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"American Gardens strongly stands behind its company philosophy, 'Creativity, craftsmanship, and care.' We provide truly inspired designs, installation with skilled craftsmanship, and horticultural garden care to make sure that your garden grows and flourishes. We would like to be part of your landscape for years to come."

Dan Wanzung | Partner
Company Information
Services Offered
American Gardens offers landscape architecture and design, installation, lighting, and garden care. The company considers sustainability in all aspects of design and installation.
Minimum Job
American Gardens' job minimums include $10,000 for installations, $500 for maintenance, and a fee for designs.
Company History
Jerry and Dan founded the company in 1991. Both partners graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with degrees in landscape architecture.
American Gardens has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens publications. Company cofounder Dan Wanzung is a past president of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, and his partner, Jerry Milewski, has earned The Naturalist Certificate from the Morton Arboretum.
Areas Served
Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 71 homeowner reviews:
“We love American Gardens. From the first time that we met Dan—one of the principals—he spent a lot of time at our home, surveying our property inside and out. He worked with us to develop several different plans. The installation was great, the plans were good quality, and they followed up with us on anything we needed. They did a spring cleanup for us this year and a fall cleanup last year. I've actually already recommended them. I would give the experience an A++.”
“They were very good. Everything they promised, they did, and Dan bent over backwards to get the best plants and draw good designs. I would rate them as an A.”
“They do a great job, and they're reliable and professional. They come as needed. They earned an A.”
“They're very professional and thorough. They get an A.”
“I had a positive experience with American Gardens.”
“It was a very positive experience. They were fine. I would give them an A.”
“I had a very good experience with them.”
“When you have work done by them, they do the work totally. They come in, and they're very professional. The people that work for them are very busy all day, doing what they're supposed to do. They leave everything neat and clean when they leave, even to the point where we did spring cleanup, and it was raining outside, and they couldn't get all the dirt off, but they came back the next day and cleaned it all up. I didn't even have to call. I would definitely give them an A. One of the things I like about them is, over the years, they've done some landscaping for us as well. Now they're doing maintenance for us, too. I've met a lot of frogs until I got to some princes. A lot of people told me the wrong thing, and then they came in, and the plants lasted a month or two before they died. Then I found out later on, through my own research, that the plants were inappropriate for the areas that they were put in. I've never had that problem with American Gardens. I recommend them all of the time.”
“It was a positive experience.”
“American Gardens was great. They did a terrific job. They were very personable and very thorough. They listened to what we requested and wanted, and they were very attentive and very accommodating to us. They did a landscape plan—they just did the design; they did not do the installation. I found the company through Best Pick Reports. I'd give them an A.”
“They did a great job. They installed hardscaping and did landscaping. I've been working with them for about eight years for my landscaping, and they've done a couple of different projects for me. Their customer service is excellent and consistent. I'd give them an A.”
“I liked their attention to detail, their workmanship, their overall plan, and their suggestions for solving problems. They've done both hardscaping and planting for us over a ten-year period. There were different projects and different jobs. I took a class that Jerry was teaching on hardscaping, and that is where I met them. I'd rate American Gardens as an A+.”
“They were courteous, quick, knowledgeable, and very professional. They were thoughtful about what I was looking for. They did a couple of things. First, they did a plan for our yard, and then they also planted some trees for us. I chose them over a different company because our neighbor had used them years ago; we were looking for somebody to help us out with a plan, and we liked what they had done for our neighbor. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were really good about making sure they did everything according to what we wanted done and how we planned it, so it came out very well. They put in ten to fifteen bushes and plants and then redid some flower beds. I'd give them an A+.”
