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"Element Moving & Storage is a premier moving and storage company serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth community and surrounding areas. We are committed to delivering outstanding service. We understand you work hard for your belongings, and we are dedicated to moving your life's work with the greatest care and respect."

Elle Nesher | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Element Moving & Storage performs local, long-distance, and international moves for residential and commercial customers. Element also crates and moves specialty items such as pianos, art, wine, antiques, and automobiles and offers packing, unpacking, and storage services.
Company History
The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 2010.
Element is a member of the American Moving & Storage Association and the Southwest Movers Association.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Additional Information
Element states that it is committed to green moving practices and offers reusable, eco-friendly rental crates. The company is also involved with local charities such as Move for Hunger.
TxDMV #006519926C, USDOT #2038052, MC #715198
Areas Served
Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village
A selection of 200 homeowner reviews:
“They were excellent. Overall, I'd give Element Moving an A+. The three guys we had were outstanding. I'd recommend them to anyone.”
“They were awesome. I'd definitely recommend Element Moving & Storage, and I'd use them again. They were great. I'd give them an A+.”
“It was fantastic. It was an A+ experience.”
“Element Moving & Storage did an amazing job. I'd give them an A+. It was great.”
“I've used Element a couple of times. I've had nothing but great experiences—that's why I've used them for years. I'd give them an A+.”
“They're the best. Everything was good.”
“They were amazing. We were very happy with them. We have no complaints.”
“I had a wonderful experience—no complaints.”
“Everything was excellent. There weren't any complaints about it.”
“For the overall experience, I'd give them an A+. Lisa did a great job. She did both of my moves.”
“I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“It was great. For the entire experience, I'd give them an A+. They were able to work with our situation and just give a quote and do all of the work and match the quote.”
“They're A+.”
“I'd give them an A+ for the overall experience.”
“I'd give them an A+. I'm not in that area anymore; I don't know if they're in the area that I'm at now. If I was, I would recommend them.”
“I had no complaints.”
“It was all good—no complaints. I'd recommend this company.”
“I had no complaints with the company.”
“I had a great experience. I didn't have any complaints.”
“Overall, I'd give them an A.”
“I'd give them an A overall.”
“I would give it an A for the total experience. I don't really have any complaints. They were efficient. I've already recommended them.”
“It was really great. I had no complaints.”
“I would give them an A for the total experience.”
“Overall, I'd give them an A. I would recommend them.”
“I'd give them an A for the total experience. I've used them twice already.”
“I'd give them an A overall.”
“I would grade them as an A.”
“They were great. I had no complaints.”
“They're an A+ company.”
“The guys were absolutely wonderful and got the work done with total efficiency. They were friendly, helpful, and easy to work with, so I liked them a lot. They were hired to pack up, load everything from the house and the garage, and bring it to Houston to unload here at my house. The customer service was great. They would be an A+.”
“I love them. They sent knowledgeable people, which was helpful with the furniture, and they worked really hard in a short period of time. They were great. I didn't have any issues with damages or anything like that. They deserve an A grade.”
“They were very good, on time, and courteous. They did exactly what they were supposed to do. They're very nice people, and I had no issues with damages whatsoever. They're an A+.”
“They were quick and efficient. They moved two storage units into a house. This was my third time using them. The customer service was great. They were recommended to me the first time. I would give them an A+.”
“They were very nice folks. It was a good experience, and they were quick, efficient, and professional. We moved a four-bedroom house three hours away. They loaded up in Dallas and unloaded us here. They were an A+.”
“Pretty much everything about this moving company was a better experience than the last two experiences that I'd had. They were moving us from state to state. Their customer service was great. I would rate them as an A+.”
“They were on time, and the time frame they gave us was exact. They were very helpful. They put everything where we needed it. They were just great, friendly, and nice. They're anything that you would want for somebody to move you. It was between them and another company, but Element gave us an exact time that they could be there and were very time oriented. I would absolutely give them an A+.”
“They really worked well with us to schedule our move. They had to change the date two different times, and they were very accommodating with that. On the actual day of the move, the three gentlemen that did it were very professional. They were very friendly and very efficient, and they just did a great job. A friend who was moving at approximately the same time had recommended them to me. She hadn't moved yet. I called them, and they were available for the first date that I thought it was going to be, so I went from there. I would grade them as an A+.”
“They were very organized and professional. When I tried to book the move, they were efficient. They didn't take very long, so I didn't feel like they took their time. Overall, they did a good job. They were moving across town. The customer service was great. They're an A+.”
“They were clean, friendly, and on time, and they just did a great job. We used them twice in a couple of months for local moves. I think each one they did was a day. We moved from an apartment to a house, and then from a house to a house. The customer service was very good. I think I got referred to them. I would rate them an A+.”
“They were timely and professional, and they did what they said. They moved my pieces well and didn't break anything. The move was across town, but it was a full, four-bedroom house move. They're an A.”
“They were pretty good. They sent great workers. It was a residential move of three bedrooms. They deserve an A.”
“They were very friendly, punctual, and took care of things. They stayed longer and didn't charge me for it, so I appreciated that. There was one little piece that was messed up, but they took care of it right away. They definitely get an A.”
“They did a great job a year and a half ago. It's all positive.”
“Element is fantastic. They're extremely professional, very fast, and very friendly, and I couldn't be more pleased with them. I've been raving about them since they moved me. I didn't have any damage, which was great. They deserve an A+ grade.”
“I recommend Element to anyone. They're professional, on time, and courteous. Two of the moves were large, and one was a smaller thing. I think they deserve an A++.”
“Working with Element was a good experience. We hired them because we were relocating from one city to another. I would give them the best rating—A+.”
