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"We start with the best product in the industry. GutterMaxx solves rainwater and leaf problems that other products can't. We have the best estimators and installers. GutterMaxx looks attractive on your home; our customers love that. Our goal is to earn our customers' complete satisfaction."

Steve Jolly | National Sales Manager
Company Information
Services Offered
GutterMaxx provides gutter installation services for residential customers.
Services Not Offered
The company does not perform gutter repair services.
GutterMaxx provides a lifetime no-clog warranty for gutters and guarantees that if the gutter ever clogs, the company will clean it out for free.
Company History
The company was founded in 2002.
Employee Information
According to GutterMaxx, its employees must meet the company's professional qualifications and are trained extensively on-site.
Additional Information
The GutterMaxx product is a self-flushing gutter system with two water entry points provided by the patented "snap-on, snap-off" cover.
Areas Served
Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village, Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas
A selection of 326 homeowner reviews:
“I've been very happy with the gutters that were installed. I know that they're seamless, so there's not going to be any leaves or debris that can get in them. They're also lovely. They make the house look nice, they blend in with the paint, and they complement the house. They get an A+ from me.”
“GutterMaxx was awesome. They did a great job. It was efficient, it works, and there were no problems. They were on time. It was perfect. I'd grade it as an A+.”
“They showed up when they said they were going to. They left my whole yard clean. It's like they'd never been there. The installers were very courteous to my wife. It was a good experience. I'd give them an A+, overall.”
“It's very good. The work is done professionally, and it carries the water off fine. I'd rate them as an A+.”
“I give them an A+. They did a good job. They were very good. All my neighbors love them. We had to chase them for a week to take them off, but once I actually got in contact with them they were prompt. The initial was great. Of course the final won't be over until they put them back, and then hope they still look the same way. They came, did new gutters, and left nothing behind. I already have recommended them to neighbors.”
“This is a repeat from them. They put our gutters on eight years ago, and we had hail damage so they came back and put new gutters on. We talked about problems where water didn't drain well just due to our high pitched roof, and they looked at a way that they could make that better. They took care of that, and it did very well. I grade it an A+. They were very good. They were on time. They cleaned everything up, so they were good. I'm very happy with them. We have recommended them.”
“The sales guys were personable and they came and demoed the product they had at the house. It was very impressive. He was able to meet my need. In this case, a leaking situation, so he was able to kind of help address some of that aspect too. But overall, it was a good experience. I'd give them an A. They took the old ones too for us.”
“Their service and how fast they did everything made it positive. I grade it A+.”
“They got here when they said they were going to, and they got it done and over with. I grade it an A+.”
“I liked the quality, the efficiency, and the personnel that were here. I grade it an A+.”
“It looks great; everything's fine. They didn't pick up after themselves, and that could hurt my dog or hurt a kid stepping on it. But they were very courteous, very nice. They were really quiet; you didn't even know they were there. I grade it an A+.”
“It was good. They were very clean and fast. Good customer service. I'd grade it an A+.”
“The fact that it worked, they were on time, and they put it up efficiently. I grade it an A+.”
“They were good. They were just good, and there was no problems. Everything was explained, and I knew exactly what to expect. I grade it an A+.”
“I liked the larger gutters. It was quick. I'll go with A+.”
“Very, very pleased. They came in, they knew what they were doing, they just got busy, and finished in a record time. I'd give them A+.”
“They did it quickly, cleaned up well, and produced a nice product. I'd grade it about an A-. I got what I expected.”
“They showed up on time, got it done, and cleaned up. Everything was what we wanted it to be. I'd give it an A.”
“I didn't have any problems with Guttermaxx. I mean just the way they got through the job, everything fit well and just thought they did a really good job. I would think it was an A. They left some little pieces where they cut metal. They just left some of that.”
“Their workmanship and the amount of time it took to finish made it positive. I'd grade it an A.”
“It was efficient and done correctly. We had a problem so they came back out and fixed it so everything was fine. No complaints.”
“The technician was very quick and got his job done. I would say it was definitely an A.”
