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"JES provides long-term solutions for foundation, wet basement, and crawl space moisture problems. Our team of professional engineers, passionate sales and customer service representatives, and business managers strives every day to give homeowners the highest level of service and solutions that they deserve."

Jesse Waltz | Founder & CEO
Company Information
Services Offered
JES Foundation Repair provides foundation repair services using a variety of products, including helical piles, push piers, slab piers, Smart Jacks, carbon fiber, and polyurethane foam injection. The company also provides basement waterproofing and crawl space moisture management.
Services Not Offered
JES does not perform home improvements, basement finishing services, or exterior waterproofing services.
Minimum Job
The company has a $3,500 minimum.
JES Foundation Repair offers transferable lifetime warranties for most foundation repair and basement waterproofing products.
Company History
The company was started in 1993.
Jesse Waltz is a state-licensed Professional Engineer. The company is a dealer of CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems, Foundation Supportworks, and Basement Systems products.
MHIC #50637
Areas Served
Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's
A selection of 358 homeowner reviews:
“I called JES Foundation Repair because I had a wet area in the middle of a basement room, and there was no leak in the ceiling. I was very impressed with the technician that came to evaluate the problem. He was very knowledgeable, quickly diagnosed the problem, and was able to explain everything in layman's terms.”
“The crew who came out did a fantastic job raising our sunken walkway without having to destroy it and pour new cement. They blended everything so it looks like nothing ever happened. They left our property very neat and clean. We are delighted with this company. If we ever need anything again that this company does, we will call them first—A+.”
“I loved the JES Foundation Repair service personnel and workers. They did a great job, and I would highly recommend them to friends and family.”
“I don't really know how to assess foundation repairs, but JES's piers seem to have reversed some settling of my slab foundation and the company was very easy to work with.”
“Very knowledgeable staff and expert work. Would definitely use their services again if needed.”
“We had a problem with the foundation of our chimney that caused it to pull away from the house. JES used the push-pier system to reinforce the foundation. Their process straightened the chimney and provided a secure foundation to solve the problem. We were very satisfied with the results and the expertise of their employees.”
“I believe they did a good job but the repair has had to be redone a number of times due to continued settlement. But, they always came out to try and correct the problem.”
“JES Foundation did a great job. Even a month afterward when there was some additional settling, they came back under warranty (no charge) and fixed it. Employees were nice and knowledgeable. Worked hard on a very hot day.”
“The?service representative and repairman were outstanding.”
“This company is professional, efficient and thorough. They provided all the expertise to correct our foundation problem. After all the digging, removing flower beds and trenching in the yard to provide run-off for the drain, we were extremely pleased when the crews returned the area to its original appearance, flowers and all, to look as though the area had never been disturbed. We would highly recommend this company and the young people who do the work. They were great!”
“We had JES out to put 10 piers in close to 10 years ago. We did not hesitate to call them to put in 3 more a couple years ago.”
“We had a 5' X 13' concrete slab that had sunk 1.5' at one end and become a tripping hazard. A JES engineer came out to inspect my work request, explained the options and recommended the most appropriate action for our situation. The result was exactly what we hoped for...and 1 year later still looks great. The company also tried to level a poolside concrete slab, but stopped trying when their efforts actually made the poolside slab tilt even worse.”
“I had wall anchors installed for a retaining wall. Everything about the installation was smooth and uneventful. However, the anchors are pretty ugly and need covers to be presentable. Getting the anchor covers (which were selected weeks prior to the job) took many weeks more to be attached. Disappointing ending.”
“The crew did a good job, but they didn't do everything they were supposed to. They lifted the sidewalk, but not the driveway.”
“As I knew from 20 years ago that my kitchen floor sagged, and there being a crawl space below, and I was now again remodeling the kitchen again, I decided it was time to fix the sagging floor. They came over right away, I had to wait a few weeks, but they did a beautiful job, added 3 more posts to hold up the 22-foot long middle section of my split level home, and added all new insulation under the floor, put down beautiful protection from crawl space dampness. Looks and feels nice and dry now. No delays in getting work done, etc.”
“The JES representative was great, they arrived on time and the work was performed as contracted using the PolyLevel technique. I could actually feel the difference right away. However, within several months it seems my sloping porch is off, like it sank down again. I've called a couple of times to request a follow-up but no response yet.”
“Did a very good job and found other issues from a previous contractor who made a mistake that caused us to use JES.”
“The only reason for a less than A was that the repair took two visits. The first time, the cement porch area was not lifted high enough. Second time around was fine. The guys doing the job were great.”
“The crew that was sent out were very professional and helpful, going above and beyond their duties, since one of my cats got under the house and they helped me get it back out. (Thanks Manny) I have already told a couple of other people about the job they did and would definitely recommend them again.”
“When I called the office, the staff was very professional and patient, made sure I was taken care of and quickly scheduled me for service. Received an outstanding level of service from Demetruis and his crew. They quickly diagnosed the problems, corrections were made immediately. They also took the time to educate me on the process as they were working which was greatly appreciated.”
“My husband and I are satisfied with the work that JES performed.”
“They secured an eight-foot alley wall. They dug a trench, drilled holes in the alley wall for retention rods and weeping holes, installed plates on either side, screwed them together, and filled the trench back in. The work was performed in two days. The backyard had minimal disruption. The work area was kept clean and free of debris. They left the jobsite in excellent condition. They provided a torque wrench to maintain tension on the bolts. They were courteous and professional on the phone and in person, and the best part is that they fixed the problem.”