“We worked with American Gardens before, and they're very good about following up, listening to what we want them to do, and coming up with good ideas and solutions to problems that we have. We had spring cleanup done this year, and we asked them to do some extra work because we were getting the house ready to sell, and they did. I've been using them for probably about ten years. I'd rate their company as an A.”
“The people that were doing the work smiled, and they were very pleasant, efficient, and thoughtful. They redid our front lawn—they took out shrubs, put in other shrubs, and redesigned it. They get an A.”
“American Gardens actually took over another business that we were working with. It was landscaping—we have a large acreage, so we had a company come in and put wiring in the ground so that we could light our trees at different dimensions and at different lengths. Some are going up and some are going down to show the dimensions of the woods that we live in. They bought the company that we worked with, and that's how we have been working with them for probably the last two years. They do our lights. We have had an absolutely good experience working with them. They're very receptive in terms of turnaround time when they come out if something needs to be fixed or repaired. Their response time is very good, and their customer service is very good. I'd give them an A rating.”
“They're consistent and talented. We have a little over an acre, and they've been working for about three years on general maintenance around the property. I found the company through a friend. I'd give them the top grade.”
“American Gardens designed a landscape plan so that all season long something is always blooming—all the perennials, the bushes, everything. Something will always be flowering, and it's really awesome. By them taking care of it, it's worry-free; it just automatically looks great. They make sure that everything works out perfectly. I've been using them for ten years, and I'd give them an A+, no question.”
“It was absolutely beautiful, and Dan was wonderful. American Gardens had excellent customer service. I was very pleased, and I would recommend them to anyone. He designed a garden that went across the whole front of the house, and it's very nice and easy to maintain. All in all, it was a very pleasant and rewarding experience. I'd give them an A+, absolutely.”
“I would hire them in a heartbeat—they're fantastic designers.”
“American Gardens is an A+ business.”
“They redid the drainage around our home, and they redid the landscaping design. I heard about them through a referral from a neighbor, and I'd refer them and use them again myself. I'd give them an A+ grade.”
“They did some hard and soft landscaping. I did not have any issues with them. American Gardens has earned an A+.”
“They did some landscaping design, and they did a lot of installations. I think the landscape architect, Jerry, was very good and very responsive—he did a great job. I would give him an A.”
“American Gardens built a patio. They were very professional. I would use them again if I needed to, and I'd recommend them to other people. They get an A in my book.”
“They do regular maintenance—mostly mulch. They've built several retention ponds in our yard that are equipped with pump capabilities if we need to evacuate them. They've also subcontracted a rather large job for our entryway. We keep calling them because we like them. They do everything for me, and if I were not satisfied, I wouldn't be using them. I would give them an A.”
“They do general maintenance and landscape architecture. Their immediate service stands out for me; when I am in need, they do not make me wait days on end for some kind of response. I have been using them for four months. I would recommend them, and I'd rate their service as an A.”
“They installed plants and sidewalk hardscaping for me, and they provide maintenance on an ongoing basis. Jerry, in particular, is very responsive. Their crew shows up when they are supposed to, and they do good work. They get an A grade from me.”
“Dan was the guy from American Gardens who did the design, and he was very professional and very knowledgeable about the product they recommended for planting. Our previous landscape was just put there without any regard for the type of area we're in, so all of our stuff became extremely overgrown and too large for our space. He was able to explain all of that, and I appreciated his flexibility with our schedule and time. He took care and time to take on the project. I'd give them an A+.”
“They do very quality work, and they deserve an A+.”
“American Gardens has very conscientious workers, and they went over and above what was necessary in the job. I liked their politeness and courteousness, they were on time, and they left the work site clean. I'd definitely use them again and recommend them to other people. They're an A+.”
“American Gardens did a good job. The quality of the work is excellent. They did a front renovation, and I chose them because they were the best. They did a great job; there's no way they could improve. They deserve the A grade.”