“They were great. They were very efficient, friendly, and professional. I was living in a three-bedroom upstairs apartment, and they packed everything, loaded it up, and drove it. The customer service was good. They get an A+ for their excellent work.”
“Their associates, who did cleaning work after I moved out, were just awesome. They showed up on time and got with the program, and they did it all in the time that they were supposed to. They didn't break or scratch anything. I thought they did an awfully good job. They get an A because they were just excellent.”
“Element Moving & Storage did some work for me back in January. They came on time, and the packing was great. I would like to give them the best rating.”
“Element Moving & Storage moved us in a year ago. I'd grade them as an A+.”
“I didn't have any problems with them; they were great. It was a big house, so they were shorthanded, and my husband had to pitch in. The other guys showed up much later in the afternoon. I would give them an A.”
“Element Moving & Storage was great. They get an A rating.”
“I'm sure Element did a fine job. An A grade is fine for them.”
“They did some work for me almost a year ago. They were just really quick, and they did everything that I asked. I would say they're an A.”
“They did some work last year, and they did a great job. They were professional. They tagged everything and wrapped everything up really well. We did not have to call them back for anything. I would use them again, and I would absolutely recommend them. I'd rate them as an A.”
“They packed me up and moved me, and it was a really efficient and easy experience. Their efficiency was a lot of what I liked about them. I think I chose them because another service recommended them. They deserve an A grade.”
“Element Moving & Storage was OK. They gave me good service, and I was very happy with them.”
“Element had good customer service. I would give them an A rating.”
“Element Moving & Storage helped me move from one apartment to the next. They were good, nice, and friendly. They should get an A.”
“They moved me from apartment to another. The customer service was good, and they got it done in a timely manner. I'd give them an A.”
“They've moved me a couple of times. They were very quick. They had a crew of three, and they were running up and down the stairs with me. They moved the items inside the time limit that I wanted, since it's an hourly moving service. I had no issues with the interactions. They're a grade-A business.”
“We moved from a house to a second-story apartment. The guys were pretty chill. They just knew their stuff. They got us in and out in maybe an hour and a half or two hours, including travel time, so it was really quick. They earned an A.”
“I've had some bad moves before, but Element helped me through a rough move. They handled everything. They packed up everything, and I had very little damage of any kind. They delivered everything on time. They either met or cost less than the quoted price. I got several quotes and chose them after I spent a lot of time talking to them and checking up on them, trying to figure out how they do business. I'd give them an A.”
“They were quick and efficient. I'd say Element Moving & Storage is an A.”
“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Element—it went perfectly. The representative that coordinated everything was just wonderful. The movers came with a humongous truck and packed everything very quickly and efficiently, and then they unloaded with the same efficiency and respect. Not one item was broken or lost. I am so glad I trusted my feelings about Element.”
“Element Moving & Storage was fabulous. The two gentlemen that came were very professional, very cooperative, and very helpful in every way. I hadn't moved in a number of years, so I needed a lot of guidance, and they helped me and gave suggestions. If I move again, they'll definitely be the ones to do it. I'd absolutely give them an A+.”
“They go above and beyond. Every one of the employees is just great. They take care of your stuff and do a great job—A+.”
“Element was excellent—they went above and beyond. It was a very positive experience, and they were careful and good. I heard about them through another neighbor who had used them. They deserve an excellent grade.”
“They were awesome. They're very professional, and they got things done within the time estimated. Everything went very well. A friend who had used them in the past recommended them to me, and I'd definitely give them an A.”
“I liked their timeliness. They were quick and did the work, and that was that. The guys were very conscientious of our stuff, and they protected it well. We had confidence that it was going to arrive at the destination with no damage. They met our time schedule, so that was one of the reasons we chose them. I'd say Element gets an A.”
“Element Moving & Storage did some work for me about a year ago, and the crew that came out was exceptional. With other movers, I've had to empty stuff out of the drawers, but they didn't ask me to do that. They shrink-wrapped everything so that I didn't have to worry about anything coming out of the drawers. I had most of the stuff ready to go when they showed up, and I didn't have to worry about damage to any of the pieces of furniture. The guys that came out were very professional and very courteous, and we were loaded, gone, over to the other place, and unloaded very quickly. They earned their keep—in fact, I gave them a tip afterward because they were so good. I found Element after I had hired another company that canceled on me. They definitely get an A grade. Because of my job, I have moves periodically, so I will be using them again in the future.”
“Element was awesome. They were on time, and the two guys that were assigned to move me were quick, efficient, and nice. Everything just went positively. They get an A.”
“We used Element for a short-distance move, but it was really the first move that we'd ever done on our own. I reached out to them very early on in the process, and they were good at explaining everything and setting everything up. They were really helpful. When the day actually came to move, there were no hiccups whatsoever. They helped put everything where it needed to be. I definitely think an A grade suits them. Their service was excellent.”
“Element Moving & Storage was great. I wasn't there when they actually moved everything, but my husband said the guys were really good, they worked really fast, and they were really careful with our stuff. I talked to the woman setting it up, and she did everything she could to help me with scheduling and everything. It was kind of last minute that we found out we were moving, so she helped me get it all set up at a time that was convenient for us. They were really good. I'd give them an A+.”
“They moved me into a new apartment. Their customer service was good, and they are really helpful. I heard about them in the first place from my friend.”
“The move with Element was quick and easy, and everything went smoothly. I've used them three or four times now. I'd grade them an A.”
“Element did the move fast, and they were very professional. I really enjoyed that they had crates as opposed to cardboard boxes. I heard about them from a friend of mine. I'd say they get an A.”