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Junk King has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 325 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"We are building our business on the foundations of excellent customer service, fair pricing, and a commitment to our environment. We try to donate, repurpose, or recycle at least 60 percent of what we remove from your home because we believe a greener planet is a better planet. We guarantee satisfaction before we leave."

Marcus Ostrowski | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Junk King provides debris and junk removal service and recycling for residential and commercial customers. Jobs range from a single item to large, complex cleanouts. Typical items hauled include furniture, mattresses, appliances, electronics, tires, trash, construction materials, fill dirt, hot tubs, decks, and yard or storm debris. Junk King offers free estimates based on the volume of debris and provides same-day service within a two-hour window when scheduling allows. Employees do all loading and sweep before leaving.
Services Not Offered
The company does not haul hazardous materials.
Company History
Junk King was founded in 2005 by Brian Reardon and Michael Andreacchi. Today, the company has many locations across the nation. Marcus Ostrowski has owned Junk King's Houston location since 2011.
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

“We've used Junk King Houston three times. Two occasions were large jobs, and one was of moderate size. Junk King employees were on time, cheerful, hardworking, and competent. All three times were excellent experiences. I can't speak highly enough of the Houston franchise and their employees.”

“The team that came to my home was punctual and efficient. The two went straight to work, hauling away my large TV and old couch. I couldn't have been happier with their service and would certainly use it again.”

“I have used Junk King twice now for spring house and yard cleanup?would not use anyone else. Can count on them to do what they say they will do. They even clean up after themselves. Highly recommend Junk King.”

“These guys were professional and did an outstanding job.”

“They were professional and prompt. Which was important because I needed the removal before my husband came home.”

“Junk King sent out employees who were capable, knowledgeable, and pleasant. They took care of my problem quickly.”

“Not only were they quick and agreeable, they obviously evaluated the materials as they loaded the truck so they would get to the right place. Very efficient.”

“The Junk King employees were prompt and professional.”

“They were quick and efficient.”

“I wish this service was in other cities. I have recommended this to several people that I work with.”

“Would be more than happy to use again!”

“The crew arrived as scheduled and they handled themselves in a professional manner. I will use them again.”

“They removed unwanted stuff from my home. The driver was very nice.”

“They hauled away one full truckload of old furniture and non-working electronics. The owner was extremely responsive, and the lead man on the job was very professional. The job was done within 2 hours.”

“They hauled away damaged furniture. They were on time and efficient.”

“They hauled away my old hot tub. The pickup guy was nice and explained it in detail.”

“They came to my storage units and picked up items to be disposed of or recycled. They were on time and flexible regarding the products taken. They handled heavy items.”

“They picked up cardboard boxes from a recent move. It was timely service”

“They removed a hot tub from my yard. They were on time and worked very quickly.”

“I was selling my elderly mother's home and had 50 years' worth of junk removed, including the disassembly of a hot tub and its removal. They sweated their butts off removing everything from the attic.”

“They hauled off trash. They showed up when they said they would and did what they said they would do. They were courteous and efficient.”

“I had a couch that I needed to get rid of and quite a few boxes and old chairs. The men that came out had no problem picking up the couch—I was amazed.”

“They removed my sofa. They were on time, efficient, and professional.”

“They were professional and efficient. It was positive because of the friendliness.”

“They removed our sectional sofa. The service from the team was great.”

“They hauled away old wood from the removal of a wooden privacy fence. They came when they were scheduled, they promptly did their work, and they cleaned up afterwards.”

“They picked up and hauled off over 200 old fence planks and a heavy slate table top. They followed up to confirm, and they were on time—quick and very polite.”

“They removed several items from my garage. The appointment was easy to set up, and they were punctual.”

“After meeting with two service professionals, I requested that the garage, backyard, and various household items be removed, some of which included television sets, patio furniture, lumber, household furniture, and office boxes. The process was a two-hour job and was completed safely and efficiently. The two service professionals listened to my instructions accurately and happily. This made the process easy for me and the two professionals—thank you to those two professionals.”

“They cleared out junk from our garage. They were responsive to scheduling requests, on time, and the price was as quoted—courteous, professional, and efficient.”

“The guys removed furniture and bags of trash from an apartment for me. The guys arrived on time, they worked quickly, and they were professional.”

“They removed a refrigerator in the garage and swept up after themselves. They were on time and efficient.”

“They cleared out a storage unit and disposed of the contents. They were prompt, polite, and punctual.”

“They took away an old wooden fence that had been torn down. They were prompt and cleaned up all the debris—they did not leave any mess.”

“They cleaned up construction debris in the garage. It was a fast and courteous service.”

“I was moving out of my home. I had a garage full of things, and they did such a wonderful job for me. My husband had a gym bag in the garage, and that gym bag was full of jars of money. Those guys picked that up and said, 'I think you want to keep this,' and I said, 'Oh, yes I do.' They were so wonderful and honest to me. I love them so much. Where I was located, I couldn't find anybody else. I was just thankful I found them. I found some guys who had such a wonderful demeanor and spirit. They were wonderful guys, and I thank them so much for all the things they did for me, which were fantastic. I would have to give them an A+.”

