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"We can stop your pest issues, guaranteed. It's not just our lower-toxic approach to pest control that makes us different; from day one, All-Safe's founder has instilled a philosophy of providing superior customer service. Our effectiveness and customer service are responsible for our success."

Jeff Schumacher | General Manager
Company Information
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All-Safe Pest & Termite is a local company that offers full pest and termite control services for both residential and commercial customers. The company specializes in lower-toxic pest control, termite control, and mosquito control.
Company History
All-Safe Pest & Termite is a second-generation family business that has served the North Texas area for more than 25 years.
All-Safe is a member of the National Pest Management Association as well as the Greater Dallas chapter of the Texas Pest Control Association.
Employee Information
Employees of All-Safe Pest & Termite wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles. The company's employees must also undergo security background checks and drug testing.
TPCL# 566224
Areas Served
Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, The Colony, Dallas, Irving, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, Richardson, Colleyville, Euless, Grapevine, Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lake Dallas, Lewisville

“The guy who comes and does our service is knowledgeable and friendly. He just makes it easy. They've provided pest control for us, just general maintenance. They get the best grade—A+.”

“I've been with All-Safe Pest & Termite for 12 years. They're wonderful. They've provided indoor service, outdoor service, termite inspection—they've done everything for us since we've been in the house. They do good work. They're on time. They come when they're scheduled. They're very polite. I can't say anything bad for them because if I could say something bad for them I wouldn't have them anymore. They're A grade.”

“All-Safe Pest & Termite does a great job of communicating with me. I always get an email or a phone call the day before they're going to show up to do their service. I felt like they were pretty up-front on what I could expect during their treatment with their treatment plan. Their agents are always very nice and very professional. They're treating all of the outside. They clean all the windows, those little holes you have in your exterior brick. They put some type of copper wiring in there. I believe we have termites with them, and so they have those canisters they dig into the ground all the way around the perimeter of the house. They're an A.”

“We had only one kind of an issue. We caught them. We caught the creature, they came back, they fixed everything. They're reliable with giving you a heads-up a day in advance, or coming on time. They do what they promise. We're very happy. The first time they came out, they took care of every kind of package service, and then they're coming out on a regular basis. Whenever we do something we'd like them to take care of, we let them know in advance and they take care of it right away. In this case I'd give them an A+.”

“All-Safe Pest & Termite always shows up when they say they're going to. They do pest treatments for us, all exterior and interior, on a quarterly basis. They get an A.”

“All-Safe Pest & Termite came on time. They did what needed to be done. They explained to me what they did. It was all good. They did pest control for me, just regular service—ants and other things. I would rate them A across the board.”

“I like their friendly service. They do routine maintenance for us. I'd give them an A.”

“It was good. They seem to be responsive to requests that I make. They're very quick at answering questions. They've handled termites, fire ants, roaches, beetles, and primarily insects that are inside the house. I'd give them an A overall.”

“It's been fine. I've been on a contract with them for a year, and everything's fine. They've done a general spray around the house a few times a year. It's an A experience. They've done a good job.”

“They did pest control work, and it was positive and good. They get A's across the board.”

“They explain things very well, and they do a good job. They do our regular pest control, just routine maintenance. I'd rate them A.”

“They found an issue, and I wasn't home, so they called me and talked to me before they did the treatment. They did outside ant treatment. I'd give them an A.”

“They show up regularly; they seem to do a good job. Whatever they're supposed to be doing is working, so I'd say it's positive. They treat around the house for bugs and unwanted pests. I'd give them an A.”

“They've done work at my husband's house. They were always on time. We had the same guy every time they came out; his name was Logan. We trusted him at our house. He was there when we weren't there.”

“They were very friendly and on time. Our exterminator was very knowledgeable and helped us fix the problems that we had at the time. He was good. They basically just did the first extermination of the house where they do the exterior and then the interior. They put some rat poison in the attic for us and put a rat trap outside, all the basic stuff; then the next time he came, he treated the exterior and checked on what problems we'd had inside. They're providing routine maintenance for us. They come quarterly. He's only been here twice, so we're fairly new with them. They get an A+.”

