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"Family operated since 1996, we provide skilled and courteous workers, reliable service, and top-quality materials. Properly accommodating a homeowner's long-term goals and budget is important to us. Trust Rich Color Improvements for all your home improvement needs, because we love your home as much as you do."

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Rich Color Improvements offers interior and exterior repainting and repairs for maintenance, decor updates, and "spruce-ups" for resale. Interior services include painting, drywall repair, and carpentry as well as specialty services, such as wall and ceiling textures, cabinet painting and staining, and woodwork refinishing. Exterior services include painting, carpentry repairs, power washing, and fence and deck staining.

Services Not Offered
The company does not stain concrete.
Minimum Job
A $1,000 project minimum is required.
The company offers a three-year warranty on most repaint projects depending upon the substrate.
Company History
The local company was founded in 1996.
Areas Served
Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village
A selection of 163 homeowner reviews:
“I had the most incredible experience I've ever had with any type of home service. They did painting work. I have owned lots of houses, and it's the best company I ever worked with.”
“My experience with Rich Color Improvements was awesome. They were dependable, did excellent work, and did what they said they were going to do. I'd give them an A+.”
“Everything was done according to what they told us, and it was done in a timely manner. The team did a great job all the way around, and they were very nice people. It was very good. Everything was A+. I have no problem recommending them.”
“It's been perfect. They installed a shower, and it's been A+.”
“It was excellent. They were very friendly; they were very efficient. They worked very well at keeping the job going on time. I'd give them an A.”
“They're excellent. They painted. They didn't leave a mess, and they did what they were supposed to do. I'd say they're an A.”
“They did a fine job. They did textured ceilings and painted the exterior of the house. Their crew is very polite, and they clean up real nice at the end of the day. The overall experience was an A+. At the end of every work day they cleaned up really well and when they were done they cleaned up really well. We're thinking about having them come back and do some more work. It's very likely.”
“They painted the cabinets, the master bath, the wood walls, and ceilings. They were very accommodating, easy to work with—you always knew what was going to be happening the next day so you could be prepared. They always cleaned up their messes. It was a very good experience, and I know it could've been a nightmare. Overall, I'd grade them an A+.”
“They did good work and were very personable. They installed a new shower for me. I would rate my experience an A+.”
“It's been good working with Rich Color Improvements. They had good ideas, they listened to what I was looking for, and they brought the project in on budget. I would give them an A.”
“I thought the quality was good. They came when they said they would come, and they were respectful of the property. I would say they're an A.”
“It was great. They worked for us two different times. They painted our wood paneling in our living room, and they redid our master bathroom shower. The customer service was great. No issues. They deserve an A.”
“They did a home remodel and were very professional. I heard about Rich Color Improvements from a family friend. They painted the whole interior of the house. I'd rate them an A.”
“I'm going to use them again. I would recommend them, and I have.”
“I like that the manager is always on-site to supervise the workers. I've had other contractors before where the manager leaves to do something else, and the workmanship usually falls short whenever management is not around. With Rich Color Improvements, either Rich or Sandra is almost always there, and they're very good about correcting any issues that need addressing. This job was exterior, and I had them do an interior job a couple years ago. I'd give them an A+ for sure.”
“They've done multiple projects for me. The last one was a renovation of the master bathroom. I liked everything they did. They matched the tile on my floor to the tile that we installed in the shower and the backsplash for the tub. Everything is matched up to what I needed. I found them through a friend of a friend. They get an A+.”
“Rich Color Improvements did some touch-up work on the interior because we'd had our foundation lifted, and we had cracks. Then, they painted the whole outside of the house. We've used them before; they're just nice people, and they do excellent work. They're very neat. When we were shopping for granite, we went to a granite store, and that store recommended them. Everything is still looking good. I'd give them an A+.”
