Small Jobs Performed by Handyman Contractors

The small jobs that handyman service contractors provide vary greatly and include projects that any unlicensed do-it-yourselfer could complete. However, by utilizing a handyman, the final product is often finished much more efficiently and professionally.

Home repairs. Small home repairs present an interesting challenge: the projects are often small and not necessarily challenging, but they may require specialized tools and materials along with a bit of research to complete. Though it may seem surprising, work like installing window panes, mending porch screens, and caulking bathtubs requires an eye for aesthetic detail; when done improperly, these repairs can lend a shabby air to an entire room. An experienced handyman can complete these projects and make it seem like a repair was never made.

Electrical and plumbing work. Plenty of jobs are more suited to dedicated electrical or plumbing contractors, such as whole-house rewiring projects, electrical panel upgrades, or sewer line excavation and repair. However, a handyman contractor is more than capable of installing lighting, sinks, and faucets as well as updating switches and repairing leaks. Unlike an electrician or a plumber, a handyman could even efficiently handle both electrical and plumbing work in a single visit.

Miscellaneous jobs. The prospect of hanging garage shelving, installing gutter protection, and fixing sticky doors probably doesn’t thrill many homeowners. After these jobs are completed, a visitor to your home may not even notice the difference. Yet, improvements like these make homes truly livable, and they’re the perfect jobs for an experienced handyman who can likely complete them in short order.