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"It's not just about lawn treatments. It's about the customer. What makes our company different is our dedication to customer service. We don't just say it—we do it. We're your partner in providing you with a healthy lawn and landscape. Our motto is 'Greener lawn. Happier you.'"

Tom Poen | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Weedex offers full-service residential lawn treatment with fertilization and weed control programs, including optional fire ant and grub control, lawn aeration, and tree and shrub fertilization with insect and disease control.
Company History
Weedex has served the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 2001, when the family-owned company began as a commercial lawn care service. In 2005, the business expanded to offer the same lawn care service to the residential community. Company president Tom Poen has been in the lawn care industry for over 20 years.
Employee Information
Prospective employees must pass a background check and complete a 30-day training program before beginning work. Employees wear uniforms and drive vehicles marked with the Weedex logo.
TDA #0308245
Areas Served
Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, The Colony, Dallas, Irving, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, Richardson, Colleyville, Euless, Grapevine, Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lake Dallas, Lewisville

“Our lawn looks great!”

“Very excellent.”

“Great service.”

“Very good.”

“Weedex really is the best company to use if you want an ultra-green, weed-free lawn. They explain everything, and they get it done. If you follow their instructions on watering and mowing, you'll have the best lawn you might ever have seen. They are extremely skilled in knowledge of different kinds of weeds and what to do about them—A+.”

“I love that my lawn finally looks pretty. The employees at Weedex are wonderful at explaining in detail how to treat every aspect of my lawn. I never realized how much better my yard could look until I used them. They're fantastic—A+.”

“I have been a Weedex customer for years now. I really appreciate the outstanding lawn care services they do each year. The professional service and customer care is the best all around.”

“I recommend these guys to everyone. Best service I've ever had.”

“They took our lawn from scraggly to golf-course ready! Fabulousness! Much appreciation and gratitude.”

“Did good job!”

“Friendly, helpful rep.”

“On time.”

“Very dependable, excellent service and friendly personnel.”

“Very courteous and informative.”

“Doing great work on my lawn.”

“So far, they have treated the lawn in a timely manner and the lawn has an improved appearance.”

“Our lawn has improved nicely. No weeds and greener lawn.”

“I like the fact that Weedex always calls the day before to let me know they are coming, and what service they will be providing. If I am at home when they provide the treatment, they will go over with me what they did and what I need to do as follow-up.”

“I stopped using another national company because I had requested to be called first so I could unlock my back gate on the day they came in case I was not home. The other company failed to do that a few times but Weedex has called every time. I do have some Mushrooms popping up now so I need to ask them about that. The lawn itself is thick and green though.”

“Excellent job done. They do good work.”

“Benito is my lawn care specialist, and he's amazing. My puppy wants to run up and greet him every time he comes out. He's friendly and does a great job, he remembers conversations we have from previous times he has visited. He takes the time to answer all of my questions and offers recommendations on how I can enhance my lawn's look. Weedex lawn care does a great job. They have a great product and my lawn has benefitted greatly in the last two years we've had their services. My lawn has gone from completely wild and untamed to 90 percent better!”

“We really like the Weedex Lawn service. We pay a year in advance and are not pressured to purchase additional services. Our lawn looks great.”

“Weedex treatments has the weeds under control. The lawn is fuller, thicker and green! The technician is knowledgeable on products, weeds and grass. The office personnel are all about customer service. Totally pleased with this service!”

“My lawn was greener, thicker, and had no weeds shortly after I started using Weedex!”

“Great service professional employees”

“Great service!!”

“Good company- customer service is friendly and knowledgeable. Technician came to my lawn on time. Lawn treatment was very affective.”

“Weedex has always acted in a professional manner. They have always demonstrated their expertise and are always willing to assist with specific issues. The company has proved to be very reliable and highly recommended!”

“Always appreciate Keith.”

“Great work.”

“We have been absolutely pleased with Weedex and our lawn looks the best since we lived here!”

“Our guy is amazing and he had totally turned our terrible grass around! We can't believe the results he was 110 percent on timing and all advice!”

“From the first phone call I got a very positive feeling about the company's customer service. I have had only had 3 treatments but the grass looks great.”

“My service rep is always willing to provide a consultation if needed. We had an occasion where I was out of town and he could not get to the backyard. They were kind enough to come out and reschedule that within an appropriate time for us.”

“They are thorough, they are excellent communicators. I like the way they do business. It's convenient for busy household, great no fuss billing options.”

“Good job.”

“I had another company last year. I saw NO change in my lawn. This year it is totally different so pleased with the improvement even with our summer heat.”

“My yard has never looked better!”

“Very satisfied.”

“My lawn has never looked better!”

“Overall WeedEx provides great service. My lawn has looked great!”

“Jason treats my lawn. He is very polite, knowledgeable and patiently answers all of my lawn questions!”

“I am very satisfied with the performance of Weedex Lawn Care. They were honest and realistic about the performance of their herbicide (the first time I called they told me it would take a couple of applications to control the weeds). They are responsible (they always call me before they are coming to apply the herbicide/fertilizer), and they are willing to reschedule if something comes up. Their products are effective, keeping the weeds at bay. They always give recommendations according to the season with every invoice. I've lived in my house for four years, and I've contracted the services of Weedex Lawn Care for 5 months; my lawn looks greener than ever! Even my Crape Myrtles that received only a little fertilizer from the lawn application, grew twice as big this season.”

“We are very pleased with the products and service of Weedex.”

“Jason is prompt, very courteous, and always explains what he has done. (even though we get a paper, we appreciate his personal interest in our lawn. He knows we want what is best for our lawn.”

“After the first treatment they didn't return for two months, called the local office and finally sent a man out two weeks later. He only put down weed killer. Called the local office again they sent a new man out, he did the front yard weed killer and fertilizer, didn't call before he came out so he could not do the back yard. He returned a week later and did the back yard. Garrett did a good job and seemed knowledgeable.”

“My lawn was transformed from a brown, patchy eyesore into a verdant landscape including the removal of nearly all exogenous weeds. I am most pleased with the Weedex service.”

“Our tech is always prompt, professional and knowledgeable.”

“Everything looks good but still have lots of milkweed in parkway.”

“So far, so good!”

“I have found that Weedex has strengthened the lawn and considerably reduced weeds including sedge. When I have a problem they are prompt and thorough in their response. The lawn is thicker and greener than it has ever been.”

“Results are near immediate and pleasantly surprised by how lush our lawn is. It was initially prone to weeds and after a few treatments, haven't had any issues with weeds. Definitely renewing service on a yearly basis.”

“Each time before the application, we receive a call to open the gate. We appreciate the call. Whenever I've had concerns, the technician has addressed these concerns and told me of the application and how long it would take to eradicate the problem. We are pleased with the service.”

“Weedex does what they tell you they are going to do. Very unusual these days. I'm very happy with their service.”

“One glitch around the first treatment and communication but it has been great since then and very helpful in improving the lawn.”

“I only cancelled my service because I'm moving into an apartment. When I'm back in a house again, I will ABSOLUTELY set up service again!”

“Awesome. Weeds gone. I'm amazed.”

“Great overall company looking to please and keep their customers satisfied at their expenses if necessary.”

“Our lawn is doing much better and looks better.”

“Customer service when you call is great my yard as not look health in years and it is health looking. Thank you.”

“WeedEx has done a fabulous job on our new lawn and with our new landscaping. We have new construction. We purchased their top lawn package and their tree & scrub package as well as their cinch bugs, fungus, and scrubs optional treatments. Their staff has excellent knowledge of insects and diseases and when they do not know the answer to a question they refer us to an arborist. They take the time to answer our questions and do not just rush through the job. Their office staff is also very helpful and we always receive callbacks and feedback quickly. Without Weedex our financial investment in our new lawn and landscaping would have experienced a negative outcome. However, with Weedex we protected our investment and have a beautiful lawn/landscaping which we enjoy so very much! Hire the experts and make the financial investment in your lawn/landscaping and you will not be disappointed!”

“I really like the nice calls after the service is done. I also like that the service person is nice to my dog.”

“Newly built home, therefore the lawn was going through different stages which contained a new growth of grass and a whole lot of weeds. Weedex Lawn care staff took the lawn growth under control and eliminated growing weeds and made my lawn much cleaner and greener. Results are amazing!”

“We had used another company to treat our lawn and they made it worse than it was before we hired them. Weedex came in the following year and fixed everything. We regularly get compliments on our lawn from our neighbors now.”

“You can tell Benito cares about his job. He's very knowledgeable and friendly. I have recommended him to other neighbors.”

“Good job.”

“Prompt, courteous, and efficient. Made lawn look good again.”

“The Technician was courteous and knowledgeable, answered all my questions and did a terrific job.”

“Amazing service and results. Could not be happier.”

“Small company. Once you get past the administrative items they are very good to work with. Recommend.”

“Our yard looks excellent!!!”

“I'm still nervous about too much product getting into my pool, but my lawn is looking better. Thanks.”

“Excellent service. Great follow up. Super communication. Outstanding rates.”

“Excellent Service. Knowledgeable staff.”

“We have been with Weedex for about 2 years. If I have a question I call Customer Service and they can either answer it or have a technician call. We have been satisfied with their service.”

“Our lawn has never looked better in over a decade. We are more than pleased with the service they provide. We have a great lawn technician.”


“After fighting with my lawn for several years my wife said it's time to turn it over to a professional. My lawn is looking healthier than it ever has and the weeds are staying under control. The technicians are courteous and knowledgeable.”

“Great work! Great service.”

“It's been a very nice experience. From the get go, we have never been left in the dark and have never lost our trust in the company for the service provided. Lawn looks great. Thank you (Thanks Benito)”

“They do a good job.”

“Techs go above and beyond, a few names I recall are Steve, Cory, and Stacy. They call the day before service, and right after service is complete. If I don't answer they leave a message along with my service invoice that's always left in the front door. I also receive emails about the service performed. Overkill? I don't think so, I love the dedication!! We closed on our new construction home in October last year and began using Weedex in January. So far I've not had to call them to come out and re-treat. Only wish I have - Please add surface bug treatment to your plans (I did the grub).”

“Great experience with positive results!”

“They were prompt and did a good job.”

“My technician is both personable and professional. He blew me away with his concern for my lawn, never has any other tech showed that much concern. I'm getting what I expected and hoped for with this service provider. Best I've ever had.”

“Clearly defined scope of work and work performed. Detailed documentation of work performed. Prompt notification of application treatments. Excellent customer service”

“Great service and they have restored our lawn after another company damaged our lawn last year.”

“Called before they come. Work done as planned. Lawn Back from the Dead.”

“After almost two years of Weedex Lawn Care I can say that my lawn has never looked better. The grass is thick, healthy, and lush. So much so that it takes several mowings on a weekly basis during the summer months.”


“They always call to let us know that they are coming. One time the worker's truck broke down and he was quick to call me and let me know that he would have to reschedule. Very prompt and courteous company.”

“Customer service excellent. Just after last 2 treatments have been noticing some weeds. Grass is no longer as green as I would like it to be as well.”

“Neighbors ask me who I recommend for lawn care. I always recommend Weedex.”

“The Weedex Team does a fantastic job. They always call a day or two ahead, they do great work & provide updates on the work done, and my yard looks great. The service, communication, and quality are second to none. Thank you, Weedex Team.”

“I have just recommended Weedex to my new next door neighbor.”

“I am extremely satisfied with Weedex. I was concerned when they took over for my previous provider, but only because I was so happy with that provider. Thankfully Weedex has exceeded my expectations.”

“My lawn is greener and without weeds. Weedex calls and comes when they tell you they will, no hassle no problems.”

“I'm not usually home when Weedex comes, though they always leave a detailed explanation of what they did. I would really appreciate it though if they handled weeds in the back yard, where I have gardens. I understand they are reluctant because they don't want to kill the flowers, but along the dry creed and the fences they could spray and that would be a huge help.”

“Kaven Chapman, technician, was very good in explaining the treatments and expected results. Everyone has been great!”

“Yard looks great.”