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SuperiorPRO Exteriors has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 443 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
15th year as a Best Pick Call
"We work hard to follow our jobs all the way through from the first phone call to our customer satisfaction sign-off sheet at the job's completion. We like to put our customers in a comfort zone. We communicate clearly and often, and we do what we say we will do. We are your total exterior solution."

Irwin Weitz | Founder & Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
SuperiorPRO performs residential and commercial painting, color consulting, and carpentry repair. The company also installs fiber cement and vinyl siding, installs windows, repairs stucco, and performs roof repairs and replacements.
Services Not Offered
SuperiorPRO does not repair siding unless the repair is part of a painting project.
Minimum Job
A $1,000 minimum is required.
The company offers the SuperiorPRO Promise to assure customer satisfaction.
Company History
Irwin Weitz founded SuperiorPRO in 1998 and remains a hands-on owner.
The company is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Remodeler.
Additional Information
SuperiorPRO offers Sherwin-Williams paints; James Hardie siding; windows in a variety of materials; EIFS and hard-coat stucco; and GAF, Atlas, and CertainTeed roofing products.
Areas Served
Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Decatur, Tucker, Canton, Waleska, Woodstock, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Roswell, Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Marietta, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Buford, Dacula, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Snellville, Suwanee

“It was a fantastic experience. I can't say enough good about them; everything was super professional. They had to redo one area that I was not happy with, and it was no big deal. They just took care of it, and it was fixed. It was timely and yet I'm super happy. I will be using them in the future. They stained our front and back deck, and they did a complete residing job for our entire house, as well as repainting the whole thing. It was a huge project. I would grade them an A+.”

“They did a great job for me. Everything they said they were going to do, they did, and they cleaned up, doing a beautiful job of painting for me. They get an A+.”

“They painted the outside of my house in the fall. It was good—the crew that worked here was fantastic. That was the most important: they worked hard and were friendly. They finished on time, and they did excellent work. I would recommend them.”

“I really did like the gentleman that worked on my house for days; he did a very nice painting job. I would grade them an A+—he did a great job, and we were very pleased.”

“SuperiorPRO Exteriors was great, and the site manager was really nice. They were painting. I would grade them an A+, and I would recommend them.”

“They've done a lot of work for me, and their fabulous. They do what they say they are going to do: if they come to give a quote, and they say I'm going to be there at 4, they are there at 4. If they say 'Hey, the painters are going to start next Tuesday at 9,' the workers are going to be there at 9 o'clock. They work hard; they go, take a short lunch break, then they come back, and they work long hours. They've even worked at my house on weekends. I don't have any complaints at all. They have painted inside and out, they've pressure washed, and they've done repairs—everything has been a good experience. I would grade them an A+”

“SuperiorPRO Exteriors handled a bigger project for us: from replacing the roof, to the gutters, to the painting of the house. So, it was kind of a three-part process, and they were excellent for all three. They get an A.”

“SuperiorPRO Exteriors worked pretty hard once we got them here. They worked real hard, and did what they said they were going to do. They did a great job. They took care of window, siding, and paint for us. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a great job. They got it finished in the amount of time they said. It went really well. They did exterior painting for me, and I'd give them an A.”

“They did a great job. They were just very professional. It was a quick job, so it was great, and they cleaned up after themselves—so I was very pleased with them. They painted the outside of the house, and I'd give them an A for sure.”

“They painted the exterior of the house. They showed up on time, and did a good job. I'd give them an A. They did excellent work, and I have no complaints.”

“They were absolutely awesome. They were very professional, the team is efficient, and we have referred family to them as well. I would definitely grade them an A.”

“We'd used SuperiorPRO Exteriors before. The reason we picked them is because they'd done it before, and they just did a good job. They did what they said they were going to do during painting work for us. I'd give them the best grade.”

“They were very thorough, and very quick with anything that we saw that needed to be adjusted. They were just very accommodating. They did painting and some siding for me; I would grade them an A+.”

“SuperiorPRO Exteriors just did work in my home last week ago. I'm a Pastor at a church, and they just finished work at there a week ago. It was very positive. I've had them here, a couple of workers at a time. They just finished my kitchen and den, and they have done some roofing for me. I would grade them an A+.”

