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In a shower, whether it’s a stand-alone shower or a bathtub with a shower, water has to stay in the shower area. A glass door is a much more attractive option than a standard curtain. A glass shower door can let light in more efficiently and is better at keeping water in the shower. When choosing a shower door, homeowners also have a variety of options concerning handles, towel bars, and even the type of glass used.

Frameless. Although frameless doors may seem like a safety risk, the thick, tempered glass is very durable and difficult to break. Frameless doors give the bathroom a more open feeling and are easier to clean, because there is no frame to collect dirt and grime.

Framed. In framed doors, the glass is often sealed into the frame and is relatively water-tight. Heavy glass is not required because of the extra support from the frame, so framed doors typically are less expensive. Framed door designs include sliding, bi-fold, and swinging doors.