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DFW Improved has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 504 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"DFW is a trusted resource to help re-imagine your home. We design room additions, kitchens, and bath remodels, and we customize flooring and paint to tailor every element to your exact taste. We have over 35 staff with the expertise to give you peace of mind that your project will be delivered with excellence."

Gary St. John | Co-owner
Company Information
Services Offered
DFW Improved provides solutions for residential and commercial customers, including interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, wallpaper removal, specialty texture work, and finishes.
DFW offers a three-year warranty on paint work and various manufacturer material warranties.
Company History
The current owners, who each have over two decades of industry experience, founded the company in 2004 and continue to oversee it today. DFW Improved has over 40 project supervisors and sales staff.
DFW Improved has won multiple ARC Awards from the Dallas Builders Association and was featured on the DIY Network. The company is a Veterans Affairs registered builder that employs a National Association of Home Builders Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist and a technician trained in Xactimate for insurance restoration.
Areas Served
Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, The Colony, Dallas, Irving, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, Richardson, Colleyville, Euless, Grapevine, Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lake Dallas, Lewisville

“It was excellent. They were extremely flexible, easy to work with, easy to be around, and did a good job. They painted the interior of my house, and I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“It was very good. I liked that they were timely, quality of work was high, quality of products was great. It was a very pleasant experience. They did inside and outside painting. They painted the kitchen and family room. We had remodeled the family room, and they painted a few of the pieces that were built-in. I would grade the overall experience with an A. As for punctuality, they were ahead of time.”

“It was positive because they were really prompt, flexible, and just easy to work with. They re-textured our ceilings, replaced our gutters, and removed the old backsplash in our kitchen, and other things. The work is all great. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“It was positive because it was done on time, on budget, and it was supervised well. They did a full window replacement, a roof replacement, exterior, and gutters were installed as well. It was a year ago; I think they got wrapped up inside of a month. Because of the amount that was going on, they had to send separate people so that they wouldn't step on each other. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“We had a lot of stuff going on at the same time. We had some hail damage, and they were willing to work with us with the time. Also, they did exterior painting for us. I would give the overall experience an A+. This was last year, so it's kind of hard to remember; I think that they were punctual. I don't remember being annoyed with them. I have no complaints.”

“I liked their attention to detail, and the fact that they were very up front about everything. They did a little remodeling, but mostly repairs. They also did exterior painting for me. I would grade the overall experience with an A; they were very good.”

“It was positive.”

“They are pretty good; I have no complaints. It was hail damage, and they redid the roof and painting outside and replaced the window. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“It was positive because of the easy process; they took care of everything for us, and were easy to work with. They did floors, painting, and new cabinetry. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“It was positive because they were just good; they were honest, and they were quick. They removed a brick column from the middle of my back patio, which involved painting too. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“It was wonderful—outstanding. They always did what they said they were going to do, and their product was excellent. They had a project manager who absolutely was wonderful. Every time I had any kind of question or issue, he jumped on it immediately and took care of it. They did everything I asked. They weren't cheap—can't say they were cheap—but they were certainly worth it. They were dependable, and I'm going to use them again—outstanding experience. I would rate the overall experience with an A+, and I've already recommended them to friends.”

“DFW Improved did a painting and staining job for us, and we couldn't be more pleased. The cabinets they painted are identical to our existing cabinets. They were punctual and performed work timely. Loved that I had a foreman that I could constantly communicate with on the job. He was spectacular—made us feel comfortable and in touch during the whole project.”

“Our past company had been featured in Best Pick Reports before, so we understand what it takes to be included. DFW Improved didn't let us down. Very professional, thorough, on time, great quality in painting. Best I've seen in a long time, and I'm picky. I would highly recommend. I felt very cared for all the way around.”

“DFW Improved was fantastic to work with. They were extremely professional, on time, and did excellent work—A+.”

“Everyone was very nice and attentive to our project. All staff members arrived on time, and the quality of work was good. Clean up was perfect.”

“They are very easy to work with—very accommodating. We made a few changes along the way and it was not a problem. DFW Improved was very professional. Great work. We're very satisfied.”

“They did a wonderful job. Miguel handled everything. His attention to detail is next to none. Nothing was overlooked.”

