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Energy Efficiency Experts has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 116 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"We are problem solvers; our whole-house approach focuses on identifying and solving issues to make your home more comfortable and efficient."

Pascale Maslin | Owner
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Energy Efficiency Experts provides residential insulation services, including air leak sealing, insulation removal and retrofitting, attic insulation and ventilation, and crawl space encapsulation. The company offers spray foam, cellulose, blown-in, and fiberglass batt insulation and radiant barriers. Energy Efficiency Experts also performs home energy audits, duct cleaning and repair, and Aeroseal duct sealing.
Minimum Job
A $2,000 minimum is required.
The company provides a customer satisfaction guarantee and honors manufacturers' warranties.
Company History
Energy Efficiency Experts is a local, woman-owned, family-owned-and-operated company that has served the DC metro area since 2007.
The company hires Building Performance Institute trained technicians and is a Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce member and a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program participant.
Areas Served
Washington, DC

“They were fantastic. When Pascale came out, she did a great job of explaining everything that was going on in the house. It wasn't a hard sell at all. The installers did a great job. They were on time. They left the house cleaner than they found it. In the end, everything has been more comfortable since they finished their work. They did an energy audit, some insulation, and some other repair work. I'd give Energy Efficiency Experts an A+.”

“They did a thorough review of the energy used at my home in the spring. They did a good job. They did the energy audit, and then later, some work on the insulation in the attic. There were no problems—excellent.”

“They were very good, very thorough, and they followed up with the report and pressure studies. And they were very, very good. I had the insulation done after the fact. So, I kind of put the cart before the horse. I would give them the best. They were very thorough, and they came back twice to follow up. So, they were very good.”

“I liked that they were very social. Very pleasant and they smiled. Whenever I asked a question, they didn't dismiss me—they answered my question and basically said, 'we get a lot of questions like that.' They started with the audit, and then I had them do some of the insulation. I'd give them an A+. They kept in contact with me the whole time. I would recommend them.”

“There was nothing that I disliked. They really knew their stuff. They were really easy to work with and very professional. They also did the work. They gave the audit, recommendations, and then we picked what we wanted to do, and they did it. I would give them an A+.”

“Overall, it was a really good experience. It was efficient. They were responsive. They did what they said, which is—we got a rebate back from our energy company, based on the work that they did and that was as they had—it was basically what they said it would be, so that was positive. The only thing that was a little difficult, and this wasn't really their fault was that we were doing roofing work with another company, and we had to coordinate between the two, and that was difficult. But it wasn't really their fault, as much as maybe the other company's miscommunication. I was happy with their services. Everybody was polite, courteous, efficient. They did an audit, and then based on the audit we did—sort of most of the itemized list that they had found on the audit—so there was some insulation work. I'd give Energy Efficiency Experts an A.”

“They came when they said they would come, which is always nice, and they did good work. They did insulation on my attic, and I've just had some guests staying up there, and it's been warm—for Washington, DC—and they said it was pleasant there. The temperature was pleasant and not overly hot on the third floor, which is usually pretty hot without the insulation. They cleaned up well afterward. I think they did a good job. They insulated my whole attic of my townhouse. I would give them an A. They did good work, and I had no complaints.”

“They did an audit at our house. She was easy to work with, very responsive. They did insulation and an energy audit. Overall, I would give them an A.”

“They were on time. It was good. They came in and did the efficiency check for our home. They did the insulation on the roof. I'll give them an A.”

“They were professional. They were on time. Energy Efficiency Experts just did a professional job. They did insulation work. I'd give it an A.”

“They were very diligent and preserved in finding everyway they could to fill places where outside air could get into the house. They did insulation. I would give the experience an A.”

“Pascal, the owner, was really easy to work with. They were pretty flexible with their scheduling, and I shopped around for comparable rates, and they had the lowest quote. They added insulation to my attic and sealed some air openings to the attic that air was seeping through. They contracted out a company to clean my air ducts and to seal them. I would give them an A-.”

“The staff were all good, thoughtful. I felt like Energy Efficiency Experts knew their material and were experts. They were pretty responsive. They did the audit, and later on, they did the insulation and sealing. I'd give them an A-. There was a little bit of extra clean up that they could have done.”

“They're pretty clear on what they're going to do. I needed extra work they couldn't do, and they helped me find someone to do it. They didn't fix all the issues because—just the way house is built there were issues they couldn't fix, but other than that they showed me the other issues and told me who to call to help fix those issues. We've been pretty happy with what they've done. They did energy audits and insulation, and the Pep-Co rebate thing. I'd give Energy Efficiency Experts an A-.”