“I'm about to use them again. They've been excellent—nothing but great. They're flexible, they got to me fast, and they helped me come up with some solutions. We had a big flood in our house, and they got to us in a timely manner and worked with us. They painted my kitchen cabinets, repaired sheetrock, and stained a staircase rail. My other painter referred me to them because the work required more than just painting. They get an A.”
“The quality of workmanship was good, and the communication was excellent. They're very professional. They delivered on time and under budget. We've worked with them several times over the years, but most recently, we used them when we had a master bathroom remodeled. I'd give them an A.”
“When they said they were going to be here, they were here. They got the job done in a very timely fashion, and it was a good job. If I had any questions, I had their phone number, so I would call, and they would answer their phones. It was a pleasure to do business with them. They had painted the outside trim at one time for me, and then this last time, they took wallpaper off the wall in the big master bath and then textured it and had to paint it. They did a very nice job, and they were really nice. The electrician made a few little marks on the wall when he had to do a box behind the light fixtures, and Rich Color Improvements was really good about that—I just called and said, 'I need a touch-up,' and they came right over the next day and did the touch-up for me. They were just very pleasant—it was excellent. They did an excellent job. They did all their cleanup, and it was just really good. I would use them again in a minute.”
“They did two things for us. They did the entire outside of our house and several interior rooms about four years ago, and then we had them back to remove wallpaper and do a laundry room. I liked everything about them. They're extremely good to work with, and they do a great job. They come when they say they're going to—they're just great. I would recommend them to anybody. They were recommended to me by a friend. Rich Color Improvements would definitely get an A.”
“They painted my family room and another room. It was all interior work. They were interested in making sure it was done correctly—they looked very closely and wanted to do the best they could do. They didn't walk off or anything like that, and they didn't just let somebody else do it. The workers stayed on task. I got their name from somebody years ago, and I just kind of hung onto it. I found it one day when I was thinking about getting some work done, and so I called them. An A grade is fine for them. I liked them.”
“I was selling my home, so they went in and refreshed a lot of the walls that needed to be cleaned up. It was all interior work. They were very hardworking professionals. They made sure furniture was out of the way, they taped properly, and they took their time. They knew what they were doing. I'd give them an A+.”
“They're very knowledgeable about what they do, their workmen do a great job, and the cleanup was good—they're professional. They've done a couple of projects for us—the latest one was hardwood floors and carpet through our home, and they've done interior painting for me before. We originally met through the local business organization. They get an A.”
“Rich Color Improvements was very good.”
“They painted the exterior of our house. We have a brick house, and they did the trim. We have a large carport structure, and they painted that, too. Everything seemed to work out fine—they were very cooperative, and if I spotted something I didn't like, they addressed the issues, so I was happy with them. I don't have anything negative to say about them. I think I got them out of Best Pick Reports. I would say they're an A.”
“They remodeled the master bath, and they repainted and did new flooring in the master bedroom. It went well. I thought they were very good at helping us design and pick out tile. As far as what we were trying to achieve, they had good ideas about how it would look. They provided us a fair amount of advice and consulting related to that. They were timely, and they completed the job within the time frame that they estimated. The quality of their work, I thought, was very good. They had done work for a friend of my wife, so they were recommended to us by my wife's friend. I'd give them an A.”
“Rich Color Improvements was wonderful, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They scraped off popcorn ceilings, fixed walls, and painted door trim. The owner was very personable, very thorough, and very knowledgeable, and the guys who did the work were very pleasant and very meticulous. I appreciated their perfection and attention to detail. They did a great job. They get an A+ all the way.”