“Outstanding work and people.”

“Excellent paint job. Fixed and painted everything they promised plus a couple issues that arose. I was extremely satisfied.”

“Very dependable and courteous. They did great work.”

“The results of the project exceeded expectations. All work was completed in a very timely and professional manner. A short meeting with the design consultant was extremely helpful in coordinating colors and contrasts. The project manager, Tony, was very professional and patient—all contributing to a beautiful job.”

“Excellent work. Very professional. Highly recommend.”

“It was pleasant all the way. They do clean and beautiful work. I'll recommend them to anybody. Great job. It looks fantastic.”

“We are very happy with the work done.”

“They repaired some hail damage, and they did some painting for us, too. The salesman was very good. They were on time, and they showed up when they were supposed to show up. They get an A.”

“I got baseboards changed out and painting done. I ordered a new door, and they kept getting the doors with the doorknobs on the wrong sides and had to reorder them. They corrected all their mistakes. It was just one person who got all the work done. I would give DFW Improved an A.”

“There were some things that came out completely to my satisfaction when they did the job initially. They came and did the work, and they cleaned up. To me, that was a very professional way of doing business. They get an A grade from me.”

“DFW Improved gets an A from me.”

“I'd give the company an A.”

“They were friendly, they seemed to know what they were doing, and they got the job done. We had a flood from the toilets, so they did sheetrock, painting, and stuff like that. We found them through a recommendation from a friend. I'd give them an A.”

“DFW Improved was good. I had the downstairs painted, and I was extremely happy with their professional process. The group of guys was fun and professional. The difference between what I could've done and what they did was incredible. They get an A.”

“They were very project and customer service oriented, and they explained everything they were going to do before they did it. We had them tile the floors in two bathrooms, do some repairs on our front windows, and paint and update our front door—A+.”

“We did a remodel of our entire house, and DFW Improved did everything from the ceilings down to the floor. We had the popcorn ceilings removed and all the walls and molding repainted. They also painted, stained, or replaced every cabinet in the house and removed wallpaper from the bathrooms. I'd give them an A. We were very happy.”

“They did excellent work. It was really the customer service that I'd give them such high marks for. They did some exterior siding repair and completely painted the exterior of my home. I had a structural issue with a patio cover, and they repaired that as well. I chose DFW because they were the only one that gave me a line-item bid. It is A+ work.”

“I had a positive experience with DFW. It turned out great. They painted my entire house and remodeled our fireplace. They listened to my concerns, and the cleanup was perfect. I'd say they get an A+.”

“They did a great job. They did painting for us, and they cleaned up the house. This was right after we had bought it, so it was a lot of painting and a lot of cleaning. Since the work was finished, everything has been great. The workers were good guys, the project manager kept track of everything, and I didn't have any problems. Everything that we asked them to do, they did—no problems. They get an A+ rating.”

“The experience we had with DFW was wonderful. They were prompt, they were polite, they were skilled at what they were supposed to do, and they cleaned up after themselves. They did trim work. It was a grade-A job.”

“DFW Improved did some painting for me. They did the job they were here to do—it was exterior home painting. I was satisfied with the quality of the paint that they used, and the overall customer service was good. They had a supervisor come check the work, and they fixed any problems that arose. I would consider using them again. I would give them an A-.”

“DFW Improved removed the popcorn on my ceiling, patched some drywall, and painted. This was my first time using them. They were polite and explained what they were doing, their price didn't change from what they quoted, and it was all good. The cleanup was good, too. I would give them an A+ rating.”

“It was easy. They were really straightforward, and they actually did the job we hired them to do ahead of time. It was a great experience. We bought a brand-new house in November, and it was a new construction job, so we had them come in and paint about 80 percent of it. We moved from out of state, so we hired them based on a recommendation from our realtor, and we had them paint about 80 percent of the house so it wouldn't be ugly. I'd definitely give them an A+.”

“They did a real good job. It was a positive experience. They did what they said they were going to do, they did it on time, and it was well done. They did some painting, and they repaired some cabinets and some doors—they did a lot. I would use them again. They cleaned up after their services, and they're definitely recommendable. I'd give them a ten out of ten—an A+.”

