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"I love helping our customers in any way I can. Whether it's just a small repair or a complete home installation, we're always there for you, 24 hours a day. Our motto is: 'Large enough to serve, small enough to care.'"

James Cox | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Besco Air offers products from Trane, Rheem, and Florida Heat Pump. The company also offers Peerless boilers and Triangle Tube Prestige boilers.
Besco Air offers one- to ten-year warranties on equipment.
Company History
Besco Air was founded in 1986 and is a first-generation family business. President James Cox has over 20 years of experience in the industry.
The company employs EPA-certified technicians.
Employee Information
The company conducts drug tests and screenings before hiring employees.
Areas Served
Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 489 homeowner reviews:
“Besco was like an oasis in a desert for HVAC repair/installation. I was amazed the technician had such ethics. He was courteous, professional, and he knew what he was doing. He took care of business. If I need a new furnace one day, Besco's the place I'm going to call. They're fine young men. Overall, they're an A+ company.”
“Besco replaced two furnaces and two air conditioners. They were knowledgeable about the product, they were timely and courteous, and they cleaned up after themselves. They're an A company. Their customer service is excellent.”
“They service our HVAC. We've been using them for years—they're amazing. The guy who does the work is reliable, dependable, and honest. They get an A+ from me.”
“Everybody was wonderful. They were super prompt—A+.”
“It was a furnace they serviced about three months ago. It was a checkup because it was not heating correctly. They cleaned it and fixed it. I'll give the overall experience an A+ grade.”
“They replaced a furnace for me. They do what they say they're going to do. A+ from me.”
“I dealt with Joe, my experience was A+.”
“It was fine; they're really nice. Ted's a really nice guy. I'd grade my experience an A+. I'm very likely to recommend Besco.”
“They were on time and efficient. I'd grade my experience an A+. I recommend them all the time.”
“I like their customer service, response time, and ability to schedule. They're an A+ company.”
“We were happy with Besco. We would probably recommend them.”
“That was a long time ago. They did a good job. Excellent. I would recommend them.”
“I had a positive experience.”
“It was positive.”
“Besco may have done work for me, but I didn't hire them. I remember them being there, he ordered the parts for us. He was working on the furnace in the basement. They're really knowledgeable and have a lot of HVAC experience. They're thorough; he explained everything that he was doing. He was a nice guy. I'd rate them as an A.”
“My experience was positive.”
“Everything is OK.”
“I had a great experience with Besco Air. They were on time and professional. It was quality work. I grade them an A.”
“It was good. I was happy and I'll use them again. No complaints.”
“They did what I asked them to do. I'd give them an A grade. They were on time.”
“It was good. They emailed me and I told them it was good. No complaints.”
“They were good. They were friendly, they did their job quickly, and I was happy with the service. They answered all my questions. It was definitely an A experience. It was very good.”
“My husband said that it was very well done. He said it was an A.”
“They did the job at the price they quoted. No complaints.”
“Their service and communication was positive. The work they did was excellent. They did a water heater and A/C repair. Because they had to order pieces, it took about five days. I've used Besco for almost three years. They installed the A/C unit that was there when I bought my home. I'd give them an A.”
“Everything was positive. They did my humidifier, and the work they did was excellent. I've been using them for a long time now—over ten years. Besco gets an A.”
“The work was great. Six months ago, they fixed our heater. We needed a new circuit board, and they fixed that. They did a great job. They just came out the other day to clean our air conditioner and fill it with Freon. The guy who did it, Sergio, was great. We request him because he's great. These were the first two times we've used Besco Air, and they're excellent. It's an A for them.”
“Besco installed an air conditioning unit. The unit they put in was good, and whatever problems there were, they corrected them immediately. Their customer service was very good—I had no problems. I'd give them an A.”
“The guy fixed my furnace, and it worked fine. He did some troubleshooting, too. They're the ones that originally put in the furnace. I'd give them an A rating.”
“Besco installed our central air system. The whole experience was good. They were very professional on the phone, they showed up on time, and they cleaned up after themselves. They followed up, too. The customer service was good, just like the previous experience. They deserve an A.”