“They did a good job. It was just one time, so far, but they followed up. They followed up when they came to do the estimate, and they followed up with their estimate. I was impressed with the timing and just the nature of the work. The trees looked good after they got trimmed. Overall, I was very impressed with them. They came and did some trimming of our trees and shrubs, and then mowing the grass—it was overgrown—and cleaning of the weeds in the yard. We had just bought the house, and it had been maintained very badly. We just wanted to dewinterize every piece of it—trim down the trees, pull the weeds, mow the lawn, and get the yard ready for spring. They did all of that; that's what they did. They get the top score; I would give them an excellent grade—an A. I would use them again, and I would not want to use somebody again who I was not happy with.”
“Everything is perfect. They're very good; it was a great experience on every front. Everything made it great—the service and the people who are professional, courteous, on time, and helpful. That's why I keep using them. They do landscape design and installation for me, and there have been no glitches. I would give them an A+.”
“They're very reliable. Jerry is extremely customer-oriented, and the staff is thorough, good, and easy to work with. I found them through a word of mouth referral. They did some planting, routine maintenance throughout the year, and a lot of landscape designs early on. We've been working with them for about seven or eight years, and overall, they're the keepers of our yard. I would say they've earned the A.”
“American Gardens just does good work. They do what they say they're going to do, they do a neat job, and they clean up after. They just did what they were supposed to do. I've known Dan Wanzung for several years. I've used them before, and I'll use them again. If there were any way I felt they could improve, I would just call them myself. I can talk to them directly any time I want to if I have questions about their service. I would give them an A+.”
“I like everything about American Gardens. They have a great design, good plant material, and a really great staff who comes around, installs things, and does maintenance. They've done design landscaping—not a great deal, but some additional work like cleaning edges and things like that—over the years. It's mostly design and installation. They were a personal recommendation, and I've never had to take up any issue with them. They deserve an A+.”
“They're a people's service; they're committed to their clients. They were referred by our architect. They did design and implemented all the planting, lighting and stone work. I haven't had to call them back at all; they're the greatest. I would give them an A+.”
“They were thorough with a very strong attention to detail. They did the job well. They did a regrading of the yard, and because we had problems with water retention, they made a dry wall for our front yard. I've never had to call them back pertaining to anything since then. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“They did what they're contracted for. This was the fifth time I've used them. In the fall, we have them come in and do cleanup; they cut back the plants and whatnot, and if I need any of the mulch. Basically, it's cleanup, but we've used them for other stuff. Where we're located is way out of the normal area that they work in; they just come out to see us and my cousin, specifically. We're way south of where they're located. I would give them an A.”
“Everything has been great. They're very responsive and very kind. They've done regular maintenance and some plantings—everything. They get an A.”
“American Gardens is on us in the spring for cleanup. They just make sure that we're satisfied. They do regular maintenance on a biannual basis. They've been working for us for one month; we just moved here. We chose them because of a referral from the previous owner, and they're doing a good job. I would grade them an A.”
“I wouldn't say there's anything I don't like about American Gardens. They're pleasant to deal with. They're professional, and I thought the job was done in a timely manner and well-executed. They were great to deal with. They're responsive when you have questions. They've done several things for me, and they've earned an A.”
“They were very responsive, and they stuck by their quote. They said their quote was one thing, and that's what they stuck to, so there was no overage on the quote. They were very quick to respond. Obviously, landscaping is tricky. Some things can die just because they get shocked and don't survive in transport. They immediately fixed anything that didn't make it—that didn't transport well. They're just very responsive and very easy to work with. We had moved into a new house that had not been taken care of at all, so they pretty much ripped up all the plants, weeds, or whatever they were and just redesigned the landscaping. They moved some plants around for us and gave us the more private feel that we wanted in the backyard—that type of thing. They did the front yard, backyard, and side yard. They did a lot of paver bricks for us, too—the walkway and things like that. It was kind of just the whole nine yards. I would give them an A—absolutely.”