“They painted five rooms and some trim, and they did a little bit of carpentry work. They were very professional, and they did a great job of covering everything and cleaning everything up. They did a wonderful job; it was beautiful. I'd give them an A+.”
“Rich Color Improvements renovated a kitchen. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and careful, and the end product is beautiful. It's a really, really great company—A+.”
“The workers from Rich Color Improvements were wonderful, and their cleanup was great. I didn't have to follow up at all. I chose the company because of word of mouth. I would give them an A+.”
“They completed the job on time, and they did a great job. They did a bathroom remodel. They were highly recommended by two other friends, and they earned an A+.”
“Rich Color Improvements came and got the work done quick and fast. They replaced the wood on my chimney and painted it. I would say they're an excellent company.”
“I liked that they did a good job, and they were very fast. I guess it was a medium-sized job. They painted the interior of our 3500-square-foot home. I chose them based on a recommendation. They're an A+.”
“I was pretty happy with them. They were quick, and the quality of their work was pretty good. They did a hallway that needed to be repainted, and they did a good match with the colors. I would rate them as an A+.”
“Rich Color Improvements did my kitchen. They came, got it done, and got out like they were supposed to. I chose them because they were friendly people and had good references. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“Rich Color Improvements painted some rooms for us. They kept their appointment, and they finished quickly. They're an A.”
“They helped us coordinate different subs, and they did what they said they were going to do. They were on time. They helped us pick out finishes when we were having trouble making decisions on our own. We've had them do a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, all-new flooring, and various other smaller things. They worked on one of our neighbor's homes, and he was very happy with them—that's why we chose them. They get an A.”
“I can't remember her name because it's been a while, but I really liked her. She was very helpful and very patient, and I enjoyed working with her. She made suggestions for our master bathroom, like to do just a little painting instead of a whole lot. Then, she helped us pick out the color to paint the loft. It wasn't a big job, but she helped. They deserve an A.”
“They have done some painting for me. They're very thorough, prompt, and on time, and as far as contractors go, they are very honest. We've used them two or three times, and we've never had a problem with them. The last time I used them, it was a medium-sized job. They fixed the damage to the kitchen from a flood—it was tile, some cabinetwork, paint, and drywall. They earned an A.”
“I liked the simple service and that they did a good job. They did a medium-sized job. It was replacing a back door and painting my chimney. I think they were a recommendation. They get an A grade.”
“They just did a quick, clean job. I would say it was a big job; they pretty much painted the whole house. I chose Rich Color Improvements because some friends had used them. I would rate them as an A.”
“It's been a long time, but they are easy to work with. They do what they say they are going to do. It's just a good experience. They were helping us with the renovation, but we decided to stop and kind of hold off for a little bit. They did a great job. I chose them because I trust them. They deserve an A+.”
“They were very courteous. They did a good job on everything and cleaning up after themselves. They did some painting because we were getting ready to sell the house. We chose them because they came recommended by some people we knew. I would give them an A rating.”
“They were very professional. They came in and did the work. I have no complaints. I chose them because they were referred to by a friend. They did my whole master bathroom. They installed a new tub, made the shower bigger, tiled, and put in a new countertop—the whole deal in the bathroom. I would grade them an A, and I'm going to have them to do my kitchen when I get around to it.”
“Rich Color Improvements sanded and painted my kitchen cabinets, and they look fantastic—very professional. Their customer service was fantastic. Everything was set up around my schedule, and the workers cleaned up each day. I didn't see any trace of anything they had done. I'd give them an A+.”
“Rich Color Improvements did textured painting in our bathroom. The owners listened to my ideas and came by the jobsite every day, and the workers were fabulous. They cleaned up after themselves every day. It was a very enjoyable experience.”
“Rich Color Improvements painted the entire interior of my house, and they've also done a couple of smaller jobs in another house. They were very prompt and did the work as promised. It was quality work. They get an A+.”