“They showed up when they said they were going to, brought the correct supplies, finished the work when they said they were going to. The finished product was exactly what we had discussed. I would give it an A.”
“It was very good. They just did a real professional job. It looks very nice against the house and seems to work. I grade it an A.”
“They're not leaking, and everything seems to be going well. I'd say it's an A.”
“They were fine. They showed up when they said they were going to and finished the job in one day. No surprises. I'd have to say probably an A.”
“The work was done on time like it was supposed to be, and I was satisfied with it. It was an A. They did a good job.”
“I liked just that they work hard at it. They got the patio cover up. They came back about three or four weeks later, like they said they would, and put up the glass. They came back later and put up gutters. I'd grade it an A. Everything was cleaned up when the project was done.”
“I got a patio cover. The installer did a very thorough job, and it looks real fine. I'd say it was an A. I've already recommended them to a friend.”
“It was a great experience. I'll buy them again. It was very good.”
“Everything seemed fine. It was easy. There was no hassle. They just came out, got it all done. It was really quick. Pretty much was really easy to deal with. I'd give it an A. No problems with them at all.”
“I had gutters put in. The experience was excellent. They were timely and got done when they said they would.”
“It was great. I liked how quick they did the job and the cleanup afterward. I'd grade them as excellent.”
“In the first place, I think I had a leak, and now I'm sure that's not the case. The second thing is that I don't have to clean them. The third is that they look attractive. That's why I chose them. Because of those three reasons, I'd give them an excellent grade.”
“They're very prompt, courteous, and professional. I chose them over the basic gutter just due to quality. They installed the gutters with the leaf guard. The company is A+.”
“They just did good service and showed up on time. They installed the gutters. I chose them because my son used them. They're A+.”
“They showed up when they said, they got it done in a day, and there weren't any problems. They removed the old ones, and they had to put in some more materials. We just liked the product. The company gets an A grade from me.”
“It was fine. I didn't want to have to clean the leaves out of the gutters. I have a lot of trees around, so I like the fact it was covered. The guy across the street had a good experience, so he recommended it and that was it. It keeps the leaves out and the nuts and everything. I'd give them an A.”
“We're very happy with their service. I like the way it looks. It's a neat, clean look to the house. I don't have to get up on the ladder anymore and scoop out the yuck. The gutters add a nice finishing touch to the house. I'd grade them as an A, definitely.”
“They were quick and easy. They were done in less than a day. They made life very simple and easy for us. They installed the system with leaf guards. We had family and friends that had used them before. I'd give them at least an A grade.”
“They were prompt. They did what they said they would do. They seemed to know what they were doing. I got the leaf guards installed by them. They were recommended to us. I'd give the company an A grade.”
“They were on time. They did what they said they were going to do. I have some adjustments I'd like to have made, but I haven't had time to call them yet. I'm sure they're going to be very good about that. It's a very good product. It was fine. They installed the leaf guard gutters. I'd rate them as an A, of course.”
“I like that it sheds the leaves. I just liked their approach, and everything seemed OK. The other main company that does the leaf guard thing never did show up after they had to cancel one appointment. I would give this company an A grade, and I'd use them again.”
“Everything was good. They were efficient. They got it done quickly. They installed the gutters with leaf guards. They earned an A.”
“GutterMaxx was really good. They installed gutters. We got a choice of the colors, and they worked out perfectly. When they left, everything was nice and clean. I can tell these gutters are going to last. I'd give them an A+.”
“We're very pleased with them. I like the fact that the trash, leaves, and things don't get down in the gutters, and we don't have to clean them out. The leaf guard is very good. We chose them because we liked their product the best. We would use them again because we're very pleased.”
“We liked the sales guy and the product. It's been great. GutterMaxx installed the gutters with the leaf guards. I chose them because I liked the top and how it would keep out the leaves. Plus, the look was so much nicer than gutters from the other companies we looked at. We'd give them an A+.”