“They were fine. They were on time, and they were on budget. The work was quality. They did exterior trim painting for a house I was selling. They'd get an A+; I have nothing to complain about their services.”

“They were prompt, and they were thorough. They did painting work for me, and I would grade them an A+.”

“SuperiorPRO Exteriors delivered on exactly what they said they would, they did it on time, and they did it at the time they quoted. So, that was all positive to me. They re-sided my whole house, and they also painted it too. They get an A.”

“They're just very good at what they do. They did the siding and paint work for me. They get an A grade.”

“I think they're doing fine. They've taken care of painting for me, exterior painting. I'll give them an A-.”

“I thought the crew that SuperiorPRO Exteriors had was professional, neat, fast, efficient, polite, and they did a nice job. This time they did outside work on my garage doors, and then they also did interior paint work. I'd give them an A.”

“They came on time, did what they promised, and we were happy. They replaced part of the siding. I would grade them an A for sure.”

“They did fine. I'd hire them again, and I'd give them an A.”

“They did good work up front, and were clean. They took care of paint work for me. They get an A.”

“They were certainly patient with me. I took a while getting the project started after they gave me an estimate. There were various types of parts of the project needed: they did a good job coordinating the different materials we were working with, and the different people we were working with. I would call it whole-house exterior; it was painting and some stucco repair. Also, sidewalk and driveway work—they painted the sidewalk and driveway. I would grade them an A. I would recommend them.”

“They were efficient, always timely, and kept us up to date. They did some exterior repair and painting for us. I'd give them an A.”

“They were here when they said they were going to be. They kept me updated on the job. With any home improvement project, there's issues, but they addressed it right away. They didn't ignore things. They addressed when there was a problem, and took care of it. They were efficient. We had our house painted and repair work—wood repair. I'd give them an A.”

“They were real good to work with, they did good work, and were in-and-out, fast—so I liked the whole experience. They did exterior painting work. I would grade them an A, and I would absolutely recommend them.”

“They're very professional. The painters and the project manager were very attentive, and they followed up, so it was an overall good experience. We ended up painting the entire downstairs area of the home: walls, baseboards, ceiling, and a door. I would give them an A-.”

“They've been really good. We've used them a couple of times, and they've been very professional. They painted this house. I would grade them an A. We've used them two or three times; they've always cleaned up well, and I would recommend them.”

“They did a great job. They were professional, they came on time, did it for the quoted price. And it turned out great. It was a very positive experience, good interior painting. I would grade them an A+.”

“Armando is a heck of a worker; he can do more than what five men could do. The reason I went with Superior Pro was because they did a friend's house. She had a two tone house with a water meter: one that went up, and one that went down. And they painted that wire so that it exactly blended. I was hooked when I saw that; that was an $8,000 paint job. I would grade them an A. I have already recommended them.”

“I like that they work with you. They work with you to get the price they can get you. I'd give them an A.”

“SuperiorPRO was great. They came out here and did a great job, and they were clean. They made some suggestions about the trim, and it came out beautiful. We are very happy. I would grade them as an A. They were phenomenal. I recommended them to a couple of people already.”

“I would give them an A+. They did some painting on my house. I've already scheduled an appointment to use them again. I will tell you what I really loved—I didn't have to manage the project manager and make sure that the people were working. The project manager would tell me what time the painters would be here, and I loved that.”

“She was fabulous. They showed up on time and had good professionalism. They pressure washed my house and painted the whole thing. I would rate them as an A+ company.”

“The work was excellent. They did painting for me. I would grade them an A+. I would recommend them.”

“I would grade them an A+. They did the entire exterior of home, woodwork repair and painting.”

“I would grade them an A+, absolutely. They've done painting inside the house and out. They are just reliable, they know what they're doing, and they have great team managers. They're just a great company.”

“I would grade them an A+. They did interior painting, and then they did our deck. I liked that they were on time.”

“I would grade them an A+. They painted the exterior trim on our home.”

“SuperiorPRO was very good. They painted outside and did some selective rooms inside. They even repaired something that really wasn't theirs to repair. I would grade them an A+.”

“It was a really good experience. I think they did a thorough job in prepping and painting, and the replacement of the wood was good too. They kept me up-to-date in case we had to replace more than we thought we would. I would grade them an A. I have recommended them already, and they have painted another person's house that I know.”

