Why Hire a Junk Remover?

Junk removal companies perform many tasks beyond simply taking away unwanted items.

Moving items and loading the truck. Whether there is a lot of stuff to haul away or just a few large items, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a junk remover is that the team will gather everything, do all the heavy lifting, and get it all onto the truck. In contrast, with a trash collection service, the homeowner is responsible for moving everything to the curb for pickup. For many people, this task could be not only difficult but potentially dangerous as well, particularly if it involves very heavy or cumbersome items or debris.

Sorting, recycling, selling, and donating. When homeowners have a large amount of stuff to clean out, they may not relish the prospect of sorting and organizing all the items or debris by material type and ensuring nothing exceeds specific size or weight limits. However, this up-front work is required for most bulk pickups by a trash collector. Professional junk removal contractors, on the other hand, simply take the unorganized mass of items and debris from a home—with few limits on the size, type, or weight of acceptable materials—and do all the sorting, renewing, and recycling activities elsewhere. The work for the homeowner consists solely of deciding what to remove.