Common Hardscape Components

Landscapes are an integration of both living plants and hardscapes, permanent structures that require installation and construction, such as patios and fences. Common hardscaping elements include:

Terraces. Terraces provide a creative way to turn an unwanted or perhaps dangerous slope into a series functional steps or stair-stepped beds in which to grow flowers or vegetables.

Decks and patios. Decks and patios are great for entertaining or simply enjoying the time spent outdoors.

Walkways and benches. Benches provide a welcoming place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Stone walkways add a rustic feel to landscaping, while brick paths tend to be more formal and elegant.

Lighting. Lighting is an important part of landscaping. Lighting can create an elegant nighttime atmosphere and can draw attention to particular aspects of both the landscape and the home.

Water features. Garden ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are designed and constructed to enhance a garden. Ponds can include bridges, fountains, and even fish. In addition to the visual appeal of water features, the relaxing sound of running water can create a feeling of serenity.

Retaining walls. Retaining walls, which can be constructed out of brick, stone, or other materials, are useful wherever changes in elevation could lead to erosion. Common uses include lining driveways and paths as well as creating terraced gardens.