“This company is awesome, and they have amazing customer service. They are quick to respond to messages, and they take their time to address questions and don't make me feel rushed. I highly recommend All-Safe Pest.”

“All-Safe technicians are very knowledgeable, and the products they use are not harmful to my family. I was with All-Safe and switched to another company—big mistake. When I left All-Safe, bugs kept showing up. Now that I am back with All-Safe, the bugs have stayed away. I won't be leaving All-Safe anymore.”

“I've been using All-Safe for years now; they are reliable and effective. I use them for regular maintenance, but if the rare issue comes up between regular visits, they respond promptly.”

“The All-Safe professional was extremely knowledgeable. And best of all, we haven't seen a bug since they treated the house.”

“Excellent people and work. Will continue to use All-Safe Pest.”

“I have very few complaints, however, it was obvious to me that the technician skipped one of the months that he was supposed to apply the pesticide to my lawn. I had an abundance of spiders, cockroaches and ants galore in both my home and yard. I did call the company when it got to the point that I couldn't stand it anymore. Come to find out, he had been promoted to salesman. I'm sure that he kept the product for use on his own home/lawn. I don't like to complain because I found out they don't get paid for the return visits, however, once the new technician came out and reapplied the pesticides, the problem was once again resolved.”

“Great company and service.”

“Great, friendly service. Paid special attention to courtyard garden plants. Great experience with them so far.”

“Kept coming back until my ant problem was resolved.”

“They are a three-man team and they are just the best. The best in getting to job ASAP if needed, very polite, and know what they are doing and how to do it correctly.”

“Customer service is awesome. They follow up with your needs and make sure that you are satisfied. The technicians that come out are professional and knowledgeable. They are thorough and take their time making sure the job is done right. Great company and work ethic.”

“I had forgotten to let my wife know that I had scheduled All-Safe to come to our house to spray on the inside. So, she did not answer the door when the tech knocked. She told me that someone knocked on the door and that reminded me. I felt bad and didn't want to ask them to reschedule. The next day they called me. The person I spoke with was so understanding and rescheduled at my convenience. They're a great company.”

“Same guy comes out each time. He's very polite and helpful.”

“Chris is always on time, courteous and conscientious. If they come out because of a problem, it is resolved quickly, the first time.”

“Excellent service.”

“I enjoy the quality work that the technicians do.”

“We had an ant problem, so they treated for ants. When they did the initial treatment, I thought the person was extremely professional and did a good job of clearing away the problem. We know that they'll have to come back and treat again, but we got pretty much instant relief from the ants. I would have to give them an A.”

“I've been with All-Safe for quite a while, and I'm happy with them. They do the pest control around my home—they come out once a quarter and spray for all the pests. They do a good job. They call before they come out, and they make it really easy for us to use them. I'd give them an A.”

“They came and assessed our problem area, put together a plan, and treated the whole house. They've been very, very thorough. They come back every other month, and it's been wonderful. I'd give their company an A.”

“We had just purchased the home and wanted to get some ongoing pest control and maintenance, so we looked around at different companies. We decided that All-Safe was the best company for us, so we called them out. They've only been out maybe once or twice, but so far, it's been a positive experience; we have contracted with them to do our ongoing maintenance from here forward. They were a referral—at least a couple of people in the neighborhood also use them, and so do my parents. They're a pretty well-known company around here. We don't have an ongoing relationship with them yet, but so far, so good. I would say they get an A at this point.”

“They were really good. I enjoyed them. When they came back, we signed up for a contract with them to take care of bugs and all that stuff in the yard. They're professional, and they know what they're talking about. I got them through Best Pick Reports. I'd give them an A.”

“My experience with them was excellent; it was very good. I liked their professionalism. They were on time, and the exterminator was very respectful of my property and took precautions not to make a mess. It had been raining a lot, and it was very, very muddy, so they took precautions not to get mud everywhere. The whole deal was good. They were treating my yard and house for an infestation of acrobat ants. There was a lot of detail, and they were very good about explaining to me what they were doing, when they were doing it, and how they were doing it. They were very professional. All-Safe deserves an A.”

