Typical Cleaning Tasks

The typical tasks a home cleaning service will perform often vary among companies. Typically, tasks include dusting furniture, picture frames, lamps, woodwork, and other places where dust gathers; vacuuming carpeted floors; washing non-carpeted floors; cleaning and sanitizing counters and backsplashes; cleaning and sanitizing some appliances; cleaning and sanitizing showers, sinks, and toilets in bathrooms; and wipe mirrors. Keep in mind that while a home cleaning service may clean the outside of an appliance, there is no guarantee that they will clean the inside. Homeowners should discuss this with the company.

Some companies provide additional services, such as laundry and polishing silverware. Some will wash windows, but homeowners looking to have this done may want to contact a company that specializes in window cleaning, because they will have the equipment and training necessary and to handle this task.

It is not acceptable to expect housekeepers to do anything that may endanger their own health, such as lifting heavy objects, climbing tall ladders, or cleaning up hazardous waste, such as blood.