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"We've been protecting families from the nuisances of mosquitoes and the diseases they carry for over ten years. Your backyard is more than a lawn or a deck. It's the place where your family comes together. It's a place of memories, of birthday parties, of family cookouts. It's your comfortable place. Let us help you live outside again."

Larry King | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
MosquitoNix offers outdoor insect misting systems; QuickNix yard treatments, which are available in one-time and recurring programs; and free yard evaluations. The company also provides flea and tick control services.
Company History
MosquitoNix is a national company founded in 2003. The Houston branch is locally owned and operated by Larry King.
The company is a member of the Texas Pest Control Association.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Additional Information
According to the company, the MosquitoNix system offers up to a 99 percent reduction in mosquitoes. The company states that its QuickNix program uses a three-step process to reduce mosquitoes by 90 percent in the first week.
TPCL #569307
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 303 homeowner reviews:
“MosquitoNix's customer service and punctuality were definitely excellent. I'd say they're an A+ company. Their product does what they say it will do, and it lasts as long as they say it will last. They're very responsive. I'm extremely likely to recommend them to others.”
“The experience was definitely positive. They put in a permanent system. They get an A+.”
“Their customer service is fantastic. They were great, and I would definitely recommend them.”
“I've definitely had a positive experience with them. It's very helpful, and the times that I've needed re-treatment due to the weather, they're out there the next day. I'd rate them as an A+.”
“We have a permanent system with them. I'd give them an A+.”
“I have a permanent system with them. I'd give them an A+.”
“They work on a permanent system. I'd give them an A.”
“They did a permanent system. I'd give them an A.”
“It's a system that they provide ongoing care for. The mosquitoes this past time didn't really go away after the last treatment, but then he put an extra coat, he said he put it on thick this last time. I think he came, the last two times he came right before it rained, and I think probably it would be smarter to come when there was no rain in the forecast. I'm neutral on their customer service because we haven't really had much of an interaction with them. They always come when they say they're going to come. I'm guessing that their expertise is pretty good. I'd probably give them an A-.”
“I've had some experience with MosquitoNix. I'd give them an A.”
“They maintain the monthly check ups. The work is good, but I do not know about the product or if it's effective.”
“Our mosquito system was installed several years ago by MosquitoNix, who also maintains the system. I'm pretty pleased with their work—they come on a regular basis, they take care of what needs to be done, and they replace nozzles as necessary. I don't have to fuss with the system, and they haven't had to contact me about anything either.”
“They provided a quote for services—they were friendly and professional.”
“They spray my yard and fog around the house. I'm able to schedule when I am available and can cancel due to rain.”
“They installed a mosquito system. They did what they said they would and did it well.”
“They come once a month and spray in my small backyard. It's always very positive. I'm just not sure the chemical they use lasts as long as I would like.”
“They spray our yard for mosquitoes on a monthly basis. They show up when they say they will and do what they say they're going to do.”
“They installed a mosquito misting system and provide monthly maintenance. They have quick response times.”
“They provided the original installation and monthly monitoring for our home for years. They disconnected our long-term service in April due to the sale of the home. They provided good customer service over the phone and prompt scheduling of work.”
“They installed an automatic mosquito control system. They maintain our supply of the chemical and make any needed repairs to the system. Our experience has been positive because the system works as advertised, and they respond quickly to any repair requests.”
“They added a separate system for my other barn. They were on time, and the work was done quickly and neatly.”
“They provide monthly mosquito repellent service, replenish the repellent, and maintain the hardware. They're very responsive to all requests, and it's a very effective service to rid my yard of mosquitoes.”
“They do monthly spray service. The people carrying out the service and the customer service people are all very friendly and accommodating.”
“They keep my mosquito system performing—the system is in working order.”
“They refilled the drum, and check and replace—if necessary—the nozzles. Positive—they let me know when they were coming and did what they said they were going to do.”
“All of my misting heads did not seem to work as required—the tech did the required maintenance and repaired a leak. The office contact was able to work me into the schedule quickly, and the tech always calls before and after the work is done—both are appreciated.”
“They installed a misting system in our backyard. It was positive.”
“They refill and check the dedicated mosquito repellent system installed on my property. They appear to handle all necessary problems should they come up without getting me involved.”
“They spray for mosquitos every 28 days. They show up and perform the work without me having to ask them. When it rains and washes the spray away, they come back out at no charge and in a timely manner.”
“They changed all the nozzles on the system. They came very quickly and performed the work as requested.”
“They perform monthly service and always call prior to the service. The job gets done without prompting, and they will also come out when requested.”
“MosquitoNix took over for another provider that didn't perform to my satisfaction. They have recharged the system twice this year. I am fairly new to MosquitoNix. They sounded good, but the proof is in how they actually perform—so far, they have performed as expected.”
“They Installed a mosquito misting system at our home. They went out of their way to make the system work, returning several times to test it and install additional nozzles.”
“Mosquito Nix sprays all shrubs and flowerbeds to control the mosquitoes. My experience with them has been very positive. They are very professional. The house behind mine has a pool that has not been kept up, and it is full of mosquitoes. The treatments every three weeks keep the mosquitoes under control. Last summer, I could not sit on my patio without being eaten up, but this summer, I have been able to enjoy the patio, and I have had less than 10 bites all summer—awesome.”
