The Moving Crew

Effective interaction with the moving crew can help things proceed much more smoothly and pleasantly. At the start of the move, one should meet the crew members, noting each person’s name and taking special note of the crew leader. Acquaint the crew with some of the basics, such as the location of the bathroom designated for crew use, where they can find drinking water, and where outside they will be permitted to take breaks. You may also want to provide trash receptacles in the areas where the crew will be taking breaks. Make sure there is a sufficient supply of bathroom tissue and paper towels for them and also hand sanitizer.

There should always be at least one responsible adult available throughout the move to answer questions. In addition, keep pets and small children well out of the way and discourage older children from trying to “help” the movers, as this can create a liability issue.

If you are pleased with the job that your crew has done after the move, sending a letter of praise to the moving company will reflect well on the team who performed your move, and though not expected, tipping is a nice way to show appreciation for high-quality work.