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Broward Landscape has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 82 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Our passion to design, install, and maintain properties is clearly visible in our workmanship today. We apply this mantra to all of our commercial and residential sectors. We believe people see passion. Our goal is to provide you with that same passion you have for your own project."

Adam Baker | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Broward Landscape provides residential and commercial landscaping services, including design and property maintenance. The company also offers outdoor living solutions, such as water features, retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, walkways, pergolas, outdoor lighting, outdoor audio, and fire pits.
Minimum Job
A $10,000 minimum is required.
Broward Landscape offers a full warranty.
Company History
The local company was established in 1996.
Broward Landscape has been awarded multiple Pulse of the City awards for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction. Owner Adam Baker is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist as well as a member of the ISA.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
Areas Served
Coral Gables, Doral, Hialeah, Kendall, Key Biscayne, Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Opa Locka, The Hammocks, Dania, Deerfield Beach, Hallandale, Hollywood, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Weston, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Sunrise, Jupiter, Lantana, Lake Worth, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Springs, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach

“I would highly recommend them to anyone. They're a highly professional landscaping company that is the best that I've ever encountered. We will continue to use them in the future.”

“It was a great experience all around. Everything was done professionally, and as promised.”

“I've had them do 4 jobs, and I'm working on my 5th job with them now. I would venture to say, if you don't use them, you're a fool.”

“They are just different. While they are very knowledgeable and full of suggestions, they stop and listen to your wants and needs. I can appreciate how knowledgeable and humble they are. Whereas most companies just tell you want they think you want, Broward Landscape, takes the time to listen to you, then offers their suggestions.”

“They're fantastic. We were more than pleased—we were thrilled. They landscaped all around our new house. Our plants are exquisite. They're very creative. They put the right tree in just the right place—excellent. It was totally transformed—A+.”

“Broward Landscape is one of the best companies I've ever hired. They did my whole backyard. They did a great job recommending everything, and it came out wonderfully. They were very knowledgeable about what I needed. I'd give them an A+.”

“They're awesome. I've had several things done. They've planted trees, taken down trees, helped with landscape design—a little bit of everything. They helped me solve projects and had great ideas. I'm super happy with my yard. They're an A+. They're a good company. They've got everything under control.”

“I love those guys. Excellent landscaping work. They're the best.”

“I had an unbelievably positive experience with them. I really thought that the owner, Adam Baker, was absolutely awesome. He was so personable. He came out to the house himself, and he didn't have to do that. And Chase, the manager of the project—I would call him a personal friend. He's amazing. I couldn't believe what a good job they did. They put in all new landscaping. This summer, I'm going to have them do an outdoor living space. I would give them an A+ for sure. The experience was excellent, and the quality was superb. I wouldn't go with anyone else. I'd recommend them.”

“They did lawn maintenance for us, and they put some new flowers and a couple of trees in the back. I just feel like they were always super consistent. He was just very honest with everything from start to finish. I'd give the overall experience an A+. I recommend them to everyone.”

“They did our landscape, and they definitely changed our world and our view. They showed up and did fast work. They made a huge change to my look of my place, and they were fast and tidy. They don't waste their time. They come in, get it done right, and get out of there. I had a very positive experience. I would give them an A+. I don't have anything negative to say in any way. They're clean. The work looks beautiful. Everybody loves it. Adam Baker is a very smart guy. He knows what he's doing, and he's been doing it a long time, you can tell. It was a job well done with no messing around. You can't say they took a long time. They came in. They blasted it. They got it done. It's brand new, beautiful landscaping. I'd recommend them for sure.”

“They've done maintenance for a long time at my property. They've also done installation of trees and rocks and gardening stuff. Every time I call them, they're very responsive. They seem to know what they're doing. Adam came out and redid the whole backyard, and it's gorgeous. I'm very, very happy with them. I wouldn't use anyone else. I'd give them an A+ for sure. I've never had a problem. I've been using them for a long time. I recommend them all of the time.”

