Kitchen Cabinets

Because of their large presence in a kitchen, cabinets can have the biggest visual impact on the room.  

Custom.  Custom cabinets are built to fit the kitchen and are made of high-quality materials.  Custom cabinets frequently cost more because they require the attention and the talents of experienced craftsmen.

Semi-custom.  Semi-custom cabinets are factory built upon order, but homeowners choose from a library containing a variety of wood and design options in specific sizes.  Semi-custom cabinets are usually less expensive than custom-built ones, but since they come in standard shapes and sizes, they may limit the design of the kitchen.  

Refacing.  Refacing makes the exterior of the cabinets look brand-new.  The structure and interiors of the cabinets will not change, and other kitchen remodeling plans will be limited by the current cabinet layout.