The Junk Removal Process

The estimate. Most junk removal companies prefer to give estimates on-site, due to the fact that their charges are often based solely on the volume of material to haul: by seeing in person all the items or debris to be removed, contractors can give a more accurate estimate. Note that it is not necessary to gather all the unwanted items in one spot for either the estimate or the removal, though some homeowners may wish to do so. Everything to be hauled can be left in place, and the removal team will do the work of retrieving it.

The removal. Many contractors will come ready to do the removal the day they give the estimate. If a different day is preferred, the homeowner or a household member will likely need to be present at that time as well, or at least when the removal team first arrives, to confirm what is to be cleaned out and provide access to any areas if needed. Professional junk removers take over all the duties of moving everything into the truck. For safety reasons, homeowners and other household members should not take part in the moving process.

The final cleanup. Almost all junk removal contractors will sweep up the cleared area as part of their services; this is particularly valuable if the junk or debris removal is simply one step in a larger process like preparing a home for sale or doing a renovation: with the space left in good working order, the homeowner or a contractor can quickly move to the next step in the project. Of course, even if homeowners have few big plans for the space, being able to immediately enjoy their newly clean and clear home is reward enough.