“They do my furnaces. I've used them for a couple years. When you call, they're professional, and the techs that come out know what they're doing. They basically come when they say they're going to come. They cleaned the furnaces, air ducts, and filters, and they provided general service. We'll say that they are an A.”
“They've been maintaining our heating and air conditioning equipment for seven years now. We trust Besco Air—they do good work, and they show up within their appointment window. I'd give them an A.”
“They were great. Besco Air did a really good job.”
“They installed a new furnace and took away the old one. They were friendly, capable, timely, and helpful. They explained everything really well, and they returned our calls quickly. I chose them because they have helped us before. I think they are worth an A.”
“The technicians were very knowledgeable. A couple of times, the furnace went down. It didn't require big repairs, actually—it just needed to be tuned up again, so that's what they did. They came on time, and overall, they did a good job. I've actually used them a few times already. I plan to use them again, probably during the summertime, to have my A/C and furnace tuned up. They're good. I'd definitely give them an A.”
“I had a problem in the middle of the winter, and I needed somebody to take a look at it really quickly. Besco Air was very responsive. They made the appointment with me right away, and they were able to come to my place to fix it in about two or three hours. I think that was really good. I would give them an A for what I experienced.”
“Besco fixed a boiler. The guy who worked on it was the guy who had actually put it in a million years ago. We just bought the house, so we didn't know who to call. We accidently called them and happened to get that guy. They knew exactly what to do, and their customer service was good. The people at the office are very responsive and helpful. We're from Hawaii, so we have no idea about heating, and the technician stayed and helped us learn a little bit about the boiler. I'd say they get an A.”
“The most positive aspect of the service was Joe, the technician. He was just really detailed and thorough, and he answered my questions about things I certainly wouldn't have been able to anticipate. They put in a new furnace for us. I chose them because of Joe. I think installing the furnace took about seven or eight hours. They get an A.”
“They were pretty much on time, and it was all pretty straightforward. They installed an HVAC system for me. It's been really good, at least thus far, but it's only been in place for a month. I used them just that one time, but I'd give them an A.”
“Besco Air serviced my air conditioner, and the work was fine. They seemed to know what they are doing. This is the first time I used them, and I'll probably use them again. They were nice, responsive, and on time. They were fine. I think I used the Best Pick Reports to choose them. I'd probably give them an A.”
“They changed the water heater and put in a new Trane furnace. I liked everything. They were nice and respectful, they answered all my questions even though it must have been a pain in the neck, and they thoroughly explained how it's done and how it's used. It was great. We've used Besco before for duct cleaning. I heard a lot of good reviews from other people that my husband and I know. I'd give them an A.”
“Everything was positive, from the moment that they contacted me until the service was complete. They actually explained everything, from what was wrong with the unit to what the options were. They gave me several options, from the least expensive to the most expensive. The most expensive option meant changing the unit itself, but they were able to fix it up. It was really good because the guy who came in said, 'We can fix this for this amount. You can actually save this money to replace the unit.' It was kind of nice. We were looking for the right people to do the maintenance work, and they had a special going on and got a good rating, so we thought we'd use them. Besco Air is an A.”
“Overall, I had a good experience with Besco Air. The technician came in, looked at the problem, and fixed it relatively quickly, so he was efficient and worked well. I think he replaced a fan on my furnace. It was efficient, it seems cost effective, and it still works well today. I was actually considering calling them to take a look at my air conditioner. I would say that they get an A.”
“Everything with Besco Air was excellent. I had a new air conditioner and furnace put in a few months ago, and the guy that came out was very honest with me. The work was done all in one day, it was very clean, and I was very happy. I trusted them, and they did a real nice job. They're definitely an A.”
“Besco Air was wonderful. They put in a brand-new furnace and an air conditioner, and then they came back and serviced them. They were pleasant, and I'd give them an A for their excellent work.”
“Besco did work for my rental property. The guy on the phone was fantastic, they sent someone out the very same day, and the service tech was very communicative. They earned an A grade.”
“Besco Air was awesome. I thought that they were honest, and I'd say that they are an A.”
“They were very good at what they did, and the company itself is a good company. I needed their services because we had to get a new air conditioning system, and everything is working well now. We chose Besco Air because we heard they were the best. I'd give them an A++ grade.”