“JES installed piers to close up cracks in a brick wall. The experience was positive. The representative was professional and knowledgeable. They said that if any adjustments to the piers are needed in the future, they would do it for free, which gives us peace of mind.”
“JES installed underfloor jacks to stabilize and lift the house, and they encapsulated the crawl space. The workers were polite and professional, and the work was completed on schedule. The quality of work was good.”
“JES Foundation Repair installed resistance piers to stabilize the chimney whose foundation started to lean away from the house causing the chimney to lean away from the house. JES provided a price quote and engineering drawings, and they answered all of my questions during a visit to my residence. The work crew was knowledgeable and answered all of my remaining questions while performing the work. The crew cleaned up after themselves and replaced the dirt that was dug up around the chimney foundation.”
“They installed six SmartJacks under my house to support my sagging center beam. It was positive because they did exactly what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it. I didn't have to contact them again after they left (very unusual for me).”
“They did Kevlar fiber bands implanted in the basement cement block wall. They were easy to deal with. It was fairly clean work.”
“JES performed a foundation crack repair and partial waterproofing system on my home. The crack was stabilized by carbon straps. My overall experience was positive. The consultant and repair crew were professional and seemed knowledgeable about the issue and performing the repair.”
“They did a floor joist repair. It was positive, and they complied with the job in a timely manner. ”
“They placed steel rods through the wall on one end of my house so that we could pull the wall outward, as it was pushing in somewhat. They came on time, performed all work in a workmanlike manner, kept us informed along the way, and did a great cleanup and reseeding on the lawn.”
“We were losing a bay window in our 1936 historic home. As the foundation beneath it sagged, it was pulling away from the house, with a larger gap at the top and a smaller one at the bottom. JES jacked it up and poured new footings, fixing the problem. They were able to do this without significantly hurting a half dozen very large azaleas adjacent to the bay window and without tearing up the lawn. ”
“JES raised the step at my front door about four inches. They came when they said they would, did a little more than they were contracted for, and were very nice to interact with. What's not to love?”
“They installed four push pins to lift and stabilize the foundation and installed six wall anchors to straighten and secure. I believe that working with JES is more of a partnership in securing the foundation of my house. Besides the actual work, which was done efficiently and professionally, they offered advice, tips, and tricks to prevent other foundation issues (fixing the gutters).”
“They installed three helical piers under my front stoop for the first job, done several years ago. They installed five wall anchors on my front basement wall. It was very positive. They did what was needed in a timely and professional manner.”
“JES repaired two cracks that appeared in our foundation less than two years after the house was built. The builder wanted to do a Band-Aid repair that we weren't happy with, so we obtained input from JES and one other company and decided to go with JES because of their professionalism and knowledge.”
“JES installed 12 SmartJack support posts in my crawl space to correct foundation problems in my home and to prevent foundation issues in the future. In addition, JES installed their Clean Space encapsulation system in my crawl space to prevent humidity by isolating my house from the earth. My experience with JES was positive because of the professionalism of the company. Customer satisfaction, honesty, hard work, and being courteous to the customer are qualities are not found very often in businesses these days. From the people scheduling the appointments, to the on-site visit, to the actual work being done, every JES employee that I encountered was knowledgeable, professional, polite, and had my interests in mind. The bottom line is that they did exactly what they said they were going to do—no bait and switch tactics.”
“They installed supports to correct a leaning chimney. The technical sales rep was thorough and efficient. The work crew was very careful and courteous.”
“They did hydraulic pylons to jack up a sinking foundation. They were very knowledgeable and experienced at their work. There was some miscommunication at first between the project manager and the crew chief when the crew chief arrived on where the pylons were supposed to be placed, but a quick call got that straightened out. They were quick and explained the whole process, and they were fairly good about cleaning up after they were done.”
“They did an installation of multiple basement support beams. They were professional, clean, and conscientious.”
“They installed push piers to raise a brick wall and to straighten the chimney. The wall was only slightly raised, and there is no noticeable difference in the chimney. I presume, though, that further sinking will be eliminated. The work was done in a timely manner. The workers were polite and hardworking.”
“My basement wall was collapsing, so JES put up braces to fix the problem and hold it up. My experience was positive because I was informed on what was going on at every step being done.”
“JES encapsulated our crawl space and installed a drainage system to prevent a recurrence of our moisture problem. The people were the most professional folks who have ever done work in our home.”
“JES was waterproofing my crawl space. The workers were outstanding and did a wonderful job at removing the old debris from the crawl space—outstanding workers.”
“JES performed an assessment of my father's home for basement foundation moisture issues. The process to purchase the moisture solution and have it installed was seamless.”
“The foundation wall was settling. JES shored up the wall to keep it from settling any further. The folks performing the work were very professional. They are experts at what they do. I highly recommend these folks for foundation repairs.”
“JES figured out what was wrong and told me how they'd fix it. On one corner of the house, the foundation had sunk and caused some cracking and stuff. They jacked that up. They did it for the price they said they'd do it for, and it was well. I'd say that the company was an A.”
“JES Foundation Repair fixed a leak in a cracked wall in the basement with no problem. The salesman was good; he knew what he was talking about. I didn't have any callbacks, and I was very satisfied. I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“What we liked was that when the engineer came to the house, he showed us where we could put things and where we should not put things. It was explained very clearly so that we both understood it. Then when the workmen came to do the work, we felt that the workers, especially the head person in charge, were very honest and responsible. They seemed to work very hard and really want to do a good job. We were very pleased with them. They deserve an A.”