“It was fine; nothing stands out. It was done, and that's great. They did insulation, I would grade them an A+. They have finished it, but it's insulation—I have to wait 'til Winter goes by to find out if my cost could have been reduced.”

“They did a very good job. Their estimate came in accurate, and their efficiency was quite high—they finished the work quickly. And when we noticed things we weren't sure about, they answered all our questions immediately. They did wind up doing a fair amount of insulation. I think the total cost was like $9000. I'd give them an A+ overall. I would recommend Energy Efficiency Experts.”

“Energy Efficiency Experts was definitely an A+. They did an energy audit and insulation work. They were very thorough—it was impressive to me. The report that they gave me was specific and very detailed, and their overall approach to the work was highly professional.”

“They were fantastic. I've already recommended them to my neighbors, and they've used them. They did insulation and an audit for me. I would give Energy Efficiency Experts an A+ rating.”

“I definitely had a positive experience with them. They were punctual, and they explained everything in very good detail. They did some insulation work for me. I can honestly say I noticed the difference after they did the work. I'd rate them as an A+. I have recommended them.”

“They were very knowledgeable and worked with my schedule well. They did a good job as far as I know. They did attic insulation and put an exhaust fan on the roof. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They did what they said they were going to do. They were very pleasant to work with, and what they did is working very well. They did a bunch of insulation work and some venting.”

“They were very good. They were very pleasant and efficient. They got the work done in a short amount of time. I have no complaints. They just did insulation for me. I'd rate them as an A.”

“They came to install an attic fan. A few months ago, they did the audit and insulation work. I'd rate them as an A. The work they did was in the attic, and they said they would take pictures. I didn't actually get pictures that showed a clear image of everything they did, but I trust them. They did a great job. I can't imagine that they did a poor job. I'm waiting for customer service to answer one question that I had, and it's been a week. They were right on time. I would definitely recommend Energy Efficiency Experts.”

“They explained what they were going to do and why they were doing it, so I felt I had a pretty good understanding of what we were looking for. They did both energy audit and insulation work. They deserve an A. The work seems pretty good. They were very positive, and they were punctual. I had no problems.”

“They were very detailed oriented, and they did what they said they were going to do. They did energy audit and insulation work. I'd grade them as an A. We have already recommended them.”

“They were fine. They did a fine job, and I have no complaints—A.”

“I had a fine experience with them. They were efficient and did what they said they were going to do. They did both energy audit and insulation work. I'd give them an A rating.”

“I'd give Energy Efficiency Experts an A-. They did an energy audit and insulation work for me.”

“The experience was positive.”

“The work was really good. The test results at the end of the work were good. They did a bunch of weatherproofing. They did sealing for the joints and lots of insulation. There was lots of sealing. I'd give them an A+.”

“Their service was useful. I like that they gave lots of attention to detail. They did the energy audit and the insulation work.”

“As I recall, they were prompt and clean. They did the work that was in the contract. They did both energy audit and insulation work for me. They were fine.”

“Energy Efficiency Experts were just no fuss, no muss. They just knew their stuff. They weren't trying to sell me anything; they were just giving me the facts. They did an assessment and home energy audit, and then they recommended improvements to decrease our energy consumption. And then, I believe using subcontractors, they performed the work. They did insulation for me as well.”

“They're professional. The people of Energy Efficiency Experts kept us informed at all times, every step of the way. They were trying to improve the thermal retention of the house. They provided some additional insulation work for me. I'd rate them as an A+.”

“I'd give them an A+. They did insulation work and energy auditing for me.”

“They were just very attentive and very detailed. I met with a lot of efficiency experts or insulation experts, and they were easily the best. They did insulation work, and then they helped out with follow-up. They did a follow-up check. I'd give them an A rating.”

“I liked everything about their work. They did their job, and they explained it to me well. They did both energy auditing and insulation work. My overall experience was the best—A+.”

“They were great. They were honest. They told me they could save me money on my electric bill and heating, and they did. They did both energy audit and insulation work. I'd say Energy Efficiency Experts deserves an A+.”

“They were really professional. They did the work really efficiently and effectively. It was both auditing and insulation work. I'd grade them as an A+.”

“They did what they said they were going to do in the time frame they said they were going to do it. They did energy auditing and the insulation. I'd give Energy Efficiency Experts an A rating.”

“I'd give them an A for the energy auditing and insulation work they did for me.”

“I liked their professionalism. They did the audit and insulation work for me. I'd give them an A.”

“They were very concrete about what they could do, and they did it. My house is more consistently heated, and I'm not having to run the air conditioner as much. They did a lot of insulation for me. I would give them an A. I assume the work was really good. They were very punctual, and they seemed both knowledgeable and clean. I've already recommended them.”