“They did landscaping. They delivered exactly what I asked for. He came and did what he said he was going to do at the time he said he was going to do it. They left the property cleaner than when they came. The whole experience was amazing. I'd give them an A+. I have recommended them.”

“The owner of the company, Adam, is tremendous. He has a good personality, is good to his customers, and he goes above and beyond. If there's a problem, he's there to fix it for you. At one time, they fixed up the whole yard. Now I use them for landscape maintenance. I'd give them an A+.”

“We've used them for five or six years at least, and they do an excellent job. I'd give the overall experience an A+.”

“They were just extremely knowledgeable and professional, and their customer service was great. They were doing landscaping for a new home. I'd give them an A+.”

“They're amazing. They were very thorough. They worked fast and efficiently, and they were really nice. They were just very friendly. Any suggestions I had, they took in mind and ran with it. They did more than I expected. They did the landscaping. I would give them an A+. I'd recommend them one hundred percent.”

“They did a landscaping job for the front yard. I liked the final product. I would give them an A. I'd highly recommend them.”

“They did my landscaping. Adam's outgoing personality amongst other things made the experience positive. They did a fantastic job.”

“They've done tree trimming. They've also done additional detail work to the property, like mulching and adding new rocks, and they do monthly maintenance for us. They have for years. I'd give them an A+. I recommend them all of the time.”

“They did mostly landscape work and landscape maintenance. The owner always responds to any requests I make. He's totally responsive to the customer. I'd give them an A+. I recommend them all the time.”

“This is the second time they came to my house. The first time they redid the front yard, and the second time they cleaned up what needed to be done. They took some trees out and replanted another area. I thought their follow-up was good. They did what they said they were going to do. They were here when they said they were going to be. I needed them to finish by a certain date, and they got it done for me and cleaned up. And the guys are all nice. It's a very nice company to work with. I'd give them an A+. I do recommend them.”

“They do all of my landscaping. They're good. I trust them. I'd give them an A+.”

“I use them for my landscape work at some of the hotels I manage. I used them for some palm tree replacement. They do work in one of the communities by our house, too. They do a nice job on the corporate part also. I'd give them an A+. I work with Adam. He's very detailed. His crews are always on time for us, so I give them an A+. I have recommended them already.”

“They take care of my lawn and do general maintenance. They're easy to deal with, and if I have a problem, they take care of it. They're very responsive. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did landscaping of a large property and all of the maintenance. They do good work, and they're easy to work with. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did some landscaping around my house. They did what they told me they were going to do, and they did it in a very professional manner. They did it in the timeframe that they promised, and everything looked great. Out of everybody else I've dealt with down here, I'd give them an A+.”

“We moved a couple of palm trees around. They added some palm trees and tore out all the old stuff. They did a little design for me. I'm very pleased with what they did. I'd give the overall experience an A+. From start to finish, they were very good. I already have recommended them to other people.”

“They're very professional. They did landscaping. I'd give them an A+.”

“The guys are very good. Everything they said they were going to do, they did. They cleaned up after themselves. All in all, it was very good. They did landscaping and a barbeque grill. Overall, I would give them an A+. They were a stand-up team.”

“I liked their customer service. They've taken care of my property, which is about five acres, for over three years now. They do all of the landscaping. They do all of my big projects. They pretty much handle all of my exterior landscaping year-round. Overall, Broward Landscape is an A+.”

“The work was good. The planting was good. They showed up when they said they were going to show up, and they planted what they said they were going to plant. I would give them an A+.”

“They do landscaping. I'd recommend them.”

“They did a big landscaping project for me. They did what they said they were going to do, and they did it quick. I'd give them an A.”

“They did some landscaping. I liked the end results, the way it turned out. It looks good. It works for the state. I'd give the whole experience an A.”

“They did landscape work. The guy we were dealing with was responsive and stayed on top of it. He's worked in our neighborhood before and knew what to do to help with the HOA. I'd give them an A.”

