Some Good Questions to Ask Movers

When will boxes be packed?  Packing too far in advance can cause unnecessary inconveniences. Yet, packing the day before or the day of a big move might delay the process or lead to an exhausting day. In order to minimize these issues, plan ahead and use organized and thorough moving professionals.

Does the company use an inventory tracking system?  Most long-distance movers use some type of inventory sheet so that misplaced items can be easily identified. The more stops that are made during the move, the more likely a mix-up will occur.

Is the truck making more than one move at the same time?  To reduce costs on interstate relocations, moving companies often combine multiple moves on the same truck. If packed goods have to be taken on and off the truck multiple times, this may lead to more wear and tear on them. If this is a concern, ask the movers if they are making more than one move, and find out if the truck will have to be unloaded more than once. Most companies use trucks with multiple entry doors, so that shipments may be unloaded without disturbing any other items. Homeowners may consider using a company that is dedicated to one move per truck, but this will increase costs considerably.