American Gardens was incredible. It was a complicated situation because we discovered a lot of things we couldn't have anticipated. They were just amazing and very professional. They went above and beyond and really helped me through it.

American Gardens did a major landscaping project for us. Dan really listened to what we wanted, so the result is just what we had in mind. We're really happy with it.

They were fabulous—very good at identifying what we needed, making suggestions that fit, and then implementing the job. We used them to build a garden, and everything went lovely.

I had a good experience with American Gardens. Their attention to detail is very good, and they have a good eye for making the property look terrific. They get an A+.

American Gardens is first class. They gave me a bunch of ideas I liked and executed them exactly as they said they would. They redid my front lawn, everything from planting shrubs to redefining my flower beds. Their work turned out perfectly.

They did some landscaping and put a pond in the backyard, and I was very satisfied. Something I really liked is that they listened to what I had in mind, and they were able to provide a design within my budget. They get an A+.

I can’t say enough about American Gardens. The principal landscape architects are excellent—very professional and very good at their craft. They replanted some trees that weren’t doing well where they were located, and they put in a rock pathway. They showed a lot of understanding about plants and basically reshaped how my house looks from the street. They’re just very good people to work with. I’d give them an A+.

They're very responsive—very punctual. They make a commitment, and they stick with it.

We had a very positive experience with American Gardens. I really don't recall what they did for me, and my son would probably know more about that than I would. I believe it was some type of landscaping; we were very pleased with them. They responded to our requests in a timely manner. I would refer them to other friends and associates. The technicians cleaned up well after their services, also. They were an A.

American Gardens does excellent work. They held up with their guarantees, and they're very creative. The result was exactly what I wanted. What made their work so great was Jerry Milewski; he created the design and executed it. I'm bad about dates, but I guess it was three years ago. Since then, everything has held up fine. I didn't have any communication problems. They cleaned up after themselves. I have recommended them, and I have used them again. They're an A.

I would say their work is excellent. They mowed the lawn, trimmed, trimmed bushes, fertilized, and planted flower beds—all the typical landscaping duties that would occur. I would give them an A+.

I was very happy with the service. They stayed on schedule; we had a tight schedule, and they got the work done on time. They did some landscaping work around the patio. They planted shrubs and flowers and did patio pavers. It seems to be good. They finished this job for me in a reasonable amount of time. The customer service was responsive—good. I'd give them an A+.

American Gardens did a fine job. They did some underground water displacement from our property. The quality of their work was perfect. The technicians were very good. They were great. I would give them an A+.

They did a great job of designing our yard as well as completing the work, and our yard is very nice now. They drew up some architecture plans as far as landscaping and installed everything as well. Everything was top-notch. Their customer service was great. They took the time to explain everything. I guess the time line would've been a negative, but they don't really have a control over that. I know they have a lot of other customers and are trying to get everything done. It was just getting started; that was the only issue. They finished in a reasonable amount of time. After they got started, they were fine. I would use them again in the future. I would rate American Gardens an A.

A few years ago, we hired them to design and install the planting, and we’ve been extremely happy with the results. They do our holiday decorations, too. It’s just fabulous.

They’ve worked for me for twenty years. So, I think that would say that I’m very pleased with everything they do. They also take care of my businesses. They’re all very professional and knowledgeable and accommodating and creative.

I love them. Our backyard is beautiful. They did planting, as well as paving a walk way, and then a small patio.

They’re an amazing company to work with. Jerry’s a great guy — I always call on him if I need something. He’s helped me make some big landscaping choices. What they regularly do for me is the trimming of my bushes. They’re just a great company. 

We really had a wonderful experience with them. They did all of our landscaping. They did hardscapes and plantings. I thought they were great. I would absolutely recommend them.

They’re absolutely fabulous. They’re the best company I’ve ever hired to do anything.

We’ve been very happy with them from start to finish. We’ve had several projects they’ve worked on and followed through with their maintenance. I use them for both maintenance and the bigger projects, and they’ve been excellent.

They’ve designed our yard and installed it...They did pavers, and they did a patio, and they also put in a fountain. Everything looks wonderful.

I thought they did a very good job. Courteous staff. The backyard was totally redone. They did a little garden area. It’s beautiful....Wonderful. I love to be back there.

