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Katy Kustom Gutters has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 151 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"At Katy Kustom Gutters, we honor what we promise and deliver the power of experienced, talented installers. We provide customers with exceptional-quality products at a competitive price."

Jimmy & Joni Rechner | Co-owners
Company Information
Services Offered
Katy Kustom Gutters installs gutters, downspouts, gutter covers, and leaf screens for residential and commercial customers. The company also offers rotted wood replacement and gutter cleaning and repair services.
Minimum Job
All jobs require a $425 minimum.
Katy Kustom Gutters offers a 50-year manufacturer warranty and a lifetime labor warranty.
Company History
The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded by Jimmy Rechner, whose family has been in the gutter business since 1969.
Employee Information
Employees of Katy Kustom Gutters wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
Additional Information
The company installs five- and six-inch gutters in aluminum, Galvalume, and copper. There are over 100 color options available.
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

“I was very pleased. They're awesome. I want them to do another segment of my house. They did an excellent job. They're very nice, and they did a fantastic job cleaning up. I'd grade them as an A+ for sure, and I'll recommend them for certain. I can trust them.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters was fantastic. They did as promised, and they did phenomenal work. They did gutter installation. I'd give them an A+ for my overall experience, and I recommend them to everybody.”

“They are an amazing service. I love them. They are quick, easy, and efficient. They installed gutters, downspouts, and splash plates. They came out and did it right the first time. They're A+. I've recommended them to multiple people.”

“They were awesome, and they were quick. If anybody asks me about gutters, I tell them to call Katy Kustom Gutters—A+.”

“They did great work installing the gutters. They earned an A+.”

“I like that they're local. I would grade my overall experience as an A. They did gutter installation for me.”

“They put the gutters on the house as promised. They get an A.”

“They were easy to work with and I was fine with everything. More importantly, they quickly returned phones calls and were speedy with the estimate. They did gutter installation for me. I would grade my overall experience as A.”

“They installed gutters for me. My overall experience is an A. They were like the rest of the companies, but they seemed to know exactly what we were looking for.”

“This was an easy experience. They installed my gutters and did what they said they were going to do. My overall experience with them was an A. They were very knowledgeable.”

“I was very pleased with them. They did a good job. They cleaned up and quickly accomplished what I wanted. They replaced the gutter in the front of the house and installed new gutters in the back. Overall, I'd give them an A.”

“They came right on time and did the work they were supposed to do. They installed gutters for me and I'd give them an A for my overall experience with them.”

“They took care of what I needed. They installed my gutters. I would grade my overall experience as A.”

“I liked the quality of the work and the timely manner of getting it executed. They installed gutters for me. I'd give them an A for my overall experience with them.”

“They installed gutters and did the work without me having to manage it. I'd give my overall experience an A.”

“My experience with them was very positive. They were available to do the gutter installation immediately after they gave me a quote. I would grade my overall experience as an A.”

“We had a fine experience with the gutter installation. I would give them an A for the overall experience. They were reasonable and the availability was good.”

“I had no complaints. I was very happy with the services.”

“They did a good job and finished when they said they would, for the price they quoted. When a contractor does work with no issues, it's a good experience.”

“They did a gutter installation for me, and the finished product was exactly what I wanted. They were hassle free, kept their word, and didn't change the price. They deserve an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters did work for me about two or three months ago. I like how they came in quickly and did the job in a professional way. The job looked very nice after they did it. It's a rental property, so I haven't been there since the rain, but from what I saw, I thought they did a good job. They were prompt, they got the job done, and they were gone—they actually finished the job quicker than I expected. I'd give them the best rating—an A.”

“They were very efficient. I called them to set up an appointment for a couple of days, and they came in, so I have no complaints. I'd give them an A for excellent.”

“They did a fine job. They came out, he was very professional, and he got here in a timely manner. I've got nothing bad to say. I recommend them to friends. We had taken them down years and years ago, and then we had to get some work done, so they were putting them up on the front and part of the side of the house because that's all I wanted it on. They suggested other areas, but we only wanted it on that. He was awesome. I didn't have to call them back about anything. I'll give them an A.”

