Mowing the Lawn

Improper mowing can severely damage or even kill a lawn. When mowing, never remove more than a third of the height of the grass plant. Removing more than a third will severely impair the grass plant’s ability to produce food through photosynthesis. For example, if your lawn is three inches high when you start mowing, do not take off more than one inch.

Optimal grass height varies by season and lawn type. In general, lawns should be kept shorter in the spring to encourage growth and longer during hot summer months to allow greater water retention. Ask your lawn treatment company about the ideal seasonal lawn height for your particular lawn type.

All lawn mowers are either reel mowers or rotary mowers. Professionals favor the reel mower for Bermuda and Zoysia because it acts like a pair of scissors and cuts each blade of grass cleanly, with minimal damage. The rotary mower spins around at high speeds and machetes the grass off. Rotary mowers, in general, create more damage to each blade of grass; rotary mowers with dull blades are even worse. Unfortunately, due to cost and maintenance considerations, rotary mowers are common.