Patio Covers

Typically constructed with a solid roof, a patio cover is attached to the side of the home and is supported by two substantial posts. Most patio covers can accommodate the homeowner’s preferences, and they can be customized to fit a variety of spaces and design challenges.

Location. While the name does imply that these structures are built only over patios, that does not necessarily have to be the case. Since the only requirement of a patio cover is that it is attached to the home, it can be installed over an existing concrete pad or just a grassy area that you’d like to cover.

Size. You will find few restrictions on the size of your patio cover. Since they are custom built for your home and yard, the size of a patio cover is primarily dictated by the size of the area you would like to cover. Other size considerations might be related to the purpose of the patio cover: Will it provide shade for the person manning the grill and a couple of onlookers, or do you intend to use it to provide cover for dinner parties? Outdoor furniture takes up space, so be sure to plan on a patio cover large enough to accommodate the furniture and your guests.

Material. Most patio covers are constructed out of aluminum, but some manufacturers and installers can finish the structure with shingles to match the home’s roof.