friendly, punctual and thorough.”

“To me Connor's is Tyrone. He has been my technician for several years. He is always professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and a complete delight. What a wonderful representative of the company.”

“Connors continue to provide reliable and efficient service throughout the 10+ years of servicing my home. They are accommodating to the unusual circumstances surrounding my situation and continue to provide good service through third party monitoring for several years now.”

“Solid company, gets job done.”

“Prompt, professional service throughout. Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you.”

“Connors helped us deal with rats in our yard as well as general pest control. They came regularly, as contracted. They provided excellent customer service. When we saw another rat in the yard, the manager came out to make sure the work done was up to expectations and they added additional visits at no extra charge. The manager gave us advice about the rat issue in the neighborhood. We are pleased with the service and will continue to use them.”

“A pleasure to work with these professionals.”

“Excellent service in a professional manner.”

“Always a positive experience. They are flexible to work with and I have been ant free for 3 years.”

“Tyrone is the best treatment technician who always displays enthusiasm for his job. He is a good worker as he shares his knowledge about his trade. It's always a pleasure to know he is performing work at my home.”

“In addition to regularly scheduled service, they always send a tech promptly when I call for any reason. Very polite and professional.”

“The service was great I give them a 10.”

“Your technician is a marvel. He is friendly, highly professional and always ready to cheerfully answer any questions. My only complaint about Connor's is the slipshod record keeping and billing practices, where I've received late notices for bills I've paid promptly.”

“Very professional, timely and eradicated pest issues.”

“The work was done well and on time.”

“Very happy with the Connor representative that handles my account.”

“They did the job and got rid of my termites, they come on time generally but most important, no more termites. I would like an email report or something now and then letting me know what's up or information about termite prevention, etc.”

“The construction crew who was going to remove the birds never showed up, not even a phone call.”

“My family has been using Connor's Pest Control for maintenance for many, many years. The staff is always courteous, professional and very informative. I appreciate that they give me a call before coming as that provides me the opportunity to make sure that my pets are indoors when they will be spraying outside. They always make sure to look around to make sure that there is nothing new to take note of, and if there is they let me know. In addition to maintenance, they also sorted out a groundhog burrow under our deck, and the manager came out when I reported an infestation in my landscaped beds that turned out to be beneficial ground bees. They are respectful of the environment and do not perform any unnecessary treatments, which I definitely appreciate and respect.”

“We like our Connor's Pest technician very much. He is knowledgeable about our house as well as pest/wildlife activity in the area.”

“This was my first experience with Connor's Pest and it was very positive. Their customer service person was friendly and willing to work with us to set a convenient appointment time. The Technician arrived on time and completed the work quickly and efficiently. We would use them again if needed.”

“I appreciated the expertise of the agents who came to my house. They were professional and always punctual.”

“We have had excellent experiences with Roland for several years now. He is punctual, polite, professional and expresses interest in our lives every time he arrives. Our 4-year-old looks forward to his visits every time.”

“Alex is a Very nice worker, conscientious, helpful and ready always to do extra work if needed. One day he came from 10 miles away to remove a trapped mouse from my basement. I know I have somebody to call to relieve my (most of the time unjustified) anxiety related to pests.”

“Great company.”

“Great Service. Max is fantastic.”

“I had received your 'Best Pick Reports' book in the mail, and used it to select Connor's. Their work definitely merited inclusion in your book.”

“We have used Connor's Pest control for about 10 years and they are the absolute best.”

“We have used Connor's Pest Control for almost 20 years. They have taken care of every pest problem quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them.”

“Great job.”

“I used Connor's Termite & Pest Control for termite inspection when I bought the house, and then when I found the wood rot, I had them come back out. Their customer service was excellent. I would give them an A.”

“What I liked was the fact that it was seamless. We called, and it was arranged. I didn't have to do anything else. They sent me a follow-up confirming, and then they showed up at the time they said they would. They told me who they were, said what they were going to do, did what they needed to do, checked in with me, and then left. I literally had nothing to do except make the initial inquiry. It was just seamless and made my life very easy. They just inspected the home. He took roughly an hour, which I understand is about the appropriate amount of time. He filled out paperwork, said everything was fine, and gave us some information that sounded about right. He was extremely kind and easy to work with.”

“I thought that they were professional. They were prompt, and they seemed to know what they were doing. There was an area that I knew very little about, so they explained it, and it made sense. It gave me a sense of confidence about their services. They did some preventative termite services. They were referred to me. That was my first time using them. They were prompt. They seemed to know what they were doing. They explained the process, went to work, and thanked me—that was it.”

“They show up when they're supposed to, and so far, the work has been real good. I'm not unhappy. They're better than other folks that I've dealt with in the past. They have done termite inspection; that was the reason I called them. It's been about three or four years of using them. They do what they're supposed to do. The work has been guaranteed, and I haven't had to call them back because of an issue, so I'm happy with it.”

“We had Connor's Termite & Pest Control for eight years. It was a positive experience. I would give them an A. They come cordially, they're very timely, and they let me know ahead of time.”