“They did painting and some residing on a chimney. I would grade them an A. We were working through a siding company and another company, so there was quite a delay. But it wasn't anything that affected my needs. Everything was good.”

“They did interior painting and a small amount of repairs, mostly on the interior. I would grade them an A-.”

“I would grade them an A. They did windows and exterior painting.”

“They did painting and gutters for me. I would grade them an A.”

“I would grade them an A. Everything was good. I would recommend them. They painted my house. They did everything that they said they were going to do.”

“ServicePRO did a good job. I have no complaints. They painted the outside of my house.”

“They painted my deck. I would very likely recommend them. They are thorough, detail oriented, and they have great communication.”

“I would grade them an A. They did outside painting. I thought we had a very good experience. I would give the same grade across the board, and we appreciated the work.”

“I would grade them an A, absolutely. They did a good job. I would recommend them. They were very professional, they measured everything, they came in, and they took care of everything. They did everything in a timely manner, as well, and they cleaned everything up. I have no complaints.”

“The entire inside of my house was painted, and I was very happy with what they did. I would definitely use them again.”

“That was fine. I would grade them an A. It took a couple days longer than they said. But they showed up on time. They painted the house. I have recommended them.”

“I think they were very good. I have zero complaints. They painted the exterior of the house.”

“ServicePRO did an even better job than I had anticipated. And they were on time. They painted a good portion of the front of my house, the back porch, and they actually did some interior painting, too. They painted some ceilings as well. I use them every time I got enough painting to make it worthwhile. They're good. I like them and I would recommend them and use them myself.”

“The painters did a great job. They were professional, they were on time, and as far as I remember, they did a pretty good job of cleaning up. The painting job was just great—I had no complaints at all. I usually call at least three or four people and get quotes, and I asked a lot of questions. I will say one really good thing about them. The first part of the job is that they recommend an interior design person that they give you—it's complimentary—to help you pick out colors. Well, the colors she picked out were awful. They had bought the paint, and I said, 'Let's try it first.' It was nauseating. Their head painter came up to me and said, 'Don't worry about it—we'll work with you.' Then, we literally drove around my neighborhood together. I said, 'I don't like these hues, and I don't like these,' and so on. He came up with the color, and it's perfect. They went above and beyond to help us do the color. It wasn't even the salespeople—it was the actual painter that did this—so I have nothing but good things to say about them. They really earned an A.”

“They were excellent. As a matter of fact, I used SuperiorPRO two times in a matter of five to ten years, and it was great both times. They painted my house, and I like that they came right out, they were hands-on, and if there was something that I noticed gave me problems, they came right back out with no problems and no additional charge. They were just very professional and efficient, and they did my house quicker than I expected them to. It's an A from me—no complaints.”

“They did a wonderful job. I think that they were really good in terms of recommendations. I kept getting little quarts of different-colored paint when I was deciding what I wanted, and they really said, 'No, listen, go with the beige. That goes better with the other color.' They painted on the side to show me. They did a really good job. I have a deck and a porch, and they did a really good job on the trim on the porch. Their recommendations worked out for me. I looked at a few different people, but I just thought the SuperiorPRO people were very professional, and I thought the foreman or the person who spoke to me first was very easy to communicate with. They deserve an A.”

“I haven't used them yet this year, but I think when it warms up a little bit, I'm going to have them do the trim on my house. They did a really thorough job, for one thing—they scraped everything, they primed it, and they repaired boards that were deteriorating or rotting. After they left one time, they had left my front door finished, and I went and walked around and saw a couple of places where they had missed. I called them, and they were back in my house in less than 25 minutes. They were easy to reach, and they stand by their work. I would say they do excellent work with that exception, but I can't really fault them because they came right back and took care of it. That's an A-rate company.”

“I think I ended up using someone out of Best Pick Reports—SuperiorPRO Painting. I used them for gutters as well as painting the outside of my house. They did excellent work on both the gutters and the painting, and I would give them an A.”

“I used SuperiorPRO to paint the house. They did a great job. It was the whole exterior. They did a fabulous job from start to finish. They deserve an A.”

“SuperiorPRO Painting did a great job, and I would highly recommend them. I had them come out for exterior painting. While they were here, they mentioned that they could hop inside and do a couple of things for me, so they also did some interior painting for me as well. I would rate them as an A.”