“Junk King did a great job. I'm a general contractor, and I do a lot of trash-outs on homes and various property preservations and foreclosures. These houses are junky and messy with a lot of trash, and they clean it out and take all that stuff out of there. They do what's called a construction clean, and it's just spotless. They can't do anything about the smell, but they do a terrific job cleaning it up. I'd like to give them an A+.”

“Junk King was on time, and they were very fast and efficient. They did what I expected from them, so they met our expectations. I'd give them an excellent grade—A+.”

“They were excellent. I would give them an A rating.”

“Junk King was excellent; I was very happy. I just had them remove some stuff for me. It was a very small job. That was my first time using them, and I would use them again. I'd give them an A.”

“Junk King did some junk removal for me, and it was a good job. About a year ago, we moved into my son's rental house. There was a lot of stuff in the garage that had been left by the previous owner, plus stuff he and his roommates had accumulated. My wife and I just wanted to get rid of it, so we called Junk King, and they did a good job. They showed up on time. They hauled the stuff out, put it in the truck, cleaned up, and left. I'd give them an A+. We didn't have any issues at all with them.”

“I had Junk King come by to remove stuff from my garage. That was my first time using the company, but I would use them again if I needed more junk removal. They did an A+ job.”

“They were great. They were fast, and they didn't mess around. They worked very quickly and were able to get the stuff out of there very fast. They were polite the whole time. It was a very good experience—A+.”

“It was a big, heavy piece of metal that I couldn't move myself, and that's why I called Junk King. That was my first time using them. I'd definitely use them again. They're an A+ company.”

“I had a great experience with Junk King. I was moving, and he helped clear out everything that wasn't going in the trash. He was there on time. It was very prompt and on time. No job was too big. He got it all done and stayed as long as the movers were there to make sure there weren't any other pieces. He was very accommodating. I'd give him an A+.”

“Junk King did whatever I asked them to and removed whatever I needed them to. We were moving, so they picked up a lot of appliances and junk from the move. I would refer them to friends or neighbors who needed junk removal. I would grade them as an A+.”

“Junk King did some junk removal for me. I think it was exercise equipment that they removed—a big treadmill and some bigger things like that. I would absolutely use them again. I have their card for whenever I move one day. I'd give them an A+.”

“I just liked that it was easy to get rid of my junk. Junk King removed some items I wasn't using from my garage. I chose them because it was easy to obtain their services. I'd give them an A rating.”

“They were on time, they were professional and helpful, and they did what they said they would do. It was great. They hauled a bunch of stuff out of my garage and got rid of it for me. I'd give them an A.”

“Junk King is great. I mostly like that they show up when they say they will. There's not a lot to it. They picked up old kitchen cabinets for us. We chose them because they were who we could find. They get an A.”

“The people Junk King replaced didn't even show up. They were over to my warehouse probably in an hour and got all the job done for me. I had a warehouse full of boxes and various things. They cleaned it all out and took it somewhere else. They earned an A grade.”

“The guy showed up on time. They did a good job, and they were in and out. It was really good. At the time, I had just moved into a new home. I was doing a lot of renovation work, and there was a lot of junk on the house. They stopped by and filled up all of my stuff from the garage. I'd give them an A, for sure.”

“Junk King was efficient. They got there on time and cleaned up after themselves. They took a ton of junk out of my garage. They get an A in my book.”

“I was quite pleased with Junk King. They removed some junk from my house that I no longer wanted and brought it to salvage or whatever they do with it. They're an A.”

“Junk King took away some really big furniture for me, like a big entertainment center. I don't remember anything negative. I'll give them an A.”

“Junk King did some work for me in the past. I would give them an A rating.”

“They removed some trash, and they were efficient at doing it. They get an A.”

“Junk King was very efficient and very nice. I had a futon that was broken—the frame was broken, and I was getting a brand-new sofa. I'm 77, and I don't have a pickup truck. The people that were bringing the furniture said they wouldn't haul the old one away. Junk King was the first one that I called, and they said they could come that day and do it. They dismantled it and hauled it away, and I wrote them a check. They were very clean, efficient, and professional. They're an A.”

“I would rate Junk King as an A-level company.”

“I had some stuff to be hauled away. They showed up when they said they would and took it away. I'd give them an A.”

“They were respectful about my time. They just came and picked up a bunch of stuff from my garage and left. They were fast and efficient. I'd grade them as an A.”

“Junk King did what they were supposed to do, and that was all I required. I had them come out to get junk for spring cleaning. I'd give them an A.”

“I had somebody transport something out to the country. Junk King did a very good job. I was happy with the work they did. They got here on time, picked up the piece of furniture, and got it out to where we needed it. They unloaded it and set it up, and everything went fine. They earned an A.”

“We just had some stuff in the garage that they took care of. They came on time and did exactly what they were told to do. I'd give them an A.”

“I called Junk King to come haul away a television set and recycle it properly. They showed up with adequate manpower to haul the television to the truck, they put it on the truck, and away they went. Let's give them an A. They did quite well.”

“Junk King just hauled stuff away, but they kept me updated about the process. They call in advance, and when they reschedule, they call me. I would give them an A.”

