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Brick Restoration, Inc. has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 546 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Brick Restoration is your local resource for masonry repairs, renovation, and installation. We're committed to providing the highest-quality services in the industry, and our extensively trained technicians ensure customer satisfaction on every job regardless of size or scope. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations on every project."

Roberto Zumeta | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Brick Restoration addresses structural and cosmetic masonry issues, including crack repair, discoloration, and masonry leaks; structural damage; straightening leaning structures; securing loose walls; repair and redesign of chimneys and fireboxes; and concrete and paver restoration. The company also installs structures such as paver and flagstone paths and patios; mailboxes, planters, columns, and arches; monument signs; and brick perimeter walls.
All work carries a one-year warranty.
Company History
The company was founded in 1993 and remains family owned and operated.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and must meet the company's professional qualifications.
Additional Information
Specialty services include German smear, whitewashing, brick matching, masonry staining, and brick perimeter fence repair.
Areas Served
Cypress, Katy, Conroe, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Missouri City, Richmond, Stafford, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Houston

“I needed a company to match my existing brickwork when they closed off a door to an outside closet I no longer needed. Brick Restoration did an excellent job and the new bricks are all but indistinguishable from the much older bricks of my home. They worked to my timetable with an interior contractor and cleaned up perfectly. Highly recommended.”

“I had a brick wall that was pretty unstable. They were booked months out. I was really pleasantly surprised to find them in my driveway, a couple of weeks after setting the far-out appointment. They were really fast, did a wonderful job, and were super easy to deal with.”

“Brick Restoration did a great job of tuck-pointing and repairing a crack in the brick fa?ade of my house. The mortar match was perfect.”

“The guys from Brick Restoration did an excellent job repairing brick on the side of my house. They even came back when I found a small area that I felt needed more attention. Their work is so good that you can't tell there was ever a problem. I would definitely use Brick Restoration again and would certainly recommend them to friends and family.”

“They did a beautiful job on my front porch.”

“Did an amazing job.”

“Y'all did a great, great job.”

“BRI provides a restoration service that delivers a good product at completion. The actual persons doing the work are very knowledgeable and professional. The support and office does have difficulty in meeting timelines and or appointments.”

“Very pleased with service, very professional team.”

“The sections they did and repairs on other areas all look like they were original, not repairs.”

“Thanks for helping us sell this 20-year old home.”

“I hired Brick Restoration, Inc. in October 2016 to restore (strip paint, repair mortar, stain) three brick pillars, two stoops, and two chimneys on my 1920 house and was very pleased with the work and the entire experience. It was a two-day job and when I pointed out some details I was dissatisfied with at the end of day one, Don addressed the cosmetic issues and they were fixed by the end of day two.”

“My fireplace brick was loose and falling in. They fixed the problem and sealed the brick. They also fixed the missing and cracked mortar in both of my chimneys. Water had been seeping in when it rained.”

“Good job.”

“Brick Restoration's work was performed efficiently, the workers were respectful, and the work was done well. My previously cracked mortar and brick now blend in beautifully with the rest of the exterior of my house. The entire process was a pleasure.”

“I am very pleased with the work they did for me, both the repairs to existing brick and the new brick wall they put in, tying it in to existing walls. Frankly, it's perfect. It is impossible to tell that it all is not original—A+.”

“Due to foundation settlement, a large jagged crack developed on the garage side of our house. Many bricks were cracked. The work was incredible. When finished, the damage was undetectable. It was amazing. Every step of the process was handled professionally. I would recommend this company to anyone needing brick restoration—A+.”

“We were happy with work performed.”

“They replaced and perfectly matched brick on the front of my house. I can't even tell where it as repaired. The workers were very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“They could not have been nicer and as far as I could tell, did an excellent job.”

“I saw some of the most professionalism ever. I plan to consult with them on another project.”

“Crew showed up on the scheduled time and they went right to work. In a matter of a couple hours the work was completed and the brick looked brand new. Will recommend to others.”

“Brick Restoration did a great job. The only complaint I would have is the brick color of the mailbox repaired wasn't an exact match to our house brick.”

“Replaced portions of brick patio removed for foundation repair. Found matching color brick and cut each one to match existing brick size and shape. Very impressive work.”

“Very satisfied.”

“They are extremely professional. I would definitely recommend them.”

“Outstanding. They repaired cracks in 20-year-old brick, and you can't even tell there was any problem.”

