Common Masonry Projects and Repairs

When starting a home project such as new patio construction or a mailbox installation, masonry and stone are ideal alternatives to traditional concrete or wood work.

Patios. Atlanta masons commonly work with homeowners on patio construction to create a custom look. Two methods are common:

The first method involves pouring a concrete foundation, letting it set, and then attaching bricks or stone to the concrete with mortar.

The second involves laying down a sand bed and placing bricks or interlocking pavers directly onto the sand bed with no mortar.

Some Atlanta masons attempt a hybrid method. They place the bricks or pavers on a sand bed and then put mortar between them. This method is not recommended, because bricks sitting on sand move slightly with normal use. Small amounts of movement break up the mortar joints and create a repair problem.

Outdoor fireplaces. Atlanta masons can custom-build fireplaces to complete the feel of an outdoor room with the look of a traditional indoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are an excellent investment since they enable homeowners to enjoy their yards even in the cooler months. Masonry contractors usually construct fireplaces with a steel frame, and common finishes include brick, tile, stone, or concrete.

Repairs. In addition to new construction, homeowners also hire Atlanta masonry contractors for repair work. Foundation settling is a common issue. Unfortunately, even the most minor foundation settling can stress the walls and lead to cracks at the weakest points, which are often under the corners of windows. The crack usually appears as a step crack directed down and away from the corner of the window. To prevent such cracks, Atlanta masonry contractors cut vertical expansion joints through the brick at one or more locations along the wall. Then the joints are caulked. These expansion joints divide the walls into smaller portions that can settle independently. If you repair a crack without fixing the problem causing the crack, the crack usually returns.

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