Money-saving Moving Tips

For most homeowners, moving is a strain on time and money.  Whether moving to a new Atlanta residence across town or beyond state lines, homeowners often relieve the time burden of moving by hiring reputable movers to pack, move, and then unpack all belongings.  While these full-service Atlanta movers lessen the disruption of a move, their help can often be costly.

Pack yourself.  Packing costs account for a large portion of a full-service move.  If you have the time and ability to pack items such as plates, glasses, and picture frames, you can save money and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your belongings have been carefully prepared.  However, moving companies are not held responsible for damage to items packed by homeowners unless the box shows visible physical damage at the time of delivery.

Move some of your own items yourself.  With local moves, homeowners can easily transport items such as hanging clothes, lamps, and artwork on their own.  This, too, cuts down on moving expenses and reassures homeowners of the safety of cherished belongings such as family heirlooms.

Move in the middle of the month.  Because most closings and lease expirations occur at the beginning and end of the month, moving is less expensive in the middle of the month.  Homeowners can usually get a better price and better service when moving companies are less busy.  Because reputable movers are often booked one to two months in advance, it's best to start early.  See our Best Picks for Atlanta moving companies.