Larger Jobs Performed by Handyman Contractors

Handyman contractors often specialize in relatively small jobs. However, when you add up all of a handyman’s capabilities, you get a set of skills that can also be applied to larger projects, including updating and renovating whole rooms.

Carpentry, painting, and drywall. Many handyman contractors provide exterior carpentry services, including building porches and decks. They may also offer extensive interior work on walls and ceilings, including hanging drywall, installing molding, and painting and finishing walls.

Kitchen and bathroom updating. As the rooms most likely to have outdated fixtures, hardware, and other appointments, kitchens and baths are popular choices to modernize. Handyman contractors can paint, install cabinetry, and upgrade light fixtures in kitchens—improvements that can completely transform one of the most-used rooms in the house. For bathrooms, a handyman can install ventilation fans and plumbing fixtures as well as replace shower curtains with glass shower doors, which provide a much more modern look.