“Besco Air's work was beautiful. They were here on time, they worked all day, and everything worked fine. Our winter was horrendous, and they were here on a day that it was very cold, but they got it all done. I have been using them for about three years, and I have a good relationship with them. They responded immediately to me. I found Besco through a friend who was satisfied with them and gave me their information. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“Besco Air worked on our HVAC system over a year ago. They were polite, very prompt, and very knowledgeable. We had to fire up the air conditioning last week during a hot spell, and it worked fine—it turned right on, and it's been working. Our heat and air conditioning are together, so Besco did work on both of the systems, and they work perfectly. I would give them an A+ rating, for sure—without a doubt.”
“We had an emergency situation with our steam radiator. Apparently, there aren't a lot of experts on steam radiators, but Besco Air was super knowledgeable, very prompt, and very professional. I was so happy with them that I recommended them to the rest of my neighbors. There are six units in my building, and five out of those six units ended up having Besco come in and help them. If I knew anyone who needed their radiators to be worked on or who had a problem, I would definitely recommend Besco Air. They're A+.”
“We gave them an emergency call because we lost the use of one of our furnaces on a really cold Friday. We called our regular furnace contractor, but they were not responsive, so we called Besco Air. They came out on a Saturday morning, and it was a really quick and easy fix. We were without heat on a freezing day, and they could have easily jacked everything up in terms of what it would cost to solve our problem, but they didn't. The technician checked out the furnace to see why it wasn't working and discovered that our floater switch had been tripped. It was fixed in 10 minutes, and that was it. He did a quick diagnostic, discovered the problem, and fixed it. He was in and out in probably 15 minutes. I would absolutely use them again. It was an A+ job.”
“Besco Air checked our furnace and cleaned it out. I had a fantastic technician who explained everything to me, answered all my questions, and took his time. He was very knowledgeable, and everything has held up.”
“Besco Air installed a new furnace and connected it to our rooftop air conditioning. I would give them an A+.”
“Besco Air did a furnace cleaning so we could sell the house, and they were all right. They came on time, and everything turned out OK for me. There have been no complaints, so they deserve an A+.”
“They repaired my furnace and did a maintenance call for my air conditioning. Everything went well with Besco Air—I was satisfied. An A+ grade would be right for them.”
“Besco Air helped me with my heating and cooling. I've used them over quite a few years. When I phone in for an appointment, the customer service is very good. The staff was very knowledgeable when I got an estimate for the furnace. The technicians are friendly, and they actually communicate with you and tell you what they've found. Besco is A+.”
“Besco Air came out in an emergency and repaired a furnace. The work has held up just fine. The time frame that the work was finished in was very good—they are very fast. The workers are very good and very professional. They've earned an A+.”
“They installed a new radiator, and it was great. The customer service and the technicians were great. They absolutely respected my property by cleaning up behind themselves. Besco Air is an A+ by me.”
“Besco Air repaired some radiators. Their employees were knowledgeable, and they thought critically about the problems that we had. I would give them an A+.”
“There was something wrong with the air conditioning, and it was not cooling. I can't say exactly what Besco Air did, but they fixed it, and it has been working efficiently since. They did a good job—so far, so good. I would use them again, definitely. They deserve an A+.”
“I use Besco Air every year. They check my heating in the fall and my air conditioning in the spring. They seem to be responsive. I work with one or two techs that come to my house all the time, and I like them. As soon as it warms up, I will be calling them. They do A+ work.”
“They installed a new furnace for us, and we were very happy with the equipment. The salesman was very careful with the follow-up after the furnace installation, and he was very clear on what we were going to get. Since they did the installation, it has been great—a big improvement from what we had. I'd give their work an A+.”
“Besco Air was great. My husband dealt with them, and I know he liked them. They were pretty good about coming out when we asked them to, and they were able to fix whatever was wrong. We signed a service agreement with them so that they could do our air and furnace—that's how happy we were with them. I would give them an A+.”
“We're happy with Besco Air. They take care of our furnace and air conditioning. The workers are good. I've recommend them to somebody, and he used them, too. I have no complaints, so I would give them an A+ rating.”
