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"We've been educating homeowners about the dangers of clogged gutters for 36 years. Misdirected rainwater can lead to costly damages, and Gutter Helmet not only keeps debris out but also keeps your gutters flowing freely. We back our proven system with a triple-lifetime guarantee and best-in-class customer service."

Del Thebaud | President & Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet installs Gutter Helmet, a gutter protection and guard system, as well as seamless gutters. The company also offers Helmet Heat, a self-regulating, heated panel system for roofs and gutters, and full replacement roofing services.
The Gutter Helmet system is backed by a transferable, manufacturer-backed, triple-lifetime product guarantee.
Company History
The company was started in 1981.
The Gutter Helmet system was identified as one of Professional Remodeler magazine's Top 100 Exterior Products of 2015.
Additional Information
Gutter Helmet is made in America from 99 percent recycled aluminum and can be installed over existing gutters. It is designed to control the flow of rainwater while keeping debris out, and it reinforces the gutters against snow and ice.
Areas Served
Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County
A selection of 272 homeowner reviews:
“Gutter Helmet did ten feet of gutter work on our house. The guy that did our estimates was professional. They were quick, and they did the work right away. They earned an A+ overall.”
“It was a very positive experience. They put gutter helmets on. We researched all the products, and they seemed to have the best product. I'd say they get an A.”
“Gutter Helmet put up some new gutters, and they put the helmet on some existing gutters. They were quick and clean, and it was very easy.”
“They've done a good job, and I like their system. All their work was excellent, and I'm likely to recommend them.”
“It was excellent work, and I'm extremely likely to recommend Gutter Helmet.”
“They installed a system that keeps the water from going over the gutter and into, causing a deluge by itself, they put a system in there that's patented. It slows the water down, goes into the gutter. Makes sure it keeps everything leaf free and all that kind of stuff. One of those things I hope to not even think about the rest of my life. I've seen them around forever and ever, got tired of paying somebody to come clean my gutters. I'm not up there to check with it. I let the guy come out and he was even nicer. I bought the product and it's working. It's awesome, it's working, don't come back. A+ Overall.”
“No complaints, they did excellent work on my gutters, extremely likely to recommend them.”
“Across the board excellent work completed, extremely likely to recommend them to someone.”
“It was only one negative. Tiny birds can get in and they make nests in there. I hope when they come out in the beginning in July they can do something about that. Tighten up the tolerances, do something. The initial job they came to do was install the gutter helmet. They were great. The gutter helmet's great. The people did a terrific job as far as I know, I just hope they can tighten up the tolerance. I'd say A overall. Punctuality's an issue, I mean they can't come out for a month when you call. So if I had some kind of leaky gutter or an issue with the house or something, it would be a month before I could see them. At least, that's what this issue was. I have already recommended them to a friend.”
“Gutter Helmet, I installed last year. They're fine. They did excellent work.”
“They installed all their system, all around the house. Love it. I liked everything. Believe it or not, they were quick to the install, they were clean, they were polite, and they didn't mess around. The system itself works. For years and years I had problems with my gutters overflowing, splitting, roof problems. I haven't had a problem with this system since they put it in. A+ overall.”
“They did gutter guards. It was a problem-free installation. In and out, no problems. A+ overall.”
“They did my gutters, covered my gutters. They came on time and they did a really good job. I have no complaints. They did A+ work.”
“I was pleased with them. Everybody tells me how nice it looks. I had gutter helmet make it so that when it rains, the leaves go out in the yard so I never have to clean the rain gutters. Everybody tells me how nice it looks. They were very nice too. I have been very well pleased and everybody that comes around here tells me what a nice job did they did. Gutter Helmet is A+. It didn't take them forever and it looks nice. I would recommend them in a minute.”
“They installed a gutter helmet system. They did the job really quickly.”
“They replaced some gutters that had been damaged by hail. I liked the products.”
“Everything seems to be fine up to this point. They installed the gutter helmet system up on the roof. I liked the simple fact that it blocked the dirt and water from getting into my gutters. They did a good job. Everything across the board, I had no problems with it. Everything's been really good up to this point. I would recommend them.”
“Everything was fine.”
“I just got new gutter helmets last year. We had a gutter helmet put in 20 years ago but it was damaged in the storm. I felt comfortable enough to go with them again.”
“They did this work last year. They did all new gutters and the gutter helmet system. Down south, the whole rain disposal end of it was replaced. They seemed to be honest. Whatever they said they were going to do, they did. They cleaned up when they were done. Everything worked. I didn't have to bring them back which was a plus.”
“They came one time, and they did a very nice job. I'd give them an A.”
“Gutter helmets did some work for me. This experience was positive, although right now I may have a backup in my gutter. The water is coming out where it's not supposed to, so I might have to call them back. I don't know if they have a warranty service to clean gutters. It was the de-installation of the old system and installation of the new system. They were pretty quick and efficient.”
“Not only did they put the gutter helmet on, but they also did new gutters and downspouts. They basically did the whole nine yards—the gutters, downspouts, and gutter helmet. I think they did real well. There was just one slight problem in the way they mounted the downspouts on the gutters themselves. But one trip out by the technician and he corrected in a matter of half an hour and it was all squared away. They look good, they work good. We're satisfied. We have already recommended them to some people.”