“They did a really good job. They did about ten different items in the house. The work they did was sheetrock, painting, redoing the bathrooms, and woodwork outside—a whole bunch of stuff. We'd use them again, and we'd give them an A. They were good to work with, and we absolutely recommend them.”

“We used DFW, and they were very good. They took care of interior painting for me. This was my first time using them. I'd give them an A grade.”

“It was a great experience. I liked their quality. They taped and bedded our walls, textured our walls, refloated the ceilings, and painted the ceilings. Their work quality was good. I chose them because I liked their response, and I'd give them an A.”

“DFW did a great job. When issues did come up, they got right on top of them, and the response was friendly. I would do business with them many, many times over. They did some water damage repair service for me—it was mostly drywall and painting. They replaced a couple of light fixtures, and they fixed my wood floors. Everything has held up great. This was my first time using them. They're an A+ business.”

“DFW painted our house, and the workers that came out were perfect. The customer service was excellent. They're A++. They are probably the best home improvement people that I could imagine getting, and I would recommend them to anybody. I will always go back to them if we need anything else.”

“We had an all-around excellent experience. Our project was managed well, and they were fantastic at communicating. We got quick responses, and the customer service was outstanding. Their workers were professional, accommodating, and exceptional. I would give them an A+.”

“DFW was thorough. They were prompt, and the work itself was excellent. I had them paint all the woodwork around my house as well as my garage door. They took care of everything, and it came out nice. They're an A+.”

“They were excellent—very responsible, very easy to work with, and they provided all of the documentation as far as licensing. They were very quick to offer any resources, testimonials, anything like that—references. I really enjoyed the project manager—he was extremely helpful—he went out of his way to help me with a few other things. I would recommend them to anyone—in fact, I have. They did some painting, some installation of crown molding, some repair of some cracks from aging of the home, and replacement of the windowsill. We also textured a little part of the wall. I would say it was an A+ easily—no hesitation.”

“They did painting and just some repair work at our house. The quality of the work and the workers were very good. I would give them an A+. They're excellent. They're good at what they did, and we're very happy with their work.”

“Our house's exterior was painted by DFW Improved—and they were excellent. They did an excellent job—they did a very good job of cleaning up, wanting us to be happy, and answering any questions. They were excellent to work with—they deserve an A.”

“They were very good. The work was excellent, the people were on time, and they were careful. They painted the house interior. The time frame that the work was finished in was good. The workers were very nice, polite, and efficient. Their customer service was good, too. I would grade them an A.”

“They painted for me—they did great. That was my first time using the company. They primed it, and then they painted. Everything went smoothly from the time that I called them to the completion of the work. They were wonderful—I was very pleased. I would give them an A+. They did a great job.”

“I used DFW Improved. They were excellent. I would rate them an A. They did the job—they did what they said they were going to do. I would recommend them to a friend, and I would use them again.”

“We had a good experience. We liked the contractor. Everyone who came out was very courteous and very professional—if they told us something, they followed up with it—and they were timely, those kinds of things. The work went well—it fell within the framework of the time span that DFW Improved predicted. There weren't any glitches. The workers that came in did their work well—we liked them all, so we had a good experience. I would rate them excellent.”

“DFW Improved did an excellent job for me. It was about a year ago.”

“Everything was great—we are very pleased. DFW Improved stained our fence, refinished our front door, painted all the trim and gutters on the house, and replaced an exterior door for us. The door was separate—all the painting and refinishing of the front door was another job. They make sure everything's done to your satisfaction—they make sure you're happy. I would give an A+ to DFW Improved.”

“DFW changed out our laundry room floor and bathroom floor, and they painted the outside of the house. The work was done in a timely fashion, and the quality was excellent inside and out. I would give DFW Improved an A-. I found them in the Best Pick Reports.”

“DFW Improved did two things where they did physical work. For one, they did a garage—they coated my garage and put in some shelves and some cabinetry. Then, in one of the rooms upstairs, we divided the room up, so they created a new wall, repainted it, and rewired some of the electrical stuff. Everything's held up perfectly—I think the quality was pretty high. The workers—the ones that I talked to—were very good. They were high quality and knowledgeable, but I didn't talk to every one of them out there. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. I do a lot of things on a gut feeling—I just felt more comfortable with those guys. It's just kind of a feeling that they knew what they were doing. I would use them again. For quality of work, I would give them an A-.”

