What to Ask When Interviewing Housecleaners

To avoid misunderstandings, homeowners looking to hire a home cleaning service should ask several questions when interviewing different candidates. Some of these questions include:  How does the company hire its employees? What are the scheduled tasks for initial cleaning and for regular service? Who will provide the supplies? Do I need to sign a contract? What happens if I need to reschedule? How does the company handle breakage of personal items? Do I need to be home during visits? Will one person or a team of people be cleaning my home? Will I need to take any steps before a housekeeper arrives, such as picking up toys or clothing?

Homeowners with allergies or small children may want to ask what type of cleaning supplies the housecleaning service typically uses, and if the company claims “green” cleaning services, inquire what agency has certified its cleaning products. Homeowners with pets may want to ask if animals need to be locked up during visits.