“When they say they're going to be here, they're here. They're very concerned about making sure that when they walk into the house, they don't track in dirt. They put on booties when they walk in the house from the outside. They're in, they're out, and they're fast. They're thorough. I've never had a reason to have to call them again after our regular treatment. It'll be two years of using them tomorrow. They now have developed a live portal that sends you an email to acknowledge the payment.”

“I've been a customer for so many years. I know most of the technicians that come to the house, and I know some of the management who have come and done favors for me. I don't remember the gentleman's name, but he sold me the Sentricon system, which essentially solved my termite problems. They do regular pest control and quarterly visits and all that kind of stuff. I would tell others to go to Connor's.”

“They were very responsive. They did what they said they were going to do. We had a good experience with them. We've just used them for bedbug removal. I do plan to call them so they can be our termite inspector, too. I would recommend them; they do a pretty good job.”

“They just do pest control. They're responsive, and they're very friendly and polite when they come to the house. I've stood them up twice, and they never complained. They always adjusted their schedule for me. They're just really easy to work with. I also like the products that they used. They're animal safe—I'm killing the bugs, but I'm not hurting my cats. I used them a number of years ago for over a year, and then I moved, and then I moved back this winter and signed up with them again. I'm a repeat customer.”

“They did termite protection treatment. They performed this service and answered questions as to what was going on.”

“They do a wide range of pest control—primarily mice, carpenter bees, and termites, and they also treated old mold in the attic. The folks who came were extremely helpful and courteous. I was grateful for their sensitivity of my 90-year-old mom on a hospital bed in the living room. She enjoyed them engaging her in conversation and was fascinated by their explanations.”

“They do quarterly pest protection and termite warranty work. Alex is always on time and efficient.”

“They did monthly pest inspection and maintenance. They showed up and did the work—no problems. They had good follow-up when there were issues.”

“They did a contract renewal service check. The experience was positive because the office assistant was friendly, listened to what I needed, and then scheduled an appointment time that was convenient for me. The service technician who came to my house was on time and professional. He explained what he was about to do, did what he said, and then reviewed his findings with me.”

“They did termite treatment. Everything went very well.”

“They treated for termites. They gave me a quote, explained the services to me in detail, and then came out on time to perform the services.”

“They inspected for various pests, sprayed for spiders and ants, set sticky traps for insects in the garage and crawl space, and filled a carpenter bee hole in the deck rail. There was a very polite inspector. The technician was very talkative and friendly.”

“I would give Connor's Pest an A+. We had wasps, yellow jackets, and some other insect. They treated all areas successfully with some sort of freezing method which killed off the insects. Connor's Pest returned without any issues to re-treat one area where insects continued to make a nest.”

“Originally, we called Connor's Pest Control to handle an ant problem we had. We ended up entering into a one-year contract for them to manage any extermination needs we had, including spiders, snakes, etc. They call us on a quarterly basis (or as needed) and schedule a time to visit the house to perform extermination services. My overall experience was positive. The person who has been assigned to exterminate our house was very friendly and very responsive. He laid traps and came back when I called to tell him that we saw something in the trap. When I told him that we had a wasp nest outside above the garage, and he made sure to treat that area. When I sent a picture to him of what looked like a roach, he came back and treated the house right away.”

“They are doing monthly pest control and came for some ant mitigation. They showed up on time for the first appointment, and they update me when they're coming next and leave a note after they've been to my home.”

“They do quarterly pest service and checkups. It was positive. Connor's got rid of a few bee hives and checks up quarterly.”

“They installed termite traps. They were very knowledgeable and environmentally friendly. They tailored the job to fit our landscape plan.”

“They laid mousetraps after we had evidence of mice infestation. They've come back to check the traps and dispose of mice. The technician was nice and pleasant, placed traps in the right spot, and came promptly when the traps caught mice.”

“I had a problem with carpenter bees burrowing holes in my deck and fascia board. It was a positive experience because the representative took care of the problem and told me that he would check back to see if the treatment was clearing up the problem. He explained in detail everything that was going to happen and what it would look like.”

“I used Connor's for bats that were hanging off my gable vents. Connor's came out for a consultation, listened to all my concerns, and provided a quote right away. I liked that they had the right experience—lots of companies don't have bat removal. The bats were not harmed and were free to find another home.”

“They do a yearly pest control service contract with quarterly treatment visits. They will come more frequently when there is need. They just performed the second quarter treatment, normal insect treatment both in and out, and fresh bait in the rodent stations. Sherman, the pest specialist assigned to our property, always calls a day ahead to let us know he's coming. He's timely and comes when he says. He asks and listens to what pest issues we're having and customizes the treatment for such. Sherman is very informative and professional, and he provides his phone number in the event we need him in between normally scheduled visits.”

“They do routine pest control. Time was taken to address recent concerns as a result of some work being done at the house. Our technician is great—he asks if there is any specific or recent concern to address, and he makes suggestions and shares what he finds as he treats the home.”

“They do pest control inside and outside. Robert is genuine in his approach to treatment and personable.”

