Atlanta Landscape Planning

Planning for any new Atlanta lawn or garden is the most important part of landscaping; without a thoroughly mapped-out destination, a homeowner will encounter many wrong turns. Trained landscape architects can help clients clarify the destination by first identifying wants and needs. Landscape professionals should ask questions such as the following:

How will the space be used? Will entertaining take place outside? Is privacy a large concern?Are play areas needed? Is upkeep an issue? Is gardening a hobby? What type of look is desired?

Answers to these questions form the foundation for an aesthetically pleasing and practical landscape. Atlanta landscape architects and landscape design/build firms help clients develop creative visions of a property's possibilities. Additionally, with a wide variety of landscapes found in almost every neighborhood, neighbors' and friends' homes are exceptional sources of landscaping ideas.

Resources such as books and magazines are also available to provide landscape and gardening tips. Finally, garden shows, such as the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta, provide a great source of inspiration to many Atlanta homeowners.

Some Atlanta landscaping companies specialize in large design/build projects, while others specialize in more modestly sized projects. It is important to find a designer whose portfolio is in keeping with your preferences. For reliable companies, choose from among the Best Pick™ Atlanta landscaping contractors.