“My experience with Junk King was positive.”

“If it was not pleasant, I would have told Junk King right away. I would rate them as an A.”

“Junk King hauled away a bunch of items that we didn't need anymore from a move to a new house. That was my first time using the company, and I would definitely use them again if needed.”

“Junk King took a sofa away. They were there on time. They did all the heavy lifting. The sofa was kind of big, so they made sure they didn't scratch the walls when they took it down the stairs. I'd give them an A.”

“They picked up one full truckload of wooden junk from my garage. It was service with a smile—polite and friendly. They even cleaned up afterwards. It was a perfect experience.”

“They did a whole-house cleanout. They removed everything from the closets, drawers, and furniture. The Junk King personnel were friendly and helpful. I really appreciated this, as there were a lot of items to be removed from the house.”

“Junk King was quick, prompt, and professional. I called, and they were able to clean out my attic within a few days. They arrived at the time they said they would and worked very quickly to get the job done.”

“They removed several pieces of furniture from my house. The guys that did the work were very courteous and professional, and they did a great job with the cleanup.”

“They took a super heavy mattress from upstairs with no problems. They also took the refrigerator, and that wasn't on the schedule, so I appreciated that they took that as well. They were very nice and very polite. I think I heard about them through a friend. I'd give them an A grade.”

“Junk King removed some heavy trash. I liked that they were able to remove everything, and they were professional about it. They should get an A.”

“We were moving and needed to have some things picked up, so we called Junk King, and they were there. The guy was great, and he helped us out at the last minute. We were kind of in a bind because the truck was moving all of our stuff out, and we were out of the house for the new owner. I will remember them for the future because they were very helpful. They earned an A.”

“They took some stuff that I wanted to get rid of, and it was a good experience. They got there on time, and they did a good job. I'd give them a good grade—they should get an A.”

“Junk King did a good job. I would rate them as an A-level company.”

“I had a great experience with them. They did a good job and everything I expected of them, and they were on time. They got in here, did their deal, and got out of here. I'd give them an A.”

“I had a refrigerator from the garage hauled off, and the guys were really nice. The customer service was good. They get an A rating.”

“They helped me get heavy stuff out of my house a long time ago. They did a great job of disassembling it and getting it out safely, and they were really courteous. I have nothing but nice things to say about those guys. They were great—definitely an A.”

“They did work for me a year ago, and they were on time and took my stuff out in a timely manner. I would grade Junk King as an A.”

“We used their junk removal services at two houses. It was a very big haul; I think it took multiple trucks. I can't think of anything bad—they did everything as they agreed. They were efficient and got there on time. They should get an A.”

“I was moving, and Junk King picked up some items out of my garage. They cleaned it up, too. They did a good job. I'd give them an A.”

“They showed up on time and picked up what I needed, which was a couch. They were friendly and all that. They're worthy of an A grade.”

“Junk King did a good job. I would give them an A rating.”

“A gazebo was falling down, and they moved it. They were very good, efficient, and very nice, so I would use them again. I would say they deserve an A.”

“Their attitudes were very good, and they were very friendly toward each other. Anything I told them to move, pull, or put aside, they were willing to. They also swept my garage, so it was all clean. They did more than what they said they would. My daughter was the one who gave me the number. I'd give them a ten out of ten—absolutely an A.”

“Junk King removed the metal storage building and some things inside of it that had been there for a long time. They were very efficient and did it very quickly, and they were very courteous people. They didn't leave a huge mess or anything like that. They get an A from me.”

“They took some furniture from my second floor. They were quick, fast, and very professional. It's a grade-A company.”

“They came and picked up the refrigerator from my garage. They were good; everything went very well. I would give them an A.”

“It was good. They came, they asked me what I needed moved, and they helped me move the stuff. They cleaned up after they were finished. It was pretty quick, prompt, and professionally done. They get an A rating from me.”

“They cleaned up the backyard for a rental house that I have. There were two large plastic containers that they weren't able to haul away on the first trip, so they promised to come back and pick them up. They even had to cut them in half with saws before they could get them out of the property, but they took care of that in good order. They were very prompt and very courteous, and they did a very good job. They get an A in my book.”

“I had no problems with Junk King at all. They should get an A rating.”

“Junk King has done multiple projects for me. They have cleaned out houses and trucks and hauled away trash and debris. They do very good work. I like that they're easy to schedule, they come when they say they're going to, and they do all the work. They load up and clean up the job. I first found them when I saw them near a project that I was working on and grabbed them. I'd give them an A.”

“Junk King did a great job. They cleaned my garage out, and they were ahead of schedule. They cleaned up well, so they did an excellent job. I would use them again. They're A+.”

“I used Junk King, and I loved the guys who provided the service. They were dynamic—very good. I've referred them to about five other people.”

“Junk King hauled two very old, huge televisions. They were punctual, and it was quick. It was all done very efficiently. It was just very nice. I believe they deserve an A.”

“They were excellent. They got rid of a couch for me. The best thing was how professional the team was. They made the extra effort to make sure everything was very clean when they left. I would give them an A.”