“They're very quick at providing an estimate, scheduling the work, getting out there, and doing it. It was a new home installation. I just had one problem for them to come out, and it was the downspout in front of the house. It was crooked, but I called, and they eventually came out and fixed it. They were prompt about coming back. There was a little bit of rain in Houston, so that kind of delayed it a little bit, but once the rain cleared up, they came out there. I'd rate them as excellent.”

“They did a great job. The lady that came out was very good and answered all our questions. They put up our gutters, did a real good job, did it very quickly, and it seems to be just fine. They were putting new gutters on the sides of our house. I didn't have to call them back with any issues. They're an A for excellent.”

“They're awesome. They're easy to work with—they show up when they're supposed to and do a good job. They'd put gutters up for me at other places before. This was just guttering at my house for the remodel. I didn't have to call them back with any issues. I would recommend them. He actually did my brother's house too. I had an apartment project, so I called them, they came out, they put the guttering out there, and I've just remained in touch with them ever since. An A would be good for them.”

“They did excellent work—a positive experience. They were prompt in coming to do the work after I contacted them, and they finished it in two or three hours. As far as I know about gutters, the work looks good, and they matched the previous ones. They were on the front of a new home construction. I haven't had to call them back with any issues so far. They installed them in July, and we just had seven inches of rain the other day. I would give them an A—it was good work.”

“I wasn't there, but it looked good. It's perfect. A.”

“It was my husband who scheduled them and dealt with them. Everything seems to be fine. We've been having rainy weather, and it seems to be doing what it's supposed to be doing, so all is good. They did a new home. I didn't have to call them back with any issues. I think my husband would recommend them. As far as I know, it was excellent.”

“They did a really good job. They picked up all their trash. When we had a really good, hard first rain, I made a note of any seams that weren't sealed all the way, because sometimes it's hard to tell when you're installing gutters in dry weather. They came out right away and fixed anything, and we haven't had any issues since. I am absolutely pleased with them. This is a new home, so they did quite a bit of gutters all the way around the home and the garage. I would absolutely recommend them, and I actually already have. I would give them an A+, which for me is very hard to come by, because I've probably dealt with 30 vendors while building this entire home. The home is about 11,000 square feet, so I dealt with a lot of different contractors, and of the 30, there's probably only three that I would even refer.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters was efficient. They came and got it done. It was a little bitty job, but they did a good job. It was out of the ordinary, and that means good. It was across part of the back. Dealing with them was easy. They were on time, got the job done quickly, and cleaned up after themselves. They're an A.”

“There was nothing bad about Katy Kustom Gutters.”

“Right now, we don't have any issues with Katy Kustom Gutters. The service is OK, and the installation was good. They did gutters on the whole house. I have no complaints.”

“I'll give Katy Kustom Gutters an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters did some work for me. They were efficient, on time, and cleaned up well. They put gutters on all around the house. It took them about four hours to do that. I chose them because they were recommended. They get an A.”

“They were easy to schedule. They provided a clear estimate and cleaned up the work area. We had gutters installed along half of the house. I originally found out about them from my brother in Houston. I'd give them an A.”

“First of all, they are very prompt. When I requested them, they scheduled the appointment within two days or so. That was something I really liked, because I tried with other companies, but they said it would be two weeks' time. Then the workers who came here to install the gutters were really professional. These were the two main things I liked about them. They installed new gutters all around the house. They're an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters came out and did an estimate. They said when they would be there, and they were there. They did the work and got it done quick—no problems. I had them replace gutters on the east and west side of my house. It didn't take them more than maybe two and a half to three hours. I was looking for a gutter company. I called them and made a reservation for them to come out and look at the house, they came out and gave me the estimate, and it was done. I'd give them an A.”

“Everything's holding up. Everything still looks good. Katy Kustom Gutters got done in about 30 minutes. Everything went well. The gutters were placed on both two sides and the back. The guy came out to give me the estimate when he said. They showed up at the time I was told they were going to be here. They got the work done in an efficient manner. They'd get an A.”

“I'd say Katy Kustom Gutters were good. I have no complaints whatsoever.”

“They were pretty clean. They just did the service exactly like I wanted. They were on time. Everything was good. I have no complaints. They did a gutter installation on the front and the back of the house. They get an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters did fine work. I appreciated it. I liked the fact that they completed the work and everything was done right. The gutters were sagging in places, so I had them raise them and straighten them out so they'd drain properly. I'd rate them as an A.”