“We have a service contract with Besco Air, and they maintain our heating and cooling systems. They get an A.”
“The technician was on time, and he was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and polite. He serviced and cleaned the furnace for me. I heard about Besco Air from Best Pick Reports. If I needed similar work done again, I would use them.”
“Besco Air did various repairs on my air conditioning unit. The last time they did service for me, they took care of the furnace. I would give them an A rating.”
“Besco Air was pretty quick. They serviced and repaired a broken air conditioning unit. They were respectful of my surroundings. I'd say they deserve an A.”
“Things were fine with Besco Air. They were very efficient when they came to fix the safety valve on my furnace. I would give them an A.”
“I liked Besco Air—they solved our problem. My downstairs neighbor's air conditioning didn't work, and in order to fix it, they had to also do work in the walls in our unit. It actually wasn't our problem—it was the neighbor's problem, but Besco solved it. They were able to do that job in a timely fashion. They're the type of company I would use again if I needed additional services. They get an A.”
“Besco Air replaced our air conditioner after our old one broke down. I think they did a great job. We called a few different air conditioning service providers, and Besco was very responsive. The owner made a personal visit to our place—a kind of consultation appointment—to look at our current air conditioner to see if it was salvageable. He was very thorough and detailed in terms of the estimate for the new air conditioner. He gave us a couple of different options of different air conditioners that we could have from the nicest to the most economical, and he was very clear about each of the benefits. The customer service was fine. I was able to get an appointment on the calendar as quickly as his schedule permitted. I would give them an A rating.”
“They came out and fixed the furnace when it wasn't blowing heat. I chose Besco Air because they could come out right away. I would give them an A.”
“Besco Air came to help coordinate our HVAC system, replace the circuit board, and do a cleaning. They were totally able to take care of the work—it was great. They were very professional, and they got the issue fixed very quickly and to my satisfaction. I've used them before, too. I'd rate them an A.”
“Most recently, Besco Air came when one of the fans in the air conditioner wasn't working correctly. There was an issue that needed to be addressed, and the technician was able to go out to pick up the parts, get back, and get all of the work done in one day rather than needing to schedule time to come back later. They were very timely, and they showed up when they said they were going to. I would give them an A grade.”
“They replaced a fan that allows the gases to escape when the furnace starts up. It was a Sunday morning with a temperature of 15 degrees below zero, but Besco Air was able to open up a store, get the part that I needed, and restore the heat. The guy that came was informative, and he diagnosed the problem pretty quickly. After that, we just tried to find the part we needed. They get an A.”
“My experience with Besco Air was OK. The furnace wasn't working, so they had to find out what was wrong with it. It turned out that something was dirty or corroded. Then, I had them check my thermostat. The technician said that it should probably be replaced because when they touched the case, the temperature would kind of jump around. He said that if I could hit the heat controls to change the temperature up and down, I should be OK, and I have been. They fixed my problem. I'm probably going to have to have my air conditioner checked, but I don't know what's going to happen with that or whether it's going to start this year, so I'm kind of waiting right now—I don't want to have anything done at this point. That was not the first time I'd used Besco; I had them here for the air conditioner last year. They sent me a notification to have my furnace checked, but I didn't use it because at the time they checked my air, they kind of took a quick glance at the furnace, and it seemed to be OK. Everything was fine.”
“They replaced my furnace. Besco Air was great—absolutely great. Any little complaint that I had, they fixed. They were clean when the work was done, and I am very happy with them. I had no problems with the crew; they were great.”
“Besco Air was pretty good. They were the people who put in my heater for me, among other things. They put in a pretty good air conditioner, too, and it worked fine. There were two gentlemen that came and did the work, and they were pretty knowledgeable. They straightened out a few things that were wrong with the thermostat. I would give them an A. They did a good job for me.”
“They did a warranty repair on a Trane furnace for no charge—they honored the warranty, and everything worked out. Their technician was flexible and informative, and he helped me out. I chose Besco because they were the ones that installed the furnace.”