“This is my third time to use this company. The quality of their work is excellent. Once the job was completed no one would ever know that it had been repaired. I highly recommend.”

“Excellent work, quick, professional.”

“I have nothing but the highest praise for Brick Restoration. Friendly and great expertise combined.”

“Teams were knowledgeable and executed the work promptly.”

“Outstanding work replacing brick mailbox. Bricks a perfect match. Highly recommend.”

“From the estimator, front office and the actual workers, I can honestly rate them at 10 of 10. They know what they are doing, so at it efficiently and leave a cleaner worksite than was there previously. I highly recommend Brick Restoration for any brick or masonry work you are contemplating.”

“Prompt service. Friendly staff.”

“They repaired outside wall cracks on bricks. Very good job.”

“I certainly would use them again and refer to anyone else.”

“Brick Restoration did an excellent job. There was no color mismatches in mortar or brick. Everything was straight and level.”

“The brick repair work was excellent. Power washing the brick left all of my windows filthy.”

“I have used them twice on brick walls. They have always done a great job for me.”

“I've already recommended them to someone else. He was happy.”

“We were having water leak around the base of our chimney. Brick restoration repaired the flashing and loose mortar and fixed the leak.”

“The cleanup could have been better. Otherwise I was very satisfied. I'll have to 'clean the new brick' which had some grout smear on it. Staining was well done.”

“Our chimney was leaking due to a crack in the stucco. The young man who gave me the estimate was pleasant and professional. The two guys who did the work were polite and efficient and did a good job. I did not receive the proof of insurance/bond until after the job was complete but it was up to date. They were just in a renewal period and did not have the new certificate. I got an immediate response when I asked about it along with the updated certificate and an apology. I feel they are a good company to do business with because I felt they were reasonable, responsive and responsible.”

“Good experience. I cannot tell where the repairs were made. We were happy with the work.”

“Brick Restoration completed work on our chimney. They were punctual, the work was exemplary and completed with the utmost of expertise.”

“I was getting my home ready to sell. A Structural Engineer's report showed no need for foundation repair, however, I had cracked, melting bricks, soldier bricks that had fallen back. Looked like a new home.”

“Our daughter backed into the beautiful stone on our garage. I called Brick Restoration. They came very quickly and restored the damage beautifully. We are getting ready to sell our house and are so pleased with their work. It looks just like it did on the day we purchased the home. We would definitely use them again if we need too.”

“The work that was done was great. If I ever have any issues with brick, I will call Brick Restoration again.”

“Communicated effectively about cost, time to complete the job, and scheduling. Performed professionally from beginning to end.”

“Professional staff. They were courteous and had a prompt response. Excellent job.”

“Took down old mailbox and built a new one. We had an unusual color brick. They had to dye it. Came out perfect.”

“Great work. Beautiful rebuild of my brick mailbox in my yard.”

“This was the second time using Brick Restoration. Very impressed with their ability to make repairs blend into existing brick and mortar work.”

“I hired Brick Restoration to repair cracked brickwork from where someone backed a car into it, and am extremely pleased with their work. I was skeptical of the promised 'color-match, expandable mortar compound,' suspecting it would just be readily-noticeable colored caulk. However, the repaired area feels like the same texture and the color match is excellent. I can't even see the repair. Notably, job site clean-up was great, too.”

“Brick Restoration refinished my brick front porch. It was starting to look very bad and Brick Restoration made it look like new again. I will use them in the future.”

“They repaired a column on a 1930's home, that had been backed into by a car. They repurposed the original brick and rebuilt the column and matched the paint perfectly. It was like the damage never happened, just a great job.”

“Initial work needed touch up. The texture and color were mismatched. It took several months to get follow up work done.”

“Our brick patio was very dirty, so we engaged Brick Restoration to clean it. After their service, it looks vastly better, but does not have its original appearance, which we were hoping for.”

“Great job on replacing and fixing my cracked bricks as well as the corners of my foundation. Happily returned and fixed the problem when I complained the mortar wasn't a good color match.”

“Very professional.”

“They did a wonderful job, very professional work. I would highly recommend.”

“I have used Brick Restoration several times for repairs to my brick fence. They always show up when scheduled and complete the job with a professional looking outcome. The recent job was for a full column rebuild and it looks great. Definitely recommend for residential brickwork or repair.”