“DFW Improved did a lot of woodwork and exterior electrical work for us. They did painting, woodwork, and electrical work—all exterior. They did a really good job—we'd use them again. The technical people were great. We'd probably just give them A+ across the board.”

“DFW Improved did painting and drywall repair. We were very pleased from start to end. They came out and gave us a quote—it was very accurate in the end, and they were very professional. It took them the amount of time they said it would—everything went very smoothly. The quality of work was very good—I'd go with an A+ grade. If someone asked me about DFW, I would tell them kind of the same thing—that they were up front and honest from the get-go, they followed through on everything they said, and there were no surprises. It was good quality, and it was done in a nice, timely fashion. We'd definitely use them again for a future project.”

“I thought they did great. They painted my house. Everything is holding up real good. I'm going to call them again for some more work. This was my first time using the company. I saw them doing work in my neighborhood. I'll give them an A+.”

“We were very pleased. They did some painting and electrical work. They were definitely an A+. What stood out for me was just that they accommodated my schedule and did everything in kind of an accelerated time frame.”

“They refinished our kitchen cabinets, replaced the countertops and the backsplash, and painted the entire inside of the house. Everything is holding up very good. This was my first time using the company. I'd say it was an A+.”

“DFW Improved was pleasant to work with. They did good work, and it was done in a reasonable time frame. They painted—not the whole inside, but a lot of the bedrooms and all of the outside—and did some minor repair work. I very much feel they did that job within a reasonable amount of time. I would give them a solid A.”

“The painters were good—they just painted outside of the house.”

“DFW Improved repainted my house and did some carpentry work. They painted the outside of my house. The customer service was good. I think this was my first time using this company. The time they completed the job in was reasonable. I would give them an A grade.”

“They did a great job. Our spa was flooded, and they basically had to come out and repair the damage from the flood. The company that was drying it out had to poke some holes in the wall—DFW had to fix the drywall, replace the trim, and do some painting. Stuff like that. It was my first time using them. I was referred to them by the cleanup company that was doing the drying out of the establishment—they had worked with DFW before. They get an A.”

“They painted the outside of my house. The customer service was very good. The painters paid close attention, and the cleanup was very good. I'll give them an A.”

“They were great. They textured the wall, painted the wall, and did some repair work on the outside trim of the house. They were nice and efficient—got the work done when they were supposed to. I'd give them an A.”

“They did painting and ceiling repair—it's very good. This was my first time using the company. I'd give them an A.”

“I think they painted our house. The quality of the work was good. The workers that came out were really nice. I would say they deserve an A. If anyone asked about them, I would tell them that they are good.”

“DFW Improved was very professional and accommodating of my time—in coming for a quote and doing the work. They honestly gave me good opinions and different options for what I wanted for different projects. They painted the kitchen cabinets. They did the job in a timely fashion. I would give them an A.”

“They came in, did the work that they said they were going to do, and came in on budget. They patched some drywall. I would use this company again. I feel they cleaned up well after their service, and they had good attitudes. I would give them an A.”

“DFW Improved did some work for me. They gave us an estimate, they lived up to the price, the quality of the work was very good, and they were on time. They did some remodeling for us—they removed a wall, painted some stuff, and did some cabinets for us. The workers were professional, knowledgeable, and timely. I would be fine with giving them an A+.”

“We've actually hired them three times now, and each time has been very positive. We met with the sales guy, told them exactly what we wanted to do, talked about options, and agreed upon a price. Then, they assigned a project manager to manage everyone—to make sure that someone was there to open the door—whatever they needed to do. Without exception, they always did a little bit more than what we expected. The house was a little cleaner when they were done, or they'd clean something up—for example, they were repainting, and they cleaned up some of the outside wall that we didn't expect. So we've always felt like we got a little bit more than we expected. I would say they deserve an A+.”