“We've used Besco Air twice—once to install the air conditioning system, and once to service our heating system. They showed up when they said they were going to show up, and they were courteous, professional, and clean. We had them install an air conditioning system on our forced-air furnace, and it worked great. When the weather turned colder, there was a problem with the heat that had been caused by the installation of the air conditioning system, so we called them and let them know about it. They came out right away and fixed it at no extra labor charge. We would use them again in the future if we had anything additional that we needed. I would recommend them.”
“They were out here about a year ago because some part was not activating. They got the work done, and the system is still working.”
“I have a contract with Besco Air—they service my HVAC system. I'd give them an A-.”
“I used Besco Air when our heating system went out. They came right out. It needed a motor, and they were able to fix that problem. They were punctual, and the technician was polite. After he found what the problem was, he was able to walk me through it and tell me everything that was wrong, what could be done, and what he could do. Besco is the type of company I would definitely use again. I'd give them an A.”
“The quality of Besco Air's work was wonderful. I had them put in a new furnace for me. The gentleman was fast, clean, and very respectful. It was quick, efficient work—he really knew what he was doing. They're an A+.”
“Besco Air is wonderful. My furnace broke down in the middle of the winter. The guy from Besco had the work done right away, nice and clean. He was great. I'd give them an A+.”
“Besco Air was awesome. They were very prompt, and I love that about them. They did maintenance on my rooftop unit. They're very thorough and very dependable. I would give them an A+.”
“Everybody who they sent out was not only excellent in the job that they did but also very friendly and personable—it was a very pleasant experience.”
“I actually just got a service from them, and last year I bought a new unit from them. In both experiences, all the advice that they gave me was super. Their knowledge and patience with me asking everything was super good. I will use them again for sure, and I would recommend them. I would grade them an A+.”
“Everything about my experience with Besco Air was positive. They're wonderful. They installed my furnace, and the technicians were great. I would recommend using them, and I'd give them an A+ grade.”
“Our air conditioning completely broke down, and they sent somebody out to look at it within an hour. When they determined that we were going to need a whole new air conditioning system, they sent somebody else over within another hour or less to talk to us about all of our options. They came right on time the next day and put it in, and we've had no problems at all. It was really a good experience. I would absolutely recommend them. I've worked with other people, but Besco Air is about the best that I've worked with. They deserve an A+.”
“We just had our new heating and cooling put in with Besco Air. It was fabulous. I would rate them as an A+ company, and I would absolutely recommend them.”
“They installed my air conditioner a couple of years ago, and they installed a new furnace last fall. The salesman was very knowledgeable. He was a former HVAC guy, so I wasn't talking to some slick-talking guy. That impressed me a lot because I'm a retired union electrician. What I really liked is that he came back afterward and inspected the work to make sure it had been done correctly. That was very nice, and I thought it was a good feature. I chose them because they were the only Trane dealer around. I would give Besco Air an A+ grade.”
“I used Besco Air. They put a new heater in for me, and the heater is holding up perfectly. I would give the company an A+ grade.”
“They replaced the pilot mechanism for our boiler. They were on time and did a fantastic job. We would use them again, and I would recommend them to a neighbor. They get an A+ grade from me.”
“Initially, my experience with Besco Air started out negative because I left a message and they never showed up. They were in the neighborhood later, so I walked in to see if they had a part I wanted. I figured I would do it myself. They were extremely helpful and apologetic. They showed up on time, they got the work done and I am more than 110 percent satisfied. I actually bought a house that has a humidifier that was never hooked up, and they helped me get that straightened out. I would give them an A+. I've put them on my list of preferred vendors for my house.”
“We had no heat for two days, so I called Besco Air. They were very prompt. They came out and got the heat back on. They responded very quickly, and the overall quality of the work was excellent. They're an A+ in my book.”
“Besco Air has done work for me in the past. I thought it was great. I was very happy with them. They put in a furnace and an air conditioner for me, and they did a great job. The work was fine, and the service was good. They clean my furnace every year, and I've been very happy with them. I would give them the best rating—they're A+.”
“I use Besco Air. Every time they've come out, it's been positive. The quality of the work is excellent—no issues. I would recommend the company, and I would rate them an A+.”
“They did some HVAC maintenance and cleaning for me. They came, did what they needed to do, and got out, so it was perfect. Their customer service was great; I have no issues. I'd definitely recommend them. I would give them an A.”