They designed and implemented an incredible landscaping project in our backyard. It was a many-year project that’s absolutely magnificent. They very much listen to the customer’s desires. They took pictures so that I knew what I would see from every angle from my living space. The garden is really like an additional room on the living space of your home. They’re very detailed.

They have an outstanding work ethic, and their design capabilities are par excellence. Our backyard, we lived here for 18 years, and it was completely useless. They came, and we use it all the time now.

They're great. They did landscaping for me. I've been using them for a few years. They do planting. What stands out to me is their expertise in knowing the native plants and what to plant. They were following the design for our planting, and they totally knew what they were doing. It looked great. It's beautiful.

We're very pleased with them.

The outdoor lighting is fine. They did a good job on it. I would recommend their service to someone else.

They've actually done a couple of projects for me, but most recently they did this blue stone walkway. Then they did some landscaping around that walkway. It's patio sized, even though it's going from a front porch to a driveway. Then they landscaped around it and also landscaped the front yard. The project went great from start to finish. They were the ones that did the plans, picked out all the materials, and then executed everything. It worked out really well. I would absolutely consider working with them again if I needed to.

They added in some new landscaping, redesigned it, and then did a little bit of maintenance. They were very professional, very efficient, had good timing, and were really good with the ground work. They put in some window boxes, which I think I would have gotten a better value somewhere else maybe. Overall, we'd use them again. They were very good, and I would recommend them to people.

They're great. They did a fantastic job for me. The landscaper I worked with was extremely attentive and careful and went the extra mile. It was great. They did my whole yard. They moved dirt around and they planted trees.

Over the years, they've done a lot of stuff, like all of our landscaping and things like that. But most recently, like this past year, they also cut the grass. They did the cleaning, cleanup, raking, all of that—what I would call lawn and maintenance service. That was the primary thing they did this year. We're very satisfied with their work, with their quality and everything like that. One of the things I like about them is that, when you call them, they respond almost immediately. I've never had a problem with them. If you call and you have something you need where, let's say, 'I got a problem, or I need to have somebody look at something,' generally speaking they have somebody out within 24 hours. So we've been very happy with the service. If we weren't we wouldn't be using them. Where we live, you can't count them on both hands and toes in terms of the landscape services that are available. So if these guys weren't doing a very good job, we wouldn't be using them. I would absolutely recommend them to somebody.

I'd rate them an A. We've worked with them probably now for seven or eight years, so we keep getting them to put in landscaping or replace or redo stuff. They're very fine. They've done hardscapes and softscapes, and I've been happy with them. They strictly do the landscaping. I would refer them to other people for their work.

They do a wonderful job. They do the weekly maintenance, and they always do a wonderful job. There's never been a problem, and they've always followed up on everything. They're doing a good job keeping the yard the way I like it. I would recommend them.

Their work was good. All they've done is outdoor lighting. I would recommend them to someone else.

It was excellent. It was wonderful. I'd highly recommend them. I've referred them to several people. It was very good.

American Gardens has done a good job for us.

It was very good. We were very happy. They were very professional and cleaned up after themselves.

I really like them. They're reliable, and they show up on time. The service that they provide is what they indicate on a proposal. I really like them a lot. They've done landscaping for me. They do landscaping, and they do a fall cleanup for me as well. I would absolutely recommend them to someone else.

They did a good job. I'm happy with everything. Everything looks really good. There wasn't any trouble or problems.