“We've used them as a pest service for two years now. We've had squirrels, so we've been through the process of squirrel removal. The people are always just incredibly professional, polite, and people friendly. We found All-Safe in Best Pick Reports, and I'd rate them as an A.”

“They sprayed around the house for bugs. I liked their willingness to come back out if their treatment didn't work. Overall, they were friendly, professional, and all that good stuff. I'd give them the best grade I could.”

“The whole experience was great. They were prompt and did their job, and so far, everything has worked the way they said it would. They did an initial treatment, and they are going to be coming back on a semi-regular basis to continue. We're just going to keep using them. I'd give them A+ rating.”

“All-Safe did pest control for me. They seemed to be concerned about making sure they deliver good customer satisfaction.”

“They did everything regarding pest control for me. They gave me great service and great people, so I'd give them an A grade.”

“They've done a little bit of everything in the past. They have sprayed, and they've put out ant powder and one squirrel trap. They do our quarterly outdoor pest treatment. The technician is always friendly, considerate, and thorough. I'd give them an A.”

“All-Safe came out and checked for some termites, and when they found some action, they took care of it, so everything is fine now. I found the company in Best Pick Reports. They earned an A.”

“They did the pest control for my house—they did mouse and bug control. They were timely and efficient, and they were never intrusive. I'd grade them an A.”

“They treated our house for termites and insects. The guy that came out was really good—he was very thorough and explained everything. He did a great job. I'd give their service an A.”

“They've done normal pest control service for the last three houses I've lived in. They come and service my house when I'm not home. I don't even know what they do—all I know is that they take care of it. I'd give All-Safe an A. I haven't had any issues.”

“We're on a subscription basis with them for pest control around our house, and they do a very effective job. We have outdoor traps that they monitor on a monthly basis. I'd give them an A rating.”

“They do termite and pest control. They come regularly, once a month, and do what they say they're going to do. They're always friendly, they communicate before they're going to come, and they leave me a report after they leave. I'd give them an A grade.”

“On a recurring basis, they inspect the perimeter of our house for rodents and pests. They do the same for the inside—they spread applications and things like that. They seem to do it in a professional and timely manner. All-Safe gets an A from me.”

“We've used them for our regular service and our pest control, and we called them when we had a problem with some squirrels. They always give us a call ahead of time, and their people look good when they show up—they are always courteous and well dressed. I'd give them an A.”

“We had to throw away a lot of food because there were mites in the cupboard, so they got rid of the bugs and did pest coverage around the house. The customer service was absolutely fine. The guy came right out, and it was fine. They deserve an A.”

“The experience was just easy. It was easy to book the appointment, and they came out quickly and got everything taken care of. I called them about a rental home that I own, and whatever they did took care of the pests, so we no longer have the problem. I'd rate All-Safe an A.”

“They inspected the home and put in an annual treatment plan. They treated the yard for fire ants, and they've done a good job so far. Their customer service was very good. They were responsive and did everything they said they were going to do, and everyone was just really pleasant to work with. I chose All-Safe because they were a referral. I'd give them an A. They did everything they were going to do, and they were good, so I'm good with everything.”

“I think they have good customer service. They were easy to talk to, and they informed us about everything that they were doing. We liked the treatment that they used for the pests around our house. They got rid of what we were concerned about, so it worked. They treated our lawn for a variety of different bugs that were getting into our house. They put granules down on our lawn to kill everything, and they put rat boxes out when we saw rats. They also sprayed around the perimeter for insects. I found the company in Best Pick Reports. All-Safe is an A.”

“They treated for termites. I wasn't there, but I'd give them an A.”

“All-Safe did great. Their technician was very thorough, and he told me everything he was going to do. We talked about the chemicals, all the bugs, and everything that he was doing. I got to see everything before he did it all because signing that agreement was really important to me. I liked his honesty, and I liked that he was up front and let me know what was going to be treated and what to expect. They treated for a long list of things—fire ants, bugs that come into the house, bugs in the attic, flying insects, and things that make nests. He did a thorough check and told me I didn't have any wasps nests or dirt daubers, which was information I really didn't get with the service I had before. I'd definitely give them an A, absolutely.”