Rich Color Improvements was an excellent company to deal with from start to finish. I was very pleased. They actually did several projects for us—painting, fence staining, home renovation—too many to list. They were the most pleasant and most informative people I’ve ever worked with. They were absolutely on top of everything. I’d have to go with an A+ for them.

Rich Color Improvements painted the exterior, and everything turned out gorgeous. They paid attention to the small details, like the trim and everything. The cleanup was excellent. I’ve used them more than once because they’re very detailed. Definitely A+.

Their work was beautiful. The painters were excellent and did a really good job. They showed up on time, cleaned up well, and had good attitudes—couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Rich Color Improvements was excellent. I liked their personal touch. They met commitments, and the quality of the work was excellent. They were very pleasant, were there when they said they were going to be there, and got done on time. They did a ton of work for me. They remodeled a bathroom, remodeled a kitchen, and painted the interior. I don't live in Dallas anymore, but when I was there, I probably used them for a couple of years. They did multiple projects for us. I would give them an A+.

Everything was good. Rich Color Improvements was helpful; they worked with us. It was a while ago—a year ago or more—but as I remember, it went very well. We were selling our house. They did the countertops and painting. I'd give them an A.

I would use Rich Color Improvements in the future. They did a great job.

Rich Color Improvements has done both the interior and exterior in my home. First of all, they basically commit to do the job. They do the job properly, and then they stand by their work. They come back and make sure that everything is done exactly as they said they were going to do it. As a matter of fact, we're so satisfied with them we're calling them to do a job probably within the next two months, which is interior painting. I would grade them an A. We're having them come back and do additional work.

Rich Color Improvements did painting work to the interior of my home. They've earned my repeat business. They just did a good job. They were quick and professional. I'd give them an A.

We've used Rich Color Improvements several times and had a very positive experience each time. I would grade them an A. You can expect quality work from their technicians.

They did a good job and did it in a timely manner. They installed some granite tops in my kitchen, and they painted the interior and exterior of my home. They were an A.

They've done a master bathroom remodel, a second bathroom remodel, interior painting, hardwood floor installation, and recently, exterior painting also. They did very high quality work. I've recommended them several times. The workers who came out were very professional, on time, and very helpful. I liked their service—it was an A+.

I love Rich Color Improvements. They were really, really good. They got it done in exactly the time that they told me, and they let me come and pick out what I wanted. I was really annoying and changed my opinion a bunch of times, but they were really good about it. They painted the whole house, took down wallpaper, patched some holes, did some molding around some doors, and resurfaced the walls. I've used them before. I first heard about them from my mom. I would rate them an A+.

I liked how Sandra from Rich Color Improvements gave me the schedule ahead of time of when they were going to be there. And if they were late, she would let me know when they were coming. She had it all consolidated so that nothing started until it was all ordered and ready, and she was in my house when she needed to be or when I had to be gone. Then she followed up afterward with a couple of things that needed to be fixed at the end. They worked on four rooms. They cleaned up well after their service. I would give them an A.

Rich Color Improvements did a great job. I think that was the second time I used them. They're local. They painted the outside of my house. I would rate their work and service an A.

I was very happy with Rich Color Improvements. The last time I used them, they did carpet, paint, a kitchen upgrade, and appliances, and they removed wallpaper and textured. The time frame was definitely within the time they gave me—in fact, early. Their cleanup was excellent. They had good attention to detail and excellent customer service. They're definitely an A.

Rich Color Improvements did interior painting. I was satisfied with the technicians. They were recommended by a neighbor, and I had a good experience myself.

I have used Rich Color Improvements multiple times, so I think that in itself gives some indication of my feelings in regards to their work. I used them initially when I lived in Coppell, which is 25 miles away from where I currently live, and I have had them four times since I have been here. They have done multiple types of work, including the laying of hardwood floors and painting, along with helping with some fairly severe damage that I had after a storm two years ago. They are top notch. I've never had any issues, and I highly recommend them. They're an A.

Rich Color Improvements painted and remodeled for me. Everything turned out well. They did OK cleaning up. They did good. I would give them an A—almost perfect.

They did work for me two and a half or three years ago. They were easy to work with and very responsive—no problems. They did exterior work. I might use them again. I'd grade them an A.

I used Rich Color Improvements probably for about four or five years—I've since sold my house. For any painting job I needed done, they were the ones. They're just very detail-oriented. She always follows up, and they're usually on site when their workers are there. It's just a good experience. I think the last time I used them was for exterior painting. They were an A.

We had the interior of our home painted. It was positive because they were really efficient and got the work done, and it looked great. They were here when they said they were going to be here, and everything went smoothly. The technicians had a good attitude about themselves. They're possibly the type of company that I might continue to use in the future if I had a need for additional services. I believe it was done in the last four years. I'd grade them an A.