“DFW Improved did work for me in the past. We had a good experience with them. They showed up when they said they were going to be there and stayed within their quoted price—if it looked like they were going to go over the quoted price, they let us know ahead of time for approval. We were really happy with the quality of the work. They did drywall repair and painting. I would give them an A.”

“I had very high-quality painting work done by DFW Improved. The workers were very attentive to all the details, and it worked well with how I needed the project to be done. They put in good work and handled everything properly. I'd give them an A+.”

“DFW Improved is one of the best companies I've ever used. They painted the house and did some brick and trim work. They were on time and did exactly what they promised. They're an A+.”

“DFW Improved did a really good job. I needed almost everything painted—inside and out—and some sheetrock repaired. I was very happy with their work, and I would use them again.”

“I had a positive experience. They did a lot—stripped wallpaper, texturized and painted walls, restained cabinets, and painted trim. They did everything I asked. They deserve an A+.”

“They repainted the outside of my house. They were very prompt, they did a very good job, and they cleaned up after the job. I would use DFW again, and I recommended them to several people.”

“They did some home repairs for me; it was just basic repairs. They did some painting, exterior painting; they did a little bit of interior trim work. He also fixed some cracks on the outside of the house, in the brick. They were excellent—what was excellent was his communication. Whatever he said he was going to do, he did. He was on time and very easy to deal with.”

“I used DFW Improved for interior painting. Things turned out really well. I have already used them again. I think they finished the job in a good amount of time. Good cleanup. They finished when they said they would.”

“DFW Improved did a good job for us; I'm happy with them. They painted the entire house, the inside. I've recommended them. I felt like they did the job in a timely manner for me.”

“They had to do drywall work and painting. I hadn't used them previously. It was fine—it was good work. Everything was excellent. They were really good about if they said they were going to be there, then they were there. They were prompt; they were on time. They followed up to make sure everything was done exactly right and to see if I was completely happy. Definitely high marks on everything with DFW Improved.”

“The work was good. DFW Improved did a great job.”

“They removed the wallpaper out of my master bathroom, fixed the walls, and painted it. I think they did a good job. I would use them again.”

“I thought they did an outstanding job—we hired them for exterior repair and replacement siding, painting, power washing and painting a deck; they did a good job. I have recommended them to people. I found the workers to be very professional.”

“They did a lot out here for us. They do good, quality work—there's no getting around it. They're a good group. We don't have just anybody come out here; we're a country club and membership-only, so it's pretty high-end. They've just done a little bit of everything around here—painting, roofing, all kinds of stuff. There's no problem with their cleanup.”

“I used DFW Improved. They worked out fantastic. It was very similar in terms of the process, of what they said it would be from the start of the job to the finish of the job and how much it would cost and estimates and things like that. Choosing them was just a matter of them being more willing to work with me—I didn't want to paint the whole house. They were pretty solid.”

“DFW Improved painted the outside of my house and put some gutters up. I thought they were very good. They were very professional. They did everything they said they were going to do, and I had no problems. I would use them again.”

“They've done several projects for me. They replaced some windows in my house, they painted the wood trim on my house, they installed a wine refrigerator—they've done quite a bit. Just last week they took out an icemaker and put in the wine refrigerator. They're very nice, very thorough; they do a really good job of explaining to you what the price is going to be and who's going to be there and when they're going to be there. I live in a gated community, so I have to know who's coming to the house to give them the names and stuff, but DFW Improved volunteered that even before I told them I needed somebody. They showed up on time and did a great cleanup. I had a good experience.”

“They patched a roof, a hole in the roof or whatever it was. They did fine. It was easy working with them—they came out quickly and got it done. I liked that they were honest.”

“I had a good experience working with DFW Improved.”

“DFW Improved did a good job for us.”

“DFW Improved painted a wall. I thought the work was pretty good. I think that I would use them again.”

“DFW Improved painted the exterior of my house. They were very professional and very efficient. The quality of the work was excellent. I thought their customer service was great. I had no problems communicating with the crew, none at all. I would use them again.”

“They did a great job. They painted, did my roof, all of my fence, garage doors, and some windows. We got hit by a hail storm and took a bad wind, so they took care of all of it. Everything worked out OK. Great job.”

“We used DFW Improved, and I would grade them an A.”