“GutterMaxx has been good so far. They put gutters throughout my whole house. Actually, I got a clog the other day, and they cleaned it all up. After a couple of heavy rain falls, I can see that they did handle it. I would use them again. They seemed to have the best product. I give GutterMaxx an A+ throughout.”
“GutterMaxx was great. They put in some gutters for us, and it was a wonderful job. They have needed no repairs—none whatsoever. It was great—a wonderful job. It was an A+.”
“I liked them because there is a lifetime warranty on the gutters, and if they clog up, they come back again. The technicians were nice, and they showed me the gutters that matched the best. I would give them an A+.”
“The service was what I wanted, and the quality of the gutters was good; they do what they were designed to do, and I have no complaints whatsoever. The salesman was very personable and did a good job of explaining everything. The whole installation was good, and the cleanup met my expectations. GutterMaxx deserves an A+.”
“GutterMaxx was willing to work with me. If I didn't like the way they were doing something, and I asked them to change it, they figured out a way to do that. I was really pleased with them, and I liked the look of the gutters. The cleanup was good. I would use the company again. They're a top company—an A+.”
“They put up gutters for me. They were very friendly and neat, and they did everything they said they were going to do. I'd give them an A+. I'd recommend the company.”
“They were able to help me, so the experience was positive. They were good. I liked the salesperson and have recommended him to a friend. He was personable and knowledgeable. I didn't have a gutter system, so they put in a new one and a downspout. There was no mess left behind. It was an A+ job.”
“They did the job in a timely manner. I thought I had issues at first because it looked like it was leaking behind the gutters, so they came out and addressed the problem. It ended up being the roofer's problem—not the gutters—but they came and checked it out for us. They were good. The system's been fine so far, but it's only been a couple of months. We don't get much rain, so it's hard to tell. I would use the company again. I thought the technicians did a fine job. They were good, and the customer service was good also. I thought the gutters looked nicer because they were the same size as the fascia, and you can hardly tell there are gutters on there. I hadn't used GutterMaxx before then, but I would recommend them, and I would give them an A+.”
“They were quick, and they did a really good job. The gutters look nice and match the house. There is no cleaning required on these gutters. The product has worked for me, so I would give GutterMaxx an A+ grade.”
“They were very good. I liked that they did a good job, did what they said they were going to do, and didn't go over their estimate. The cleanup was very good; the guys took away anything that needed to be taken away. I would grade them as A+.”
“I bought their product, and they did a great job with the installation. They did my whole house in one afternoon, and they cleaned up everything. There was one spot that I wasn't happy with, but they redid it. I would tell anyone who asks that it does exactly what they say it does, and it's worth every penny. I found out about them from a neighbor down the street. I would rate them as an A+ because I'm very happy with the work they did, and I would recommend them.”
“I liked that they did the work when they said they were going to do it, and they explained and walked through every aspect of it—gave us examples and so forth. I think they did a good job. I felt that they were listening to my concerns. We did not have a problem, and they were able to match the gutters to the house. They're an A+. We've had some rainstorms, and I can see the difference. I have no complaints.”
“They came out when they were scheduled to come out, completed the work in a timely manner, and told me that if I had any complaints or needed any help with the gutters, they would come back out. I haven't had any requests for service because I haven't had any problems. They did the installation, came at the scheduled time, and did the work in a timely manner. I would grade them as A+.”
“They did a good job. I like their craftsmanship; it looks good, and it works. They finished when they said they would and did a good job. I'm very pleased with them. The guy who I spoke with answered all of my questions. He did a very good presentation; he sold me on it, and I've very glad he did. I would definitely give GutterMaxx an A+.”
“They came and put the gutters up, and they look OK. They put up some gutters in the front and in the back. I had no communication problems with the crew, and the cleanup was fine; they did not leave anything lying around. This was my first occasion using GutterMaxx, and I'd give them an A+ rating because I haven't had anything to complain about yet.”
“They did some work not too long ago, and I am very pleased with it. They replaced all of the gutters, they fixed some of the rotten fascia boards behind them, and they added three downspouts. I would give them an A.”
