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"We're different from the rest. With guaranteed results in mind, we do little maintenance work and instead focus on diagnostic evaluations for long-term solutions. Our clients call us after other companies fail to provide true elimination or exclusion. We accept their challenges every day, and we succeed."

George Manning | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
American Pest Solutions specializes in residential and commercial pest elimination and long-term animal exclusion. The company offers services against all arthropods as well as birds, snakes, rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and skunks.
The company guarantees all work. Rat exclusion and proofing is under a three-year warranty, mouse proofing is under a one-year warranty, and bedbug elimination is under a ninety-day warranty against recurrence.
Company History
American Pest Solutions, formerly American Eagle Pest Solutions, was founded in 1964 by consulting entomologist George Manning. George earned his entomology degree from Purdue University.
Product Information
American Pest Solutions follows an Integrated Pest Management mandate, using chemical applications judiciously and "green" technology when possible. Rodent exclusion services include corrections to prevent future recurrences.
Areas Served
A selection of 531 homeowner reviews:

We had an apartment with bugs, and American Pest Solutions came and they took care of it. It was great. I’m very satisfied with their work. They were very informative and helpful— and they got rid of the bugs.

They did termite elimination. Great job. They went through the crawl space and checked out the perimeter of the building....They treated everything, and we haven’t had any problem since. I was very happy with the work.

We had a rat infestation. It had been a problem for four or five years. We tried different pest control people, and they couldn’t seem to fix it. But American Pest Solutions—they came in, and they fixed it. I was very pleased with them.

I had carpenter ants. American Pest came in and took care of them in a one-shot deal. Never saw them again.