Why Hire a Housecleaning Service?

Most reputable services provide background checks on all employees; this is especially important because homeowners may need to give a copy of their key to the service, allowing access to their home.  

If homeowners hire independent cleaners, these homeowners officially become employers, making them responsible for issues such as state and federal taxes and social security. Cleaning companies handle all the tax and social security paperwork involved with hiring a service provider, which makes the process much easier for the homeowner.   

It may also be possible to try a few different housekeepers within a service before settling on the one who best fits a homeowner’s needs. Also, if something goes wrong with a housekeeper, it may be a comfort to know that homeowners can always contact their company to report the issue. The company can choose the proper follow-up action in these matters, including possible termination.

Professional housecleaning services also have insurance, which could come in handy with accidental breakages or other damage that occurs to a homeowner’s property during cleaning.