Selecting a Type of Paint

Different paint types exist for different applications. Some key factors to consider when choosing a paint are as follows:  

Color. Color scheme is an important and personal choice. Various color schemes create different atmospheres and often say much about the owner. To choose the right color scheme for you, view color samples at home whenever possible. Because home lighting is almost always different than paint store lighting, the sample you loved in the store can appear dramatically different at home.

Water-based vs. solvent-based. Water-based paints are commonly referred to as latex. Historically, water-based paints have not been as durable as solvent-based or oil- based paints. However, with recent advances in paint technology, there is currently little difference between the two. A reputable painter will be able to determine which type of paint is best suited for your particular job.

Finishes. Paint is available in a variety of finishes, ranging from flat to glossy. Glossy paints are more durable than flat paints, but they show flaws in the surface and in the painting technique more easily than flat paints. The high shine, or sheen, of glossy paint is ideal for areas that must be cleaned often, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The dull finish of a flat paint makes it appropriate for ceilings and walls in other living areas.

Quality. Skimping on paint quality by purchasing a less expensive, lower quality paint should be avoided. Often, cheaper paints require an additional coat to get the same result as more expensive, higher-quality paints. Since the cost of paint is usually much lower than the cost of labor, cheaper paints often cost more in the end. When engaging painters, you should ensure that the paint paid for is the same as the paint applied. Some less-reputable painters have charged homeowners for expensive paint and then applied cheaper paint or used paint left over from previous jobs. Another money-saving trick used by less-reputable painters is to add thinning agents to high-quality paint.