“They were great. They were on time, respectful, and clean, and they got through with everything really fast. It didn't take them forever, which I appreciated. They set traps for a mouse, and they did interior and exterior treatments of the house. I'd give them an A.”

“All-Safe came out and did what I thought was a pretty good job of putting everything in like they said they were going to. The guy that headed that up was very cordial and customer friendly, and they did everything they said they were going to do—so far, anyway. They treated some of the yard for carpenter ants and other insects, and then they put traps every 10 or 12 feet all the way around the house. It looks good, and they did a pretty good job of it. I'd give them an A. So far, they've only done one treatment, but I can't imagine them not doing a good job when they come back out.”

“I liked their quick response and friendly service, and they were very clear about the kind of services they offered. Everything made sense, so it was prompt, courteous, and understandable. They came out and treated my lawn for a variety of pests, and they checked the house as well. They also put some blocks in to make sure the pests don't get in the house. I'd say All-Safe gets an A.”

“The whole experience I've had with All-Safe lets me know they're doing their job. I'd give them an A.”

“They were pretty good. They were very professional, and they took care of the needs I had—my main concern was that it was taken care of. I had some other people come out to do some work before All-Safe, but I had to have them keep coming back out. The representative from All-Safe pretty much gave me a rundown on what my situation was and what he recommended, and the treatment is still working. I look forward to seeing him again very soon. They took care of all the services and went over the same areas that the previous people had gone over. They also went in the attic and explained that I was going to see some things recurring, but I had to give it some time to work, and that's what I've been doing. I'd give their business an A.”

“Everything was fine. They did everything great and took care of everything. They handled my concerns in a timely manner and helped with the sale of my home. They were able to complete a one-time treatment in a short period of time. I'd give them an A.”

“They did pest control for me. They were on time and professional, and they did what they were supposed to do. We needed them to come back out a second time and do some more work, and they did it all and got it all knocked out. Somebody recommended them to me. All-Safe earned an A.”

“They were prompt, on time, and very courteous. It was just the little things that I liked. They wore little covers on their shoes, and they were very, very courteous. They did a full inspection inside and out. They also set up termite monitors, removed wasp nests and dirt daubers, treated fire ant mounds, put down some bait in the attic, and treated a small ant infestation that I had on the inside. At this point, I would give them an A.”

“They were on time, and they did a good job. They did pest control for me. I'd give them an A.”

“All-Safe was fine, and I appreciate that they came back for a second round. We were happy with the technicians and everything. They came in and sprayed for termites. We had a second outbreak because the first spraying and treatment didn't work, so they came out the second time. We had a different technician the second time. I chose them because they do my residential treatments. I'd give them an A.”

“They were courteous and on time, and they did what they said they were going to do. There was one person that put in termite stations, and then another person did spraying for ants and spiders and other stuff. They treated inside the house and outside the house. They deserve an A.”

“I made the appointment for my sister-in-law, and her family seems very happy with everything. All-Safe was recommended by my sister-in-law's daughter because she was very happy with the service she got. They did treatment all around the outside. They saw mice in the garage, and that was taken care of. I'd give them an A.”

“I enjoyed the people they sent—I just had a good rapport with them. I used them to spot treat for termites. All-Safe is an A.”

“They've been very good and very professional. I'd give their work an A.”

“All-Safe is one of the most impressive companies I know. They're fantastic—they're on time, responsive, and honest. They do quarterly general pest control for me, and if I have a problem, they're there immediately. I'd absolutely give them an A+, no questions asked.”

“They've done an amazing job of taking care of the work. From beginning to end, they've been great. I'd give them an A grade.”

“All-Safe has provided the best pest control that I've had as a homeowner. They do great—we are really happy with their service all around. We're satisfied with how they take care of the exterior and interior, and we have a termite bond with them as well. They're good—I'd grade them an A.”

“My service rep was awesome. He couldn't have been better. I would give All-Safe the best rating I could give them.”

“We had somebody from All-Safe come out when there were termites, and they're now taking care of us on a yearly basis. We also had rats in the attic, and they've taken care of that, too. The workers that came out were absolutely wonderful. I'd give them an A+ grade.”