We've been working with them over probably an 11-year period. They've done a series of hardscape and planting projects for us. They've done patios as well as design, and then they also finished the driveway work. They've also done walkways from the entrances to the house all the way to the curbside. So, it's kind of an extensive front and backyard on the hardscape. They've built a pergola and kind of a garbage can enclosure design to screen our property. They did that design, and then we've done a lot of plantings both in the front and the backyard with them, an extensive number of tall and larger trees as well as plants and then perennials throughout the front and back. They've done a lot of things; it's rather extensive. They've always finished in an appropriate amount of time, weather permitting. The only variable has just been the weather. We've gone through cycles where we get weeks of rain, so things just get bumped. They're always on time and do a thorough job. We're very pleased with them. It's been strictly the landscaping. They have done the spring cleanup, and usually associated with that, we then add some plant material. Or some things we've talked about in the fall, we've waited to do in the spring. They do great work. They're always very good listeners when it comes to trying to figure out plants that might work best in our yard. We have garden areas because we've got a lot of shade on one half of our property and sun on the other. So it works out really well. I'd recommend them. And I have recommended them to other people, and they've been as pleased.

I used American Gardens out of Elmhurst. He's an architect for construction for landscape; it's the only thing he does. They did a great job.

They do landscaping, and I thoroughly enjoy them. I enjoy my representative, Jerry, the best. It's more maintenance work. They always come out on time.

It's been sporadic, but it's been two years, I think, since we've had them here. But we definitely have thought they did a really good job. They've just done landscaping for me. We would call them again if we wanted more landscaping done. We would refer them to other people.

They were wonderful. I was absolutely satisfied. Everything was beautiful. The workmen were kind. They were out there in the pouring rain and putting things in, and they could not have been nicer. This was just for a specific job. I would absolutely consider working with them again if I needed to.

I was satisfied and pleased. They moved a tree, which my wife had decided was placed wrong originally, and she's very pleased with that. They did some trimming of the trees. They did good, quality work.

They took out all of our old landscaping and put in all new landscaping. They're very professional and easy to work with. They do a great job. They did the actual design and were open to suggestions I had. There weren't any communication problems with any of the people that came out. They were very easy to work with. They do the landscape maintenance, but they don't cut the grass. Other than that, they take care of the cleanup. I would definitely refer them to other people.

They've done weekly cleanup and mowing and things like that around our home. I was very impressed with their supervisor, the head of the company. I forget what his name is, but he did a good job. They were here each week and so on. They did just the weekly work. I had no communication problems with any of the staff that came out. I would refer this company to other people.

We've used them for both specific projects and ongoing maintenance. I am very satisfied with their work. They seem like they do well with everything. We have used them more than once. I would recommend them, and have.

They're very good. They do my weekly yard service, and they do a very good job. If I have any issues, you can call them. They attend to it right away, and they do it in a very nice way. I have recommended them to someone else. I like them a lot.

They're very good. They did all of our landscaping. They did hardscapes as well, like retaining walls. Everything's great, and I would recommend them to someone else.

We think very highly of them. We have an ongoing relationship with them. We have some more work planned that they're going to be doing this coming summer, so I think their work is outstanding. At this point, they've just been doing landscaping. I like everything that they did.

I was quite pleased with American Gardens. I thought the workers were very hardworking and worked all the time that they were here. I'm not too familiar with the landscape architect, but he seemed to know what he was doing. I mean, I have not had that much interaction with him. They did some reshaping and cleaning up of the garden area in the front yard and planted bushes and one evergreen and another tree. They were just very capable. I really have no complaints. I would use them again and recommend them to someone else.

They were very prompt. They've done some work for us on a sort of a recurring thing. We have some outdoor lights, and they sort of service them. So when I've called them, they come right out. They do my landscaping lights. I have used them a couple of years. I will absolutely continue to use them because they're reliable and dependable.

I think they're always very professional. They listen to what you want, and they perform the work very well. Actually, they do just about everything for me. They come on a weekly basis, and when I added onto my home, they re-landscaped and created my patio and gave me some proper drainage. They built some blue stone walks and replanted for me. And then they come and manicure my lawn and my bushes and trees and everything every week. I am happy with everything. They are very attentive, and when they maintain the lawn, that's great. But they actually look for the wild weed that's growing up in the middle of the bushes or something like that. They really take a really good look at what's really happening there; they're not just there to cut the grass and leave. Of course, I've had them do many other things too.