Maintaining Your Garage Door | Best Pick Reports

While garage doors may not seem like something that can be inspected by a layman, there are a few things that the average homeowner can do to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Inspect the tracks. Make sure that the various sections of the tracks are securely bolted together and flush. If a bolt becomes too loose, the track’s alignment may get off kilter and cause added stress for the opener, sometimes causing it to malfunction and reverse the door’s direction. Also occasionally lubricate hinges, rollers, and springs with a silicon spray to keep everything running smoothly.

Check the door’s springs. The door should not be extremely difficult to lift or close manually. If it is, the springs may need to be adjusted by a professional. Should your door not open more than three feet when the opener is running, a broken spring is probably to blame. Replacing springs can be extremely dangerous, and it should always be left to a technician. If you have extension springs, safety cables should be installed to prevent a failed extension spring from potentially causing injury to a person or damage to a wall or vehicle.