They're outstanding. They did some painting and repairs, and they painted the hallway. The quality of work was fine.

Rich Color Improvements did a good job except for the end; they had to come out a couple of times on the last-minute details, but overall, they did a good job. They remodeled my kitchen, glazed my cabinets, put in a wood floor, and did a tile backsplash. The cleanup was good. They had to come back out on the tile and regrout. They scraped the wood floor with the refrigerator and came back and replaced a couple of the wood planks. I'd give them an A.

I was very happy with the work Rich Color Improvements did for me. They've done a couple of things for us in the past. It started out, really, with just some painting, but then we had them remodel our entire kitchen the last time that we used them. They did granite, backsplash, cabinets, and appliances. They probably sent an average of three guys to do that work. They were great—an A.

They did a remodel—just part of the home. The time frame was very good. The workers who came out were very good, and their cleanup was very good. Their customer service is excellent. I'd rate them an A.

They did some work for me in March. They were very responsive. They did good work, and they did a very detailed job. We remodeled two bathrooms and replaced our flooring. The quality of the work was very good, and the workers were very, very good. They were referred to us by some friends of ours, and I would recommend them. They're an A.

Rich Color Improvements did some work for me last year. They did roof work and flooring. They gave estimates on time, the work was done on time, and any problems that they found, they rectified. They cleaned up behind themselves pretty good. I would give them an A.

It's been a while. It was good. They did some tile work and installed some cabinets and countertops. The quality of the work was fine. We would certainly consider them if we ever did work like that again. I would refer them. They were an A.

Rich Color Improvements painted the interior of my home. I would consider them in the future. The technicians were fine. I would say they're an A-.

They painted. The quality of the work was good, and the workers were great. I would use them again. I'd grade them an A-. They did pretty good work.

This was my first time using Rich Color Improvements, and they did a good job. I'd rate them an A-.

They have done a lot of projects for us, and we continue to call them back. In both of our houses, they've done a lot of renovations—whether they put in counters, redo the kitchen, paint some walls, do the outside trim, or repair some of the outside work. They've done a lot of projects; we've probably used them four or five times in the last couple years. I would tend to give them an A- overall.

Rich Color Improvements was great. This was a long time ago. They did the hardwood flooring for us in the lower level of our house. They definitely arrived on time, and the work was completed on schedule. The individuals who did the work were excellent. I'm going to give them an A+. There were absolutely no problems, and they were quick and efficient—very professional.

They did very well. They communicated very well, and the two guys who did most of the work were here on time and diligent in all that they did while they worked. I was very pleased with them. I felt the quality of the work was good. They did the retexturing of our drywalls. They retextured our walls and our ceiling. I would rate them an A+.

Rich Color Improvements was fantastic. They did interior painting for me. They painted four rooms. I think they sent at least a couple of technicians to do the work. They were professional. As far as I can remember, they arrived on time; it's been a couple of years. They finished the work within the time frame they said they would. I'd grade them an A+.

Rich Color Improvements did some work for me in the past. They came out and helped me select colors, and the workers came in and did a great, quick job. They did painting work for me. The quality of the work was excellent. The workers were good, and they did a good job. I would use the company again. I first heard about them through my husband. They were just great, and I would recommend them—A+.

They painted some rooms, put up some shutters, and did blinds. They did a lot of good stuff—no problems. I would use them again. The cleanup was perfect. I'd grade them an A+.

Rich Color Improvements did painting to both the interior and exterior of my home. The quality of their work was very good, and I would highly recommend them—all-around, totally professional. I found out about them because I was dealing with Sandra many years ago. I'd rate them an A+.

They have done numerous things for us; we've used them several times. They've painted, and they've put in counters, flooring, and crown molding, so we've been satisfied with their service. They're pretty good. They're very responsive, and if you have a problem, they're right there to help solve it and stuff like that. I probably would give them an A+, because even when they've had to come back, it's been satisfactory work.