“They showed up on time and did a superior job. The work was of good quality, the product was effectively used, and they got done when they said they would. They cleaned up and did an overall nice job. It was my first time using them. I'd recommend them.”

“From the beginning, the SuperiorPRO people were very precise in what they told me things would cost. They followed through with everything they said they would do, they were very clean, and they cleaned everything up. The people who came to paint were really very nice, and people came to check on them to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing and that they were doing it in the right manner. I was just really happy with them. They deserve an A+.”

“This is the second time we've used them because we usually have our house painted every three to four years. They were very prompt as far as when they were going to start, they were very thorough, and they came back and touched up places where we thought there was some concern. They also did some repair on some wood that had rotted, which they did very professionally, and we couldn't have been more pleased. It's an A+ service.”

“I like that they're just very dependable, and the quality of the work was good. I have nothing bad to say—they were very good. I think we've used them two or three times. They get an A+.”

“They just did a good job—A+.”

“I remember that they were on time, the price was what they told me, and everything works good. I would give SuperiorPRO an A+.”

“Everything was fine. I had no issues with the company. I've used SuperiorPRO many times, and I would use them again. It's an A+ from me.”

“There were very little problems. They did a good job, they cleaned up after themselves, and everything was fine. I chose them because I'd used them before—I've used them for the past couple of years, maybe. I would absolutely recommend them with an A+ grade.”

“They were great. We've known the salesman for a while. He did some work on our house with another company, so he did a real nice job. We know him, and that's what we expect. The crew they sent out was in and out—they did the job in the time they said they were supposed to, and it was great. We got a new garage door, so we got the whole outside of our house painted and some siding replaced in a couple of spots. I'd heard of SuperiorPRO—they've been around forever—but when the sales guy went over there, we just naturally went with SuperiorPRO. I would recommend them for sure. They were an A+ experience.”

“I think I liked their professional approach to quoting and delivering the painting service. I had exterior and interior work done. During some of the interior work, there was a need to try to expand the work to include some other rooms, and they were very fast to turn that around. I would recommend them to others, and I'll probably be using them again if I need some more work done. They deserve an A+.”

“I just thought they did a good job. It was the second or third time I used them. I'm planning to use them again this summer on some more work. I thought they were competitive on their price, their crews were courteous and neat, and they did what they said they were going to do. That's A+ work.”

“They were neat, they picked up, they were courteous, and they were polite. SuperiorPRO's people were great. They painted the entire outside of the house the first time, and the last time they were here, they painted the entire inside. They're due next week to do my kitchen. I would recommend them personally with an A+ grade.”

“They were neat, they were fast, and I felt like I could trust the people. It was my first time using SuperiorPRO. They did an A+ job for me.”

“They were great—I have nothing but A-pluses for them. They paid good attention to detail. I expected it to take a long time, but they must've had 15 ladders around the house and 10 guys going up and down caulking, painting, and patching everything. They did a great job, and they were done in two days. They painted the exterior of the house. I think I found them through Best Pick Reports, and I would give them an A+ myself.”

“They did the work they were supposed to. It was written on the contract—they did what they said they were going to do. They did exterior painting, and I would use them again. They're A+.”

“I'm happy with the paint job. They painted the exterior. I would rate them as 'great.'”

“They were efficient, they didn't leave a mess, and they did a good job. It was my first time using SuperiorPRO, and I would give them an A. I would recommend them.”

“I think they're dependable. They do good work, and if they have a problem, they come back and they fix it—that's what I like. They just have to do touch-ups; it was kind of a difficult job. It was more of a touch-up here and here, and then they did some carpentry work. They deserve an A.”

“They were very efficient, they got it done in the time frame they said they would, and it turned out really good. Actually, I did have to call them back because they did my chimney and dislodged some of the flashing, which caused a leak on the inside of the house, and they were out the next day to fix it. I would say an A grade suits them best.”

“I think SuperiorPRO did a good job. I would not hesitate to call them again. We had some needed follow-up, and they promptly came and took care of it. I thought their service was responsive, and I would not hesitate to work with them again. They did have to come back out—it was just some follow-up work on a particularly difficult part of it, and they promptly came and took care of it. I didn't really blame them for the fact that the follow-up was needed. I didn't think it was that kind of thing, but I would say the service was very responsive—I would call them again. I think I would give them an A.”

