Enjoying the Outdoors, Close to Home

Landscaping is more than just a few plants and trees surrounding a house. Experts estimate that homeowners in the United States spend between 30 and 40 billion dollars per year on the creation and maintenance of residential outdoor spaces.

Traditional landscaping services can be a great way to maintain the turf and foliage outside your home. Generally, a traditional company will staff horticultural experts along with work crews to manage the cleanup and care of exterior lawns and planting beds. While some companies only do a periodic mowing, trimming, and edging of grass areas, more expansive services are available. Some companies offer hand-weeding of planting beds. Seasonal work such as leaf removal, aeration and seeding, and lawn care applications might also be handled by the same company.

Outdoor living

Homeowners who are interested in wide-ranging improvements to their outdoor environments should consider hiring a full-service landscape design company. By incorporating the skills of landscape designers, masons, and carpenters into one staff, a full-service company can manage all aspects of an outdoor living project from the initial design to the execution of the upgraded plans.