Gutter Cleaning Info | Best Pick Reports

Clogged and overflowing gutters can dump gallons of water onto the ground next to the house. This water can cause basement waterproofing problems, foundation and landscape erosion, soil splatter, and settlement issues. Some homeowners think they need waterproofing when they may actually just need gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning is much less costly than waterproofing. If gutters are not installed and flashed properly, water can also flow over the back edge of the gutter and cause damage to the fascia or the soffit.

Sometimes gutters can be cleaned from the roof; other times, a ladder is necessary. High-pitched roofs and specialty roofs usually require ladders. Whether the technician works from the ground or from a ladder, the heights involved make gutter cleaning dangerous work. To ensure their safety, professionals have the proper equipment, such as ladders equipped with levelers.  

To protect gutters from dents, some gutter cleaning companies also equip their ladders with U-shaped, stand-away brackets. These brackets allow the ladder to rest against the wall of the house instead of the gutter, and their ends are often padded as well.

While some companies haul away debris removed from gutters, others leave it for you to clean up after they leave. It costs more to have the debris removed, so when comparing gutter cleaners, understand how each one plans to dispose of debris.