“I liked how quickly they got the job done. The quality of their work was reasonable; it's held up fine. I would use them again. I have two big trees with leaves, so I needed something that had a leaf guard, basically. The technicians and the customer service were fine. I'm pretty sure they had it installed in a day or two, so they had it installed in the time frame they'd stated. It was on schedule, and it cost what they said it would cost; there weren't any hidden fees or anything. I would recommend GutterMaxx. They earned an A.”
“GutterMaxx was quick and efficient, and they cleaned up well. I would recommend them to others.”
“They did some business for me, and it was a good experience. In fact, they did a little bit more than I was expecting.”
“They installed gutters, and it was a custom job. It was my first time using their services. They cleaned up after themselves, and I found them to be reliable and trustworthy. I would rate GutterMaxx as an A.”
“They were prompt and on time; they were here when they said they would be here. We chose them because we thought they had a quality product, and they were able to match the color that we wanted. I would grade them as an A.”
“I like the way the gutters look. It was the first time I used GutterMaxx's service, and I thought they were reliable and cleaned up well. The salesman showed me an example of how the water would go. I would give them an A.”
“GutterMaxx was great. They did gutters for me, and I would rate them as an A.”
“They showed up on time. They did gutter work, and they cleaned up well. They were receptive to any questions and concerns I had, and the work was done in a timely fashion. I would give GutterMaxx an A, and I would recommend them for sure.”
“They put up seamless gutters around almost my entire home. I chose them because I needed drainage around the house. Since the work has been completed, everything has been fine. I would use them again. The workers were knowledgeable, and the work was fine. It went great. They deserve an A.”
“GutterMaxx did great. We had a positive experience. My wife handled them, and we'd use the company again. They're an A.”
“GutterMaxx was able to help me with my project, and we liked their product. I found the staff to be professional, and they cleaned the yard up well when they were finished. I was pricing gutters at that time, and because I have huge oak trees in the front, I wanted something that would absolutely handle the leaves. These gutters been working fine. With the way the system is designed, the leaves just can't stay in the gutters; it's kind of self-cleaning. I'd give them an A rating.”
“The gutters are pretty high quality. They were very friendly people, and they cleaned up after themselves. The installation looks good. The main thing, though, is that my wife's happy—that's all I have to worry about. I'd have to give them an A.”
“They did a great job. The gutters are working like they said they would. As for the workers, I'm sure they were fine. There were a couple of things that the guy who originally came out to talk to us had not explained to the workers, so they were not done the first time. They listened to us, though, and came back a second time and made it right. They worked really hard, and it was hot. It was good. The gutters match beautifully; they were able to match them with our house. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“GutterMaxx did a great job. They did really high-quality work. They were clean, very nice, and very good with their installation. I like their product, and it's been working well. They do A+ work.”
“I had a wonderful experience with them, and I'm very happy with the product. I've referred people to GutterMaxx every time I've been asked about my gutters, and I'll continue to recommend them. I would give them A's all across the board.”
“GutterMaxx's crew and their communication were very good—very professional. I'm quite happy with the end result. I've recommended them because the gutters seem to be a quality product. I don't have to clean them out or anything like that. They're A+.”
“I liked everything about their service. The technicians were outstanding, and they matched the gutters to my house—A+.”
“We put a roof and new gutters on last year. The quality of the work was excellent. The technicians that came out were good. GutterMaxx is right at the top of the scale—A+. They came in and did exactly what they said they'd do at a pace faster than we expected. The work has held up beautifully for a year.”
“GutterMaxx is wonderful. It's so great that I wish I had done it three or four years ago. I would grade them an A+. I would recommend them highly, highly, highly. People should not even think about anybody else.”
“We've been satisfied with GutterMaxx—really pleased. We just replaced some old gutters, and they put the gutters back. That was our first time using this company, and the technicians were fine. I think a house across the street—a friend of ours—had it done, and we liked theirs. We had planned on doing it, so we thought we'd use GutterMaxx. I'd rate them as excellent. I would give them an A+.”