“They maintain our house on a monthly basis, and they relandscaped my entire yard a couple of years ago. I like their knowledge of plants. They knew what would grow well both in the sun and shade. They really know their plants. Any time I ask them to get something done, they do it. I have no complaints with them. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They did landscaping for different properties. We are working on creating an outdoor living space on two of our properties. I like their attention to detail. The crew is always friendly. They take care of things before there's a problem. They do a really good job not just with landscaping but design as well. I'd give them an A.”

“I had them do sod removal and replacement and backyard landscaping. They showed up when they were supposed to. I've had other people not do that. The men did a very good job, and they were pretty quick. I'd give them an A.”

“They did landscaping. Their creativity made the experience positive. I'd give them an A.”

“They're very good. They're relational. They did landscaping. I have no complaints.”

“They're timely, efficient. They're good to work with. They did landscaping for me. I'd give them an A. I have no complaints.”

“I had a positive experience with Broward Landscaping.”

“It was positive.”

“They do my landscaping. They do a fine job.”

“They did a great job. They redid most of my landscape. They were professional. They did design. They took the design off of my shoulders. I liked the quality of work and their design creativity. I'd give them an A.”

“They're very good. They cut the grass, deal with the sprinklers, and cut the trees. Whatever we need, they take care of right away. Their customer service is very good. They're fast and right. Chase is the supervisor. I've never had a problem with him. He's always on point. If there's ever a situation with one of our residents, they take care of it. They're A+ across the board.”

“They did planting, and they did trimming—just everything. They were always on time, and they did a good job. I'd give them an A.”

“They're fantastic. It was more than positive. We were more than pleased; we were sort of thrilled. They did landscaping. They landscaped all around our new house. Our plants are exquisite, and he's very creative and puts just the right tree in just the right place. He's just excellent. We're totally transformed. I'd give them an A+ overall.”

“They're awesome. I've had several things done with them. They've planted trees for me. They've taken down trees that I've had to remove. They helped me solve projects. They did a little bit of everything. It's awesome. They had great ideas. Right now, they're helping with an area down by my pond to put a few trees in and the landscape design. I'm super happy with my yard and stuff. I have a pretty big yard, two and a half acres. I'd give them an A+. They're a good company. It seems like they've got everything under control. Several guys show up, and they've got their trucks and everything. It seems like they have everything that they need to get the job done.”

“He was fine with us. They did commercial landscaping for us. They're excellent. When they started the job quickly, and they did a good job. I'd give them an A.”

“They do all of the front landscaping of single family homes and townhouses for the HOA's and condos that I manage. I think they do a good job. They're always professional. If I have any extra work, they're very responsive to any individual needs I may have. They get an A.”

“I have a 20-acre property, and they maintain the entire property—tree trimming, landscaping, cut, blow, and mow. They respond very quickly if I have an issue. If I have a concern, they'll come right over and adjust it. I'd give them an A. They do a good job for me.”

“They're one of the best companies I've ever hired. I had them redo my whole backyard. I kept everything very natural, so they did a great job of recommending everything that I needed in areas for the outdoor seeding and the plants that I needed. It came out wonderful. They were very knowledgeable about what I needed. I'd give the overall experience an A+. I'd highly recommend them to anybody.”

“They've done work for us for about 12-14 years now. They've done lawn maintenance, edge trimming, and fertilization. And then they do all of our landscaping—leaves, trees, mulch, rocks, etc. The main thing I like about them is I've got a good supervisor that we connect with, Chase. He's our main contact, so we run everything by him. He sets the schedule and gets us the prices. With working with him so long it's down to a pretty good routine and science now. Everything is done pretty quickly, but it's just a question of scheduling. They're a very busy company. I'd give them an A-.”

“They were great. I love those guys. For landscaping, they do excellent work. I'd absolutely recommend them. To me, they're the best.”