Barrier Spray Systems

Barrier spray protection systems are periodic treatments applied to your yard by a mosquito control professional. During the height of mosquito season, a technician will visit your home every two to three weeks to apply the treatment. The length of time a treatment will last depends largely on the type of product used as well as the weather and your watering schedule. It’s best to spray when storms are not expected and after a sprinkler system has finished watering the lawn.

Since more homeowners are looking for natural alternatives to traditional pesticides, many mosquito elimination companies offer spray systems that use botanical ingredients. Pyrethrum, a plant extract, is commonly used by mosquito control companies because  it paralyzes and kills mosquitoes but does not harm people, animals, or plants. Some companies offer a more traditional pesticide spray in addition to plant-based, organic options. Traditional mosquito sprays typically have more staying power, so talk to your mosquito control professional to determine which option is best for you.