“We had some cracks in mortar due to settling on one side of house and pitting in mortar on chimney and several other places due to age of house. After they were done, you couldn't tell where they had repaired it.”

“They came and did the job they said they would do and did it well. We were happy with their work and there was never a problem or miscommunication. Out of all the fixes we needed on our 40 year old house, this one went the best.”

“Wonderful repair work to our home.”

“Originally, the wrong crew was sent out to repair some stucco and made a mess of the repair. Brick Restoration stood behind the work and made it right. They did an excellent job. Several years ago, I had them come out to repair a cracked brick which was a cosmetic problem. Once they repaired the brick, it was impossible to see the crack. He did an amazing job. Five or 6 years later it is perfect. No crack.”

“I did have to have them come back to fix a rusting area they didn't get the first time. During the first visit I had to point out areas to staff for repair which they should have seen themselves. Staff did not comprehend English well except for advance man.”

“The crew did extremely well mixing old and new brick in the chimney repair. You would never know that a repair had been needed. They were on time, explained exactly what was needed, did high quality work and cleaned up afterward. I am very pleased with the results.”

“They did exactly what they said they would do and the work was done well. They set up a time and showed up on time.”

“Excellent job. No complaints.”

“Brick Restoration has completed two project for me and both turn out great.”

“Brick Restoration did an outstanding job of re-finishing the bricks to match the original bricks of the house. I would recommend them for their expertise, professionalism, and great customer service.”

“Very effectively repaired minor cracks in mortar of brick veneer on front of house. The small cracks disappeared after the restoration work, so we were very pleased with the result.”

“My experience with Brick Restoration employees from the owner to the office staff and to the technicians was always professional and prompt. Their workmanship was awesome and I will recommend them to anyone who needs brick/masonry work performed on their home.”

“They did great work. It helped sell my house.”

“I need some bricks replaced on my home. I am very satisfied and will use them again.”

“Brick Restoration did a quality job on repairing the brick on my house. They found areas that needed repair, brought to my attention and repaired in a timely manner. Very polite and professional.”

“Very professional to work with. Excellent job. I couldn't be happier.”

“They were very thorough, to the point of fixing things that I hadn't even realized needed fixing. The guy who managed the crew actually climbed into the crawl space above my problem wall to see if any of the pipes leaked. They were awesome.”

“Great job. They are the only one that I will call to do brick work on my house.”

“They did a good job. Second time I have used them.”

“We were having a problem with a leak, and water coming in a window. I have had other people try to fix to no avail. Problem gone.”

“We had the exterior bricks repointed as there were a lot of holes in the mortar. Excellent job. Then we had the fireplace worked on, firebox repaired and looks brand new instead of crumbling floor, bricks given a wash so brighten them up and now they look new, too. Crew did an excellent job of cleaning up.”

“They did a fine job, and I was completely satisfied.”

“My chimney had been leaking for years and nobody seemed to be able to fix it until I found Brick Restoration. The workers sealed the chimney, did repair works between the bricks, replaced a new cap and flashing for me last May. We had experienced some major thunderstorms since then but so far no more leaking occurred. I think they had done an excellent job.”

“This was a small job, but it required a high level of skill and attention to detail, which Brick Restoration provided. Their estimate seemed a bit high at first, but the work was done promptly and so well that the original brickwork and their work are indistinguishable.”

“We appreciate the professional nature in which our job was handled.”

“It was a well-orchestrated and executed process. They had a great attention to esthetics and civility. I have been burning in it since.”

“They did an amazing job.”

“Great Job.”

“They did a very good job. They were fast and did not make a mess. I asked for a few extra things to be done which they did without any questions.”

“Needed brick restoration on 4 corners of my home and work on the stones of my fireplace. Workers were punctual and professional.”

“They did a very good Job. I would certainly use them again.”

“They did a great job of matching mortar color.”

“We had cracks in our bricks. The men showed up on time, were able to match the color of the mortar between the bricks and the result is that it looks like there never was a problem. They were courteous and professional.”

“Great Company.”

“Brick Restoration was very professional and handled all of my problems great. I would highly recommend them.”

“I wish all contractors were as professional as Brick Restoration has been. From the first call to the final repair, the experience has been excellent. I would not hesitate to use them again.”

“Brick Restoration performed a number of repairs on my home and I was very pleased with the work that was performed. The repairs were impossible to detect, which was exactly the kind of work I wanted. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for this type of repair.”

“They did a great Job. I would hire them again.”