Choosing an Atlanta Moving Company

Regulation.  Atlanta movers are regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC), an organization that oversees prices set by the Georgia moving industry.  The PSC requires movers to base their moving proposal on the number of expected hours the job will take rather than offering a fixed price.  Therefore, if the job takes longer than expected, the client pays more.

Estimating moving jobs.  Since moving companies are paid by the hour and not by the job, less reputable companies will underestimate the time involved.  Homeowners can take specific steps to ensure they receive an accurate estimate.  First, they should insist on a written estimate that factors in obstacles, such as hills, the number of stairs, heavy or awkward furniture, house accessibility, etc.

Packing.  Some moving companies do a more thorough packing job than others.  Most of the highly regarded Atlanta movers take the time to wrap furnishings to protect them from damage and to protect walls or floors from nicks.  The best companies are meticulous about damage protection.  However, adequately preparing for a move takes time, which should be reflected in the estimate.

Most moving companies offer boxes and other packaging materials at a low cost.  To save money and to ensure their belongings are carefully stowed away for a move, some Atlanta homeowners opt to pack their own belongings.  For other movers seeking to minimize work and disruption, outsourcing every aspect of the move – including packing and unpacking – is the best approach.  For thoughtful and experienced movers, trust the Best Pick™ Atlanta movers.