“All-Safe did some work for me in the past. The company is wonderful, and the quality of their work is OK. I really appreciate that. I can give them an A+.”

“I've been a customer of All-Safe for four years, and I'm satisfied with their service. They make their regularly scheduled visits, but if something happens where I need them to come, they're there within 24 hours. I love the fact that with All-Safe, I typically have the same technician. He's been doing my yard and my house forever, and I've been very happy. I would give them an A+ grade.”

“All-Safe is great. I have had them as my pest company for four or five years, and I would highly recommend their services. They're A+.”

“I thought All-Safe was excellent. I have been using them for two or three years. I would absolutely recommend their service. It's an A+ for them.”

“All-Safe did indoor pest control for me. The quality of their work was excellent, and the workers were good. I'd give them an A+.”

“I love All-Safe. We've probably used them three times. They came when they said they were going to come, they were quick, and they didn't mess anything up in the backyard. We have them come out four times a year to spray outside and inside. They get an A+.”

“All-Safe does my pest control. I've been using them for about a year, and they mainly do work outside. It has been effective, and their customer service is excellent. I'd say they're an A.”

“All-Safe has done a phenomenal job. We're on a quarterly cycle with them. They call and remind me the day before they come out, they show up on time, and then they call me afterward to see how everything went. They've done a good job. I'll give All-Safe an A rating.”

“All-Safe is perfection. I have used them for 13 or 14 years, and they are perfect.”

“All-Safe was on time, and they did what I asked. They are really good—I have been using them for over a year. I am satisfied with their work. The technician was really nice, and he did an excellent, thorough job. The work was effective, and they finished in a reasonable amount of time. I would recommend them, and I'd rate them an A.”

“I got All-Safe to do pest control. They're an A+ business. They were so much more thorough than anyone else who has ever been to my house in 40 years—they were much, much better. This was the first time I'd used them, and it seems to be going well. I've never had to call them back to fix any problems.”

“All-Safe is our pest control service, and they do a great job—we don't have pests. They do our quarterly pest control. They arrive on time, they're thorough, and they do a good job. They do exterior pest control only. I think they use an organic compound—whatever they use is safe around our kids. I'd give them an A+.”

“All-Safe comes by and treats the house quarterly, and they give me a write-up of what they did. Their customer service is OK. They're A+.”

“I had a positive experience with All-Safe because they are timely and professional, and they do a great job. They did termite and pest control for me. I would give them a grade of A+. I have used them for years.”

“All-Safe did pest control for the exterior of my home. The quality of their work was good, and the workers were good, too. All-Safe gets an A+ from me.”

“All-Safe comes every three months to do a pest prevention service around the house and the outside perimeter. Their customer service is very good. I've been using them for a year, and I would give their business an A+ grade.”

“I have had a positive experience with All-Safe. They do my pest control—they spray for bugs and ants, they fill in the holes around the house, and they treat for ants on the inside. They come out regularly, they are very friendly, and they took care of the problem. Their quality of their work is good. It is always good service. I would give them an A+.”

“All-Safe does pest control for me. They put some mousetraps down, and they sprayed outside. I have been using them for five years or more, and it has been effective. The technician was great—it's always the same guy—and the work was finished in a reasonable amount of time. They get an A+.”

“I've been very satisfied with All-Safe Pest. I have dealt with them before, and they've delivered on their services. They're as good as they advertise. I'd give them an A+.”

“All-Safe was great. They sprayed outside the perimeter of the house. The quality of the work was great, and the workers were aware of our children and pets. They're A+.”

“All-Safe was great. They did regular pest control, and they were super. The workers paid attention to our children and pets. I'd give them five stars—A+.”

“All-Safe has been really great. I just finished my first year with them. They do mostly preventative work for me—I have had some ants, but their work has been mostly preventative at this point. The quality of the work they do is very good. I have a favorable view of the company, and I would give them a grade of A+.”

“They do quarterly outside service, and if I notice anything inside, I will ask them to come in. I have used them for a year. They're A+. I used another company before, and they were OK, but when I heard about All-Safe from my friends, I decided to switch.”

“All-Safe is great. I've been using them for about three years, and I keep using them because they do a good job. I'd give them an A+.”