“I have had Connor's do two services for me—an annual termite inspection and a one-off treatment against ants. I primarily interacted with the staff member who did the ant treatment as he had to come inside my house to do the treatment. He was friendly, professional, and informative.”

“They do scheduled preventive treatments in and around the house in addition to on-call services for in-ground bees and ants. Our experience is always positive, and Andy, our agent, is always courteous, on time, and answers all the questions. He is a great representative of this company.”

“Connor's Pest did an inspection for a home on which my husband and I put an offer. The gentleman was extremely efficient and did his job with no work required from me.”

“We had an ant problem, so they treated the interior and exterior of the house safely. We have cats and a one-year-old. The customer service I received from the very beginning has been excellent. Excellent communication from all parties involved.”

“They do termite protection, pest control, and mosquito control. I really like that I always have the same technician. This means he knows my property well, knows the problem areas to watch, and has been able to keep on top of any potential issue.”

“They did a home refinance termite inspection. It was a piece of cake and fast, from first contact with their office to scheduling the inspection, the inspection itself, and obtaining a copy of the report. Everyone was helpful and friendly.”

“Connor's removed a bird's nest from underneath the exterior siding of my home. They closed the opening the birds had made to keep them from returning. Connor's also sprayed for carpenter bees that were burrowing into the railing. Connor's staff was friendly, professional, and explained everything they were doing.”

“Connor's eradicated an invasive pest problem in my home in about four months. They were very thorough.”

“They do protection from spiders, ants, and bees. Demarcus is very friendly and professional. He explains what he's doing and what we can expect.”

“They did raccoon removal. The on-site team was excellent and very responsive.”

“I had very aggressive ground-nesting hornets that would not go away regardless of the various methods I used. Connor's Pest came promptly and took care of them. The experience was positive because they came quickly and were professional in taking care of the problem.”

“They do extermination work for pest control inside and outside my home. The tech was prompt, efficient, and explained what he was doing.”

“They control insect and rodent problems and keep a check on the termite infestation. Robert is very knowledgeable about the insects and knows what to use to keep them away. He is very personable and always is very pleasant and easy to talk to about any problems I am having with insects.”

“The work consisted of removing birds from bathroom vents. The employee was professional and knowledgeable of his job.”

“They are on time and very courteous. They were very helpful with getting the reports I needed.”

“I bought a historic home that had not been lived in for some time—30 years. I hired Connor's to do a monthly comprehensive pest service. They have done a great job. The gentleman that comes out is reasonable in his approach to dealing with the pests, he is timely, and he is pleasant.”

“Connor's Pest has provided us for several years quarterly pest management services for all of the routine and seasonal insect annoyances. We dug up our yard a few years ago to install major landscaping and inadvertently disrupted some local field mice. Connor's Pest managed the situation swiftly to ensure our home was pest free and protected. They have also provided us termite inspection service for a mortgage refinance. We have been satisfied with every service they have provided. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and reliable. They have always been responsive to our questions and concerns, whether by telephone or in rescheduling an appointment—they truly make it easy for the customer. That Connor's Pest uses nontoxic products and treatments is also a major decision criteria for us.”

“Connor's Pest performed a termite inspection of the home we were purchasing. Scheduling was very easy, and the staff was polite; they provided me with the report immediately after the inspection was complete via email.”

“They maintain the termite bond for our house. They provided a reminder that it was time to renew the termite bond.”

“Connor's is amazing, and we love our guy. They're really honest people, they're clean and on time, and they call to do the follow-up. I don't have to think about anything. It's almost like they're friends of the family, and they'll tell you if something is a waste of money. They mostly do routine stuff. They're A+.”

“From the quote to the representative who came, it was very professional and very cordial. They were outstanding—I would give them a ten out of ten. They did general maintenance for cockroaches and ant prevention. They're a very good company.”

“I had Connor's do a termite inspection, during which they found active termites. They do a little bit of everything—from stink bugs to spiders and other types of rodents and pests. The service person is exceptional. He's really down to earth, and he's very courteous and very thoughtful of the properties he's treating.”

“It just worked out. My girlfriend was staying at my house, and she had nothing but good things to say about it. I had squirrels that had gotten into my attic, and they assessed the situation and explained what needed to be done. They fixed it so that there were no squirrels—they had been going in and out, so Connor's fixed it so they couldn't get back in. They cleaned up everything and repaired the damage, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the work they did. I saw the squirrels going up and down on my roof, and I saw where they had chewed a hole through my new roof and pulled out some of the flashing. It was horrible. My roof repair took forever, but I would give them an A+.”

“I've used Connor's, and they're good. I would give them an A+.”

“They did spraying, and they put down little boxes for the pests. They were wonderful.”

“I thought they were great. I have them come quarterly for regular pest control, but I did have them do a special job for me, which was to get rid of mice in a crawl space that I have. They had to put all new insulation in, and they did a wonderful job. They really were great, and I would give them A+.”

“We're totally satisfied. We thought everything was excellent. I found out about this company through Best Picks Reports. I'd give them an A+.”

“I used Connor's. They get results. They were here to do pest control for termites, and everything has held up pretty good. They deserve an A+.”