“It's a rental property—I've had it painted twice, and both of them did it really well. The work was good quality, it was a good service, and the people were easy to work with. One of them painted the entire exterior, and one of them painted the entire interior. SuperiorPRO is A-rate.”

“I liked that some of my front house trim around my door wasn't part of my plan, and SuperiorPRO painted it for me because it matched the same color. They were quick. I would probably grade them with an A.”

“It's been a while, but the people from SuperiorPRO were quick. They did some interior painting in several rooms and some ceiling paint, but they did quite a bit of work and did it in one day. Actually, they had done exterior painting of the house a couple of years prior to that, so I had prior experience with them. That was all good as well, which is why I chose them. They get an A from me.”

“SuperiorPRO did a great job. They did some painting of windows and gutters for us. They did the work on time, and it was done very professionally. There wasn't anything I didn't like—I was pretty happy. I think I picked them because my father had used them for something else, or I had used them in a previous house before. It's an A grade over here.”

“It was fine. I don't really remember all of the specifics because it was a while ago, but it was fine—the work was good. They fixed some columns on the front of my house, and they did some painting as well. If I graded them, it would be an A—they did fine.”

“I like that they paid attention to detail. They deserve an A.”

“I can tell you that SuperiorPRO's technicians were very good at what they did. I would give them an A.”

“They painted the exterior of our home—I guess it will be two years ago in June. They definitely came out when they said they were going to. We had a couple of issues after the job was finished, and they took care of those real quickly, so I wouldn't say there were any issues we had. They're A-rate.”

“I like that they finished quickly, and if I had any concerns at all, SuperiorPRO addressed them immediately. They painted the exterior of my house, and they did an A-grade job.”

“SuperiorPRO was excellent. They were really nice, and the person in charge came back to make sure I liked what I saw. They were very prompt, very courteous, and very professional. It was really a wonderful experience, and the paint job was fabulous. They did the exterior of the home. I went to some other places to get estimates, but the guy from SuperiorPRO looked at the home and made other recommendations. They earned an A grade.”

“SuperiorPRO is the best. I can't find anything wrong, and this is the third time I've used them. They are very punctual, and Irwin follows up if you call him. I can't give them anything but high marks. They stained my entire house, and then they painted the inside of my house as well. They're an A+ company.”

“The people from SuperiorPRO are fantastic. They're always professional and neat, and they do a great job—A+.”

“They did the painting for me. First of all, the gentleman who came out and did the quote was pleasant and very helpful. Second of all, there was a project manager who came out on the first day. He introduced himself and just made sure I knew what they would be doing. Then, the crew that actually did the work did a really good job. They were easy to work with, and if I had any special requests—I did change one thing in the middle of the job—they handled them for me without a problem. I found them in Best Pick Reports, and I would give them an A+. One other comment I would make is that at the end of the job, the project manager came back to the house and did a look-over. He found a couple things he thought needed to be touched up that I hadn't noticed, and he sent his crew leader out to do that. I thought it was excellent.”

“They did exterior painting, and it's holding up so far. They did an outstanding job. I'm certainly optimistic that it'll hold up for a little while. I liked the quality of their work and the customer service. I thought they were very professional in their initial approach, and then once we got under way, their whole approach to the paint job was outstanding. It was a very, very pleasant business partnership. SuperiorPRO is an A+ company.”

“I've had them do some painting at work, and it went great. The estimator, Steve, called and touched base with me to let me know what was going on. He kept me informed because it was actually at one of my stores, and I'm based at the corporate office. I appreciated that I didn't have to hunt them down and what they've gotten done. Overall, they earned an A+.”

“It was a big exterior job, and I thought it went very well. They were very professional compared to the other people I got quotes from for painting. They always did what they said they were going to do, and the other folks just weren't very professional in that area. I enjoyed my association with them. I'd give them top marks—A+.”

“They pressure washed and painted all of the exterior of our house. They did everything they were supposed to do, and it was a very good job. I had to call them back, but it wasn't for anything that was their fault—the sun was too strong on the paint on our shutters. They came back and fixed it, so it was OK. I'd rate them as an A+ company.”