“They're always so courteous and focused on getting the job done. I'm a happy customer. There are great people working there.”
“They inspected the lines, replaced needed parts, and refilled the barrel. They performed service in a professional and short time.”
“They spray the entire exterior of house and gardens for mosquitoes. If I request they spray one area heavier, they do so cheerfully.”
“They added mosquito spray solution to our existing system. They solved our mosquito problem and were on time.”
“MosquitoNix installed a misting system for our backyard. They also service the system monthly. The company is very easy to work with—they show up on time, and they're very courteous. When they saw how badly infested our backyard was, they also fogged the backyard for us. That killed a ton of mosquitoes so that once the misting system was installed, it was simply controlling mosquitoes instead of having to kill an infestation.”
“They perform maintenance on a system. I'm very pleased with them. The system works great. We can now enjoy our backyard without constantly fighting off mosquitoes.”
“Every three weeks, they treat my yard for mosquitoes. I have not had a mosquito bite since they started the treatment. MosquitoNix is clean and professional—they send an email when they are coming and a receipt after the work is done.”
“They come, they fill the tank, and I never really see them. I chose them because they were servicing the house when we bought it. I'd give them an A rating.”
“We use MosquitoNix. They put in a mosquito system, but they also do our other types of pest control. The termite treatment is separate, but we're on a contract with them.”
“I use MosquitoNix for mosquito control. They do a good job for me—a really good job. They come out once a month.”
“I like MosquitoNix—they've been very good. They're there every month to replace or rescale, and they've always stick to all the heads. They're good and prompt, and that's what I need. I don't want to have to call somebody to come back and do anything.”
“Mosquito Nix has done work for me. I'm happy with them.”
“They're pretty dependable—they come when they're supposed to. The people are unobtrusive. They do mosquito control outside, and I'd probably give them an A grade.”
“When we have a problem, they come out and fix it, but we really haven't had any issues. When we bought the house, it came with the mosquito control system. They come out and maintain it. I'd give them an A.”
“They're just convenient. They maintain my mosquito system, and I'd say they're an A.”
“They show up regularly every month, and they keep the mosquitoes away. I haven't had any issues with them, although I've had them come out multiple times to repair the equipment. I've been using them for too many years to remember. I'd recommend them. I'd rate them as an A because I have no complaints.”
“It's a simple system. MosquitoNix is reliable in servicing the equipment. It's pretty much a trouble-free experience. They come out and maintain the system once a month. I would recommend them and give them an A-.”
“I had no idea they even serviced it. I use MosquitoNix, but I don't know when they service the equipment. I've had it installed for three or four years. If I had issues, I'd use the company—I've only used them. I have an agreement where they come out and take care of everything, and I pay. I've never had any issues, so I'd give them an A+.”
“MosquitoNix has been with me for years, and I like everything about them. They are very nice people. They come once a month to check the system, and it works beautifully. They deserve the best grade—an A+.”
“We've been happy with MosquitoNix's work. They installed lines that run all the way around the backyard and spray for mosquitoes as frequently as you set it to. There's a 55-gallon drum full of organic material, and it sprays at different frequencies depending on the time of the year. They're an A+ company.”
“We have used them for years, and we've been totally pleased. The service is excellent, and the product works really well.”
“I use them for my mosquito system, and it works fantastic. I have no mosquitoes or spiders—they took care of it.”
“These guys are great. They're responsive. If you have a problem or a question, they come right out or answer the phone. They do their job, which makes them amazing in this world. I've used them for a year and a half, and I'd recommend them.”
“They come every month, and they do a great job. I don't have to worry about them—they come and do their job and manage my mosquito system. They deserve an A+ rating.”
“The MosquitoNix system allows me to use my backyard during the summer months without being eaten alive.They maintain the system regularly for me, and it works. They were recommended by a friend of mine. They get an A+ grade.”
“I liked their service. They service the system and do the work, so we don't have to. We'd rate MosquitoNix as an A+ company.”
“I've been using MosquitoNix for five years, and I notice a difference. MosquitoNix has that outside spraying system. They come out monthly or every few weeks for mosquitoes. It's a year-round system, but they come much more frequently in the summer. They're a grade-A company.”
“They're pretty punctual, and they call before they come. They come once a month to check the system, make sure all the spray heads are working, and fill up the tank. I've had no problems with MosquitoNix.”
“I like that the work is done fast and the way it is supposed to be. They do mosquito control for me; they maintain it once or twice a month. I would give them the top grade—an A.”
“MosquitoNix is very quick to respond if we have a problem, and they set up everything exactly how we need it. They maintain our mosquito system maybe once a month. We can actually use our backyard now. I would give them an A.”
“They have great customer service. They come out when they're called. They come out once a month to maintain our mosquito control system, and I have noticed a difference in my lawn. They get an A.”
“I think MosquitoNix delivered exactly what they promised. They set up the mosquito misting system around our yard, and they provide the services on time. It's timed to go off at certain times of the day. We have a lot of greenery in our yard, and it cuts back probably 90 to 95 percent of the mosquitoes. I can definitely say it's been effective. I've used them and gone back to them. Quite frankly, I like the results. I definitely think they deserve an A.”