Other Convenient Services

Many painting contractors offer a variety of useful services in addition to painting. It may be convenient, or even necessary, to engage some of these additional services at the time of painting.

Pressure washing. As part of an exterior painting job, most painters will arrange to pressure wash the area to be painted before painting work begins. Sometimes called chemical rinsing, pressure washing is the process of using high-pressure water to remove mold, mildew, and dirt from home exteriors. Some painters also offer pressure washing services for homes and decks even when painting is not required.

Carpentry and wall repair. Most reputable painters will remove nails and spackle holes as part of preparing the work areas. Some painters have carpenters on staff to take care of more extensive repairs, such as replacing rotted wood, repairing damaged wood siding or molding, and patching or replacing damaged drywall.

Wallpapering. Wallpapering takes skill and patience. It is a different process from painting, but some painting contractors provide wallpapering services as well. If a project involves both painting and wallpapering, contracting a painter to do both is a convenient solution.