“We couldn't get grass to grow on one side of our house. We put these gutters up so it would change the flow of the water, and now we have grass. Katy Kustom Gutters did what we originally brought them out to do. They put gutters on two sides of the house. It took them a day. They had already been out and done gutters in the back. I'd give them an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters did the job on time. They did it fine. I had them do the whole house. It took them a day. I'd say they get an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters did a good job from what I know. I wasn't there. As far as I know, the lady I sold the house to reported back to me that they did a great job, and they look nice. I haven't heard any complaints, so I guess they did a good job. They did the whole front of the house and the front porch. The customer service was fine. I didn't have any problems with them. I did it over the phone. They sent the salesman out, he did the bid and gave it to me, and then after the job was completed, the lady reported to me she was happy with it, so I paid them. They'd get an A.”

“They were as they planned. They did what I asked for in the time frame. The job was done in a professional manner. We had them put gutters around our house on the back and the sides. We haven't really called for any issues, but I think the planner for the day and the team finished it within the time they had planned for. I'll rate them an A.”

“It's been six months, and it was pretty quick and painless. They came, did the job, got in and out, and it was done fast, on time, and everything like that, so it was positive. I didn't have to call them back with any problems. They did new gutters on an old home. We'd never had gutters before. They get an A.”

“Everything was fine. They showed up on time, did the work very quickly and efficiently, and it still works, so it's great. They just modified the gutters that were there. We wanted downspouts put in, and they handled it. I didn't have to call them back with any issues. Everything was done the first time. I would give them an A.”

“They just were efficient and got the job done well. Everything's working. They installed gutters on a new house. I didn't have to call them back about anything. They get an A.”

“They did a good job. It was just standard. They came over, did what they had to do, and left. It was gutters on a new home. I didn't have to call them back with any problems. I'd give them an A.”

“They turned up on time. The problem that we had, the gentleman that came out to assess it knew straight away, so they came back and fixed it. They replaced an existing gutter, which had been damaged during some storms and was not working correctly. I didn't have any issues with them at all. I would recommend them. I'd give them an A across the board.”

“They showed up on time, finished on time, and cleaned up after themselves. They were adding on to the home. I didn't have to call them back with any issues. I would recommend them. I'd rate them an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters was very professional. They came when they said they'd come, and they cleaned up their mess. Everything went perfectly. I had them put gutters on the entranceway to my house. Before the gutters went up, you couldn't come in or out the front door without getting a bath, but they put the gutters up, and it stopped. They work just as they were advertised. I'm very satisfied with it. I'd give them an A.”

“It was a great experience. They came on time, and they did a very clean, neat job. They put on brand-new gutters, and I didn't have to call them back with any issues. It was a great job. I would give them the highest score—excellent service.”

“They did an awesome job. They did exactly what they said they were going to do, and they did it when they said they were going to do it. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters was very nice, and the service was very quick. I have two properties, and one was having problems with the gutters, so I used them for gutters. I'd give them an A for excellent work.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters did an excellent job. I'd say it was excellent with no complaints.”

“The gutter installation was five or six months ago. It was very good. Everything is working out, and it was an outstanding job. They get an A.”

“I had great service from Katy Kustom Gutters. I'd give them an A for excellent.”

“They did an excellent job. I'm happy.”

“It was a very good experience. They came out and installed gutters in the same day. We're happy with them, and I didn't have to call them back with any issues. I'd recommend them. I'd give them an A+.”

“Everything worked out great, which is kind of rare anymore. They were adding on gutters. I would recommend them. They get an A+.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters had quick service and did a quality job. They did the gutters for the whole house. It took them one day. I would recommend them to a friend, and I'd rate them an A.”

“Katy Kustom Gutters was great. I liked that they were dependable. They were fast, and they were friendly. They did gutters for my house on three sides of it. Their customer service was good. I would give them an A.”

“We had a great experience with Katy Kustom Gutters. They were on time when they came out. The workers were professional, they were in and out in a timely manner, and they were proficient. They were putting gutters on for the whole house. I would recommend them and give them an A. I have not had one issue.”