Insulation Benefits

Cost savings. Adding insulation to a poorly insulated home substantially reduces the home’s energy bills. Depending on the amount of insulation already in the home, many homes have pay-back periods as short as a few years. However, if your home is already very well insulated, the additional savings generated by adding more insulation may not justify the cost.

Reclaim living space. Many homes have rooms that are either too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter. Correctly balancing the heating and air conditioning unit’s airflow to specific rooms often corrects the problem; but in cases where this is not possible, adding insulation may make the space comfortable again.

Reduce wear on heating and air conditioning equipment. A well-insulated home reduces the amount of time the equipment runs and therefore reduces equipment wear, which increases equipment life. Adding insulation reduces the equipment load and allows the equipment to keep up in some situations when it would otherwise fall behind.

Protect the environment. Since reduced power consumption reduces greenhouse gas, increasing home insulation has a positive effect on the environment.