Rich Color Improvements was really good. They completely did our roof, all of our trim, and our windows from a hailstorm that we had here in Texas. It's been about a year. They replaced our roof and all the broken windows. They also did all of our trim work where the hail had beat up the trim boards; they replaced all that and painted it for us. It was top quality. They were A1—top rated. I'd use them again. They would be an A+ in our book. We heard of them through my son.

Rich Color Improvements did a beautiful job with the painting and everything that needed to be done here. I had the wall in my kitchen painted, along with the hallway, dining room, living room, bathroom, staircase, base moldings on half of the down floor, part of the crown molding, and the doors and door jambs upstairs. It was quite a bit of work. I would give this company an A+.

Rich Color Improvements did two jobs for me in Coppell, Texas. They were wonderful; that's why I had them twice. They did painting. There's always a little smudge here or there—you can't paint without it happening. I'd recommend them, and I'd grade them an A+. They do wonderful work, like prep work, and then, for cleanup, everything is put back in place. They're very efficient and effective.

They provided great customer service and excellent work. They refinished and painted the majority of my house. The work was finished in about a week. The workers were very nice and professional. I feel very good about their customer service. I'll use them again. I couldn't recommend them higher. It's a good company—an A+.

I thought the work Rich Color Improvements did for me was fantastic. They did exterior painting. They finished the work in the time frame I expected them to. That was our second time having work done by them. I'd give them an A+.

They painted the interior of the house for me. The technicians were professional. They did a good job, so all around, I'm very happy about it. The work was done in a timely fashion. It's an A+.

Rich Color Improvements is awesome. The technicians show up every morning at the same time. They clean up their work every evening and leave at the same time. They are finished with the project on time, and then somebody from the company is there to check on their subcontractors every day. They come out to the house multiple times to check and make sure everything's fine. They've been out to my home multiple times; they've painted both the interior and exterior, and they're coming out again. They're the only people we use now. They're excellent—A+.

I liked the quality of work and the time it was done. They've done a couple of things for me; they've painted the interior rooms of my home, and they also have painted an exterior part of my house. I haven't used them in probably two years. I would rate them an A+.

Rich Color Improvements did an excellent job. They did a good job on what they did. It was a very good team, and they were very personable and easy to work with. They worked around our schedule. They redid our floors, and they painted and also textured our walls. The workers were excellent—they just stand out, in general. They get an A+.

It was positive because of their approach. They come in and really understand what you need done, and then Rich Color Improvements comes in and does the work. They're probably the cleanest contractors I've ever used; you don't even know they're there because they clean up everything and they're timely. It doesn't take five weeks for them to get their work done or to get them scheduled or something like that. The time frame was good. The last time I used them, they hung a light fixture and fixed the fireplace mantle. The quality of their work was excellent. Another thing that they do—it's like, if there's going to be any delay, they're really good about saying, 'Hey, here's kind of where we're at. Here's when we expect to come out there,' and that kind of stuff. So they're really good. They're an A+.

I've been using Rich Color Improvements for six years. They did a remodel in my first house, and then they did a remodel in my current house and on another property, too. They did painting, tile, walls, floors, windows—everything. The thing that I value the most about them is that they are expert at maintaining their time lines; that's why it has been positive. The quality of the work is wonderful. They generally clean up well after their service also. They have a good attitude when they service me. I would grade them an A+.

Rich Color Improvements was very detailed in their work. They also were really up front about the cost—there was no hidden cost or anything like that. Their work was really good quality. They did our master shower and our master bathroom—they did all the tiling—and then they did all of our wood floors in the house, all of our wood steps to the upstairs, and all of our railings. They did all of our kitchen cabinets, all of our kitchen tops, and our fireplace. They've done a lot. It's an A+.

I had a great experience with Rich Color Improvements. They were very professional, and they're the only people I would use. They painted ceilings, walls, doors, and trim, and they touched up what I needed. I had double-sprayed ceilings and walls, and they spent a lot of time here. They did other little repairs from some storm damage on walls and that type of thing. They handled all of the screening—they took care of the whole thing. I liked working with people who knew what they were doing penny-wise and were responsible with what they did in my house. I'd rate them an A+.