“I'm satisfied completely. They put gutters around my house, and they met my expectations. The customer service was really excellent. I'd give them an A+ because they've done work for me before.”
“GutterMaxx's work was superb. They did a good job. They showed up on time, and they cleaned up well after their service. The technicians had good attitudes, so I would give them a good grade. They deserve an A+.”
“They did a great job. They worked very well, and they were very professional. They came out and did the installation, and I'm very, very pleased with it. They put gutters on the front of my house and on part of my garage. It was probably about half because my house is pretty long; it was the whole front and the sides. The main, front area and everything has got the GutterMaxx, and then, on the back, it has the regular gutters. In the future, I would use their services again. I was impressed with it. I would grade them as A+.”
“I thought GutterMaxx was very good. I was extremely satisfied, and I would use them again. They took down my old gutters, and they put up the clog-free gutters on my entire house. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. I would give them an A+.”
“They put gutters all around our home. The quality of work is very good, and the workers were very good, friendly, and very professional. They get an A+ from me because they did excellent work. I would recommend them. They're very professional and efficient and do it in a timely manner.”
“GutterMaxx put gutters up along the front and back of my house. Everything's held up great. It was very excellent work, and the workers and customer service were excellent as well. I chose them because of the style of their gutters. I would give them an A+.”
“They did some work for me. They did a wonderful job, and I'd recommend them to anybody. They were an A+.”
“I used GutterMaxx for some gutters. I had them install the covered gutters, which they provide. They look much nicer than what I had, and they do a good job of keeping the leaves out. I like that they're very professional. I would recommend them. It was an excellent, quality job. I would grade this company as an A.”
“GutterMaxx did some installation work for me a month ago, and I thought they were fantastic.”
“They put all new gutters on around our house. The cleanup was very good, and they were courteous. They have a technologically superior gutter, so they have added value to my home. So far, everything is working out well. We need to get it cleaned out, but we haven't called them to get it cleaned out yet; otherwise, it's been really good. It's the kind with the little cap over it, and they clean it—that comes with my service. I would give them an A.”
“It was great. GutterMaxx put in new gutters—the kind that doesn't let the leaves in. They gave me leaf-guard gutters. They're made differently; it's a different kind of gutter than just putting a guard on it. Everything was perfect, and the product is really great. They get an A from me.”
“From the experience that we had, the company seemed to be professionally run, and they delivered on what they promised. They installed gutters, and the quality of their work appears to be excellent. I would definitely grade them an A. We had a small request after the initial work was done because we expected that the downspouts would be extended like our original downspouts were, so they came back and added those in. They rectified the issue immediately and were happy to do so. I would definitely tell friends and neighbors to contact GutterMaxx and get an estimate.”
“I haven't had any problems with the work they did for me. There were some delays, but it was more from their material manufacturer than from them. They installed a glass patio cover for us, and we haven't had any issues. Their customer service was fine. I would give them an A.”
“GutterMaxx put gutters in, and the quality of the work was excellent. The workers were very attentive and very helpful. They deserve an A grade. They have great products. I would tell others to hire them—don't bother with anybody else.”
“They did an excellent job for me. Over the winter, I got a little stain on my gutter, but I think with some salt and water that'll come off the front of it. As far as the work they did, it's functional, and it's working. It works great, and I'm very satisfied with it. They were really professional about it. They had an ample crew there installing it, it didn't take a lot of time, and it looked very good when they got through with it. I think they fall in the A range, because they're very professional, the product is holding up well so far, and it looks nice.”
“I'm satisfied with the people and with their work. That job was done in the last year, and, so far, everything's working like they said it would. Obviously, you hope to have new guttering on your house to last the rest of the time you're going to live here, and I have recommended GutterMaxx to other people, so I'm quite satisfied. I would certainly give them an A.”
“GutterMaxx did a very nice job, and we're very happy. They put in new gutters, and they were courteous. I wasn't here when they were, but my husband was very pleased that they got the work done in a day's time. I'd give them the top grade—A+.”