Advantages of Garage Floor Coatings | Best Pick Reports

Many homeowners are paying closer attention to their garages after realizing what a shame it is to allow neglect and clutter to make such a large space unusable. A professionally installed, decorative concrete coating system applied to the garage floor can literally rejuvenate the space from the ground up.

Standard garage floors have several drawbacks. Due to settling and weather, for example, concrete can develop unsightly cracks and pitting after only a few years. Also, the porous nature of concrete encourages enduring stains from fluids and car debris. Those stains, in turn, readily show grime and dirt, making the concrete look dingy. In general, bare concrete can be a difficult surface to clean and maintain.

One common way to refresh a garage floor is by applying a coat of paint or epoxy; however, this cover-up is not a long-term solution. Water vapor, which escapes from the concrete, in addition to heat from tires leads to bubbling and peeling of paint, leaving the floor looking even worse. The longer-lasting solution is to engage the help of a professional garage floor coating installer.