“They put their gutter product on my gutters at my new house, and my old house. I've used them twice. I liked the product—the product does what it says it's going to do.”
“They put the system on my house. I don't have to clean my gutters anymore.”
“They did gutter helmets. The service was fine.”
“They just put gutter helmets on, they didn't do any gutter work. They actually fixed something last time, on another part of the house. They did a good job. They were accurate. They just did a good job; they were accurate, they did good work. I'd say A overall. I'm definitely likely to recommend them.”
“They put in gutter guards to keep the leaves out. They were prompt, they were professional, they came in when they said they would, and they got done when they said they would. A, definitely. They were fine.”
“They installed the gutter helmet on the back of the house. I actually didn't have any problem with them, so it was fine. They came in they did what they did and they left. They're an A overall.”
“They covered our gutters with the gutter guard. They were very professional and they did good work. I'd say A overall. We haven't had to deal with customer service because so far everything's good. We've never had to call them back. I would recommend them.”
“Everything went well. They repaired some of the helmets on the second story, which they had previously installed them all on the first floor in the lower units. It works well for our application. They get an A overall.”
“We got all new gutters, all new everything. I've seen the end result and they seem to be working. I've no complaints right now. They did the gutters on the house, and right now everything's working. No issues with the gutters yet.”
“All their work was excellent with no complaints with the gutter caps and we're likely to recommend them. So far, it's very great. But one thing I was disappointed in—I asked them to call me when before they came out, and they didn't. They came out without calling me. I wasn't happy about that. Luckily, I came back early and I caught them when I was there, because I had questions I wanted to ask them.”
“They put gutter helmets on my house, except for like one little gutter in the front of the house they didn't put it on. I like the design. I would say an A overall.”
“They did gutter helmets. I like that there's no more clogged gutters. A overall.”
“It was fine. They did gutter helmets.”
“I had a great experience.”
“My experience was positive.”
“What I recall is that there was an issue with our ply board so we had to get that replaced for them to install it. I remember them being flexible and our system is working better than it was, so we haven't had complaints to speak of yet. The guys could've been wearing a uniform. That kind of thing. Likely to recommend them if I had someone I know and I remembered.”
“They installed two sections of gutter helmet on the roof. They were fine. There was no problem. They did everything one time. They did fine.”
“We have Gutter Helmet. We were very impressed with the salesman and his demonstrations of their product. We had checked out several different types of gutter helmets, and we decided that with the lifetime finish, we wouldn't have to worry about replacing them during our lifetime. We did have a problem with the installation—I'm not sure that it was their error or the way that our roof is configured—but they came back twice, and the second time was the charm. We called them about the issue. You can't tell that there is an issue unless it rains. The initial installation took a couple hours. If I were going to give them a letter grade, I would give them an A.”
“Gutter Helmet did what they said that they were going to do. They showed up the day that they told us, and it works well. I did have them come back once because we had a small issue on one of the corners, but they fixed it. We chose them because my husband did a lot of research, and Gutter Helmet's gutters were the best-quality ones that we wanted. I would grade them with an A on their installation.”
“Gutter Helmet did some work for us, and everything has been OK so far. I haven't had any problems with the gutter helmets since they were installed. They were fast, and they were very efficient. They were good—I have no complaints. I had been looking at them for a long time, and they came out and gave me a quote. We decided to do it. They have been excellent so far.”
“The other company we were using had gutters that looked like the same product that you could buy at Home Depot and install yourself. I did try them one time, but then it clogged. This year, it seemed to me that the Gutter Helmet gutters were sturdier and less likely to clog. They showed me a demonstration, but when you see it rain really hard, you can see it happen. It's remarkable to see the water whip around the actual product itself and into the gutter. The product does what it says it does. Actually, the Gutter Helmet system has really worked this past spring with the issues we've had with the oak trees from my neighbors. We have had no clogging of the gutters this spring, so the product has really done what it was meant to. I really liked that we weren't pressured for sales. They came out and explained everything, they gave us some time to think about it, and they scheduled the installation on our terms and our time. They had a good sales rep who explained the product really well—they answered all of my questions. It was a good experience. I would recommend them to other people, and I would definitely give them an A+.”
“Gutter Helmet did an installation for us last year. It was definitely a positive experience. I used to get water in my basement, and since they installed the gutters on our house and garage out here, I don't get water in my basement. I chose them because my son-in-law had had them. I just got good service from Gutter Helmet—they're an A+.”
“I got gutter helmets from them. I would rate them A+.”
“Gutter Helmet just did some work for us this week. They cleaned out all of the gutters and did the front one. It took them just a few hours. They were very nice. I liked that they did what I wanted—they actually did a little more than I had anticipated—and it turned out great. They did installations for me before. They took down the old gutters and put up the new ones. I think they're A-rate.”
“Gutter Helmet did an installation for us. The customer service was fine. I used them because of a referral. The installation took a day. I would give them an A.”
“We already have Gutter Helmet. So far, I have had a positive experience—they did an installation, and nothing has gone wrong. I chose the company because other people in the neighborhood had them. I would definitely say they're an A-grade company.”
“Gutter Helmet did some work for me—so far, so good. I liked that they did the job on time, and it seems like it is working. I have had to call them back out—I'll be honest, I think it was an issue with the installation—but it wasn't major, and they did come back out the next day. So far, it's been A-grade service.”