The Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace enables homeowners to enjoy their yards even in cooler months and can be an excellent landscaping investment. Fire features can be premanufactured or custom built to suit the homeowner’s landscaping plan.

Fire pits. Fire pits are contained areas used to build an open fire. Available in wood- or gas-burning options, fire pits can be built-in or portable. They can be finished in a variety of materials, most commonly concrete, stone, or brick. With no side enclosures, a fire in a fire pit can be enjoyed from any angle.

Built-in fireplaces. Built-in fireplaces are full-scale fireplaces with a hearth and chimney. A built-in fireplace can provide an outdoor entertaining area with the coziness of an indoor living space. A sturdy, permanent feature, fireplaces are usually constructed with a steel